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Pirate Radio Report – February, 2023

Welcome everyone to another edition of the Pirate Radio Report.

Pirate radio activity has been as robust as ever! After an active Christmas holiday, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day shaped up to be just as active with Wolverine Radio/WDDR, Sycko Radio, WENO, WCDW, Thunder Chicken Radio and Radio Free Whatever all taking to the airwaves. Weekends continue to be the most active time. Remember to check HF Underground, Free Radio Weekly and The Free Radio Network (FRN) for the latest in pirate radio activity throughout the entire radio spectrum.

The 36th Annual (!) Winter SWL Fest is going to be a virtual affair again this year. It will be held for one day only, on Saturday March 4, 2023. I hope to meet with other pirate radio enthusiasts in the “Bob Brown Memorial Hospitality Suite” – A virtual hospitality room, sponsored once again by the Canadian International DX Club (CIDX). Read the rest of this entry »

Pirate Radio Report, October, 2010

Welcome to the October Pirate Report! It is hard to believe that the summer of 2010 is over. But, better propagation is on the way! We are starting to see some indications of this now. Several Euro-pirates have been heard well inland in North America on 15 and 48 meter bands. US pirate activity has had its peaks and valleys during September with the general average being low to moderate and well below the July activity level which has been the most active month thus far in 2010.

This month I thought I would provide some pirate radio related web sites for our readers. The internet is a fabulous resource for just about anything you can think of and of course pirate radio is no exception. Please note that all sites in this column were all found on the internet via goggle or were posted as links on publicly accessible web sites. If you are interested in the listed URL’s I can send them to you via email if you cannot type them in for some reason.

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Pirate Radio Report, May 2008

Hello and welcome to the May 2008 edition of the Pirate Radio Report.

Springtime conditions have arrived and static is on the rise. The good news is that the longer days are causing pirate signals to be heard longer in the evening before dropping MUFs cause fade-outs. Lots of activity during the past few weeks as well, including replays of Radio Metallica and UPMB.

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Pirate Radio Report, May 2006

Hello and welcome to the May 2006 edition of the Pirate Radio Report.

Conditions on the pirate bands continue to remain viable, even though static levels are increasing. Enjoy it while it lasts! We also have several first time reporters. Keep those logs a coming. Because of the later sunsets, pirates should propagate later into the evening during the summer. On to the logs.

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Pirate Radio Report, February 2006

Hello and welcome to the February 2006 edition of The Pirate Radio Report. The level of activity which had remained quite high through New Year has started to taper off, but we are still pleased to bring you a nice crop of logs. The Winterfest in Kulpsville, PA will be here before you know it! I plan to be there and help out George Zeller with the Pirate Forum. Hope to see you there as well.

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Pirate Radio Report, December 2005

Hello and welcome to the December 2005 edition of The Pirate Radio Report. I apologize for no column last month, but in order to make it up to you, the month we will have two pages jam packed with logs. Halloween this year brought good propagation and a few new stations.

Also, we will be starting to use logs submitted to the NASWA Flashsheet. Read on!

Many thanks to the following contributors: Ralph Brandi-NJ, Joe Wood-TN, George Zeller-OH.

Alfa Lima International, from Holland, heard on 15069.42 kHz at 1603 UTC with techopop, many IDs on October 16th. [Brandi-NJ]

Captain Morgan, heard on November 6th at 2105 UTC on 6925 kHz. Excellent show from the good Captain! IDs at 2107, 2121, 2127, and 2130 as “You’re in the pirate zone with Captain Morgan.” Music included” “Get Ready” by Rare Earth, “Mama Told Me” by Three Dog Night, “Captain Morgan” by Garth Brooks (several repeats), “Big Airliner” by Steve Miller, “You’re so Vain” by Carly Simon, and others. OM announcer in with talk on building radios and listening to pirate radio. Also gave an uncopied address for reports. This is the first time that I have heard this station with any type of announcements other than IDs. [Wood-TN]

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Pirate Radio Report, August 1999

Hello and welcome to the August edition of the edition of the PIRATE RADIO REPORT. I’ve just returned from a two week vacation at Walt Disney World in Florida. Too hot for me down there this time of year!

Things are a little slow this month, so I think I’ll review my tips on proper reporting to pirate stations.

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Pirate Radio Report, July 1999

Hello and welcome to the July edition of the PIRATE RADIO REPORT. In case you didn’t notice there was no report in The Journal last month. Sorry! A busy schedule and a family illness got in the way.

The 1999 Pirate Popularity Poll

The results are in and the winner this year is:

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Pirate Radio Report, April 1999

Back From the Winterfest!

Hello all. I am glad to report that the Winterfest ’99 in Kulpsville, PA was a success, pirate wise.

It was great to meet a lot of old friends. Pirate Stevie was there from Switzerland along with his chocolate bars. It was nice to meet Peter Worth of Anteater Radio who had some interesting pirate radio tales to share. The forum on pirate radio was again hosted by George Zeller and Andy Yoder and was well attended as usual.

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Pirate Radio Report, February 1999

Welcome to the February 1999 edition of THE PIRATE RADIO REPORT. This month we have a first hand report of a visit by the FCC from Tommy Pickles of Radio Halloween plus some more of your logs.

My FCC Visit by Tommy Pickles

In case you don’t know who I am, I’m Tommy Pickles, the owner/operator of shortwave pirate station Radio Hallowe’en. I’ve been active the past few Halloweens, playing scary sound effects, stories about haunted houses, etc. The usual Halloween stuff.

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