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Pirate Radio Report, May 2006

Hello and welcome to the May 2006 edition of the Pirate Radio Report.

Conditions on the pirate bands continue to remain viable, even though static levels are increasing. Enjoy it while it lasts! We also have several first time reporters. Keep those logs a coming. Because of the later sunsets, pirates should propagate later into the evening during the summer. On to the logs.

Lots of logs to catch up with. Many thanks to the following contributors: Eric Bueneman-MO, John & Sandy Davis-OH, Joe Wood-TN, George Zeller-OH.

Captain Morgan, the pro Jamaican rum station, was noted on April 6th at 0100 UTC with a mix of rock and soul music from the 1960s to the present, ID and possible “QSL” mention. It’s strange that they don’t announce an E-mail address or a mail drop. Fair signal in AM on 6925 kHz. [Bueneman-MO]

Laser Hot Hits, noted during a very nice weekday opening to Europe at 0332 past 0350 UTC on 6275 kHz in the AM mode on April 25th. Pop music, talk by male DJ. Mentions of a web site and passwords. Merlin, Ontario maildrop announced as well.

Pirate Radio Boston, owned and operated by ex-NASWA columnist from the 1960s, Charlie Loudenboomer, was heard on 6925.3 kHz AM mode from *0046 UTC until 0117 UTC on April 2nd Prgm of rock mx. Mention of other pirates including R. Free Euphoria. Seemed to give both Belfast and Stoneham addresses at various points during the show. [Zeller-OH]

The Crystal Ship, with The Poet at the helm, was logged on 6854 kHz AM on April 24th at 0019 UTC past 0056 UTC. Mentions of Blue States, IDs and parody music. Songs included “Wildwood Flower” by Jim Stafford.[Wood-TN].

TIE/Take It Easy Radio, run by The Desperado, was heard on April 8th at 2230 UTC with Classic Rock and talk in English. The station had a fair signal in USB on 6925 kHz.

Undercover Radio, Dr. Benway’s Station, was logged on 6925 kHz USB with a station ID at 2256 March 26th Talked about the freedom of speech. [Davis-OH] 6925u Pirate, USA, Undercover Radio, noted on April 24th at 0102 UTC with a Twentieth anniversary show. IDs as both Undercover Radio and Progressive Music Radio. Commentary and music in English. Great show-very interesting. Good-VG. [Wood-TN].

Voice Of Captain Ron Shortwave, noted on 6925 kHz USB from 0124–0205 sign off on April 2nd. Announced as a live Saturday night transmission. Program of rock mx. Gave a address, which I did not copy clearly. [Zeller-OH]

Voice Of The Runaway Maharishi, noted on 6925 kHz USB, on April 20th-21st from *2345 sign on, 0021 sign off. Talk by the Maharishi and parody music. Mentions of broadcasting from a “Magic Carpet.” Gave addy as: POB 1, Belfast, NY 14711, USA. At 0019 an male announcer came on and said this was a replay of program 18 and QSLs would be available c/o Radio Free Euphoria at the Belfast address. Lots of static. Poor to Fair. [Wood-TN] This station was often heard during the 1995–1997 era.

WEAB, a new one? Heard on 6925 kHz USB 2110-2122 on April 23rd. Sign on with a trumpet or bugle, into a short program of rock mx with a couple of definite IDs. No address heard. [Zeller-OH]

WBNY aka “The Voice Of The Rodent Revolution” was logged on 6925 kHz from 1926 sign on until 1934 sign off on April 1st. Started program w/Texan (not Swiss) yodeling, followed by the Peter Cottontail Song. Discussion of frequencies, and also a discussion of Viagra. Weaker level than usual. No address announced.[Zeller-OH]

WMPR, everyone’s favorite techno pirate, was logged on 6955 kHz on April 5th from 0038–0102+. UTC Techno mx with more vocals than usual. Strong QRN. [Wood-TN]

WNKR, The British Station, [West and North Kent Radio] with an apparent North American relay, most likely by Channel Z, noted on 6925 kHz on April 28th, in the AM mode from 0058 sign on past 0120 with pop music, talk by an English accented male announcer. Talk about Good Friday in Britain. [Lobdell-MA]

Until next month, Happy Pirate DX!

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