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Pirate Radio Report, August 1999

Hello and welcome to the August edition of the edition of the PIRATE RADIO REPORT. I’ve just returned from a two week vacation at Walt Disney World in Florida. Too hot for me down there this time of year!

Things are a little slow this month, so I think I’ll review my tips on proper reporting to pirate stations.

Sending a reception report to a pirate station is similar to reporting to a “legal” shortwave broadcaster, but there are differences as well.

The usual data of time, date and frequency, SINPO or reception quality are required. Since pirates are small time operators, they tend to value your reports more than the average shortwave broadcaster. In my own experience, I’ve had a better QSL return rate from pirates than standard broadcasters.

Return postage. Since pirates use maildrops to receive and send mail, it is imperative that you either send three 33 cent stamps or $1.00 US. If you enclose a cassette tape recording with your report, it would be best to double those amounts.

Reception quality. Did the transmission have problems? Was the modulation garbled? Did the frequency drift. Your comments are appreciated

Program comments. Be sure to tell the op what you liked and disliked about his show. What pirates hate most is the listener who tries to suck up to them praising the program. Be honest and constructive in your comments.

Personal stuff. Tell the station about yourself, your equipment, hobbies, etc. Most pirates don’t receive more than 10 or so reports per month, so each letter is an encouragement to continue his operations. Mail is positive feedback to pirates.

Anyway, I think you’ll be happy with your results.


Many thanks to the following who contributed logs this month: Bill Wilkins-CO, Dave Theriault-Nova Scotia, and George Zeller-OH

BLIND FAITH RADIO, was heard in Ohio on July 25th at 2115 UTC on 6955 kHz USB. Dr. Napalm was playing classic rock from the Woodstock album. This station uses the Merlin, Ontario maildrop. [Zeller-OH]

CHU CANADA, the pirate time station was heard on 6950 kHz USB on June 19th at 0020 to 0031 sign off. A good selection of Elvis Costello tunes were heard. [Wilkins-MO]

KERW, was heard at 2157 UTC on July 25th on 6955 kHz USB. They were playing a collage of audio clips from various pirates, such as WRX, WHYP and Radio Bingo. [Zeller-OH]

WMPR managed to make it through the QRM from Peru and was heard on July 17th at 2345 UTC on 6955 kHz in the AM mode with the usual techno stuff including “Wonderwall”. It signed off after Iding at 0013 UTC. [Theriault-NS]

WWRB, a new one was noted on June 19th from 0112 to 0144 UTC sign off with a broadcast of R&B/Soul music on 6955 kHz in the LSB mode. [Wilkins-MO]

Anyway, that’s it for this month. Be sure to send in logs for next month’s column!

Happy Pirate DX!

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