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Pirate Radio Report, February 2006

Hello and welcome to the February 2006 edition of The Pirate Radio Report. The level of activity which had remained quite high through New Year has started to taper off, but we are still pleased to bring you a nice crop of logs. The Winterfest in Kulpsville, PA will be here before you know it! I plan to be there and help out George Zeller with the Pirate Forum. Hope to see you there as well.

Many thanks to the following fine folks for their contributions. Bob Montgomery-PA via Flashsheet, Joe Wood-TN, George Zeller-OH.

KIPM was logged on 6925 kHz USB from 1644 sign on until 1743 sign off on January 15th. Lengthy program that lasted an hour. An extremely unusual drama program, even for KIPM. The title of the show was “The Truth.” Plenty of the usual KIPM noises and new age music and occasional Outer Limits TV show audio. Alan Maxwell goes on and on at great length about how he is tired of running a pirate radio station. He says that only Alan Maxwell runs the “Outer Limits” show, nobody else. Nevertheless people send him in very long letters and dissertations, sometimes recorded. They want him to analyze this correspondence and they want him to put it on the air. But, he is not going to do that, since he is embarrassed to say that he does not have the time to do it. Nevertheless, he does love to get mail.

At 1722 he asked listeners to turn off the radio. Maxwell said that he was at the end of a distinguished pirate radio career. He also said that his programming was actually drivel, and was not worth the level of importance that some of his listeners give to it. Claimed that some dentists use KIPM prgming as an anesthetic. A YL promised at the end to give a brief final message, but no final message materialized. Made it fairly clear that this was his last show, but said to tune in next time. Much more introspective than the usual stuff from Alan Maxwell. He has been having some difficulties in his personal life, and it impacts his attitude toward KIPM itself. This might have been a “last show,” as he indicated over and over on the air. But, it also might have just been a parody of KIPM, done by KIPM itself. It was hard to figure this bcst out. Gave Lula address several times, and once said that Lula was c/o RBCN. But, I am told that the Lula drop is closed, so it is hard to figure the purpose of Lula in this case. [Zeller-OH] Also noted on January 15th from 2247 past 0009 UTC on 6925 kHz USB. The program was entitled “Strange Cargo” about the Amazon Basin. [Wood-TN]

Mac Shortwave, an apparent new outlet, was heard on December 31st from 2341 past 0004 UTC on 6950 kHz. Lots of fancy guitar stuff. Requesting reception reports to the email address of: [Wood-TN]

Sunshine Radio, Sunshine Lady was noted broadcasting on January 16th on 6925 kHz USB. Usual program of rock oldies. Email: [Zeller-OH]

The Crystal Ship was noted with a broadcast down on 90 meters. They were noted on 3319.8 kHz in the AM mode from 0330 past 0425 UTC on December 26th. A Christmas story was noted along with a lot of Beatles music. [Montgomery-PA] Also noted on 6875 kHz on January 1st from 1404 past 1630 UTC with a program of rock music. [Zeller-OH]

Radio Free Speech was logged on 6925 kHz USB from 1624 past 1633 sign off on January 14th. Discussion of free speech by program host Bill O. Rights. [Zeller-OH]

Take It Easy Radio was noted on 6925 kHz USB, from 0345–0403 UTC on December 31st. Poor signal but a couple of clear IDs were noted. [Zeller-OH]

Undercover Radio, a Dr. Benway production, was logged on January 1st from 0225 past 0237 UTC on the unusual frequency of 3480 kHz USB. It was a well produced radio drama of his trip to the Solomon Islands. Email reception reports to: [Wood-TN]

Until next month, Happy pirate DX!

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  1. Stephen McGreevy said:

    regarding KIPM, I understand that all KIPM loggings are relays of the original KIPM shows, and do not emit from the ctual, previous KIPM station. Alan Maxwell sometime in 2005 announced that all KIPM broadcasts are “relays” and not coming from him. This was announced on the ACE website last year ( That is why the Lula Georgia address is invalid, though, because it is used on his older shows, it will still be heard and thus incorrectly assumed still active. KIPM released studio copies of his shows to many people, so there are probably relays who re-transmit KIPM’s shows presently.


    Steve McGreevy

    March 26, 2006 at 10:40 pm

  2. ShortWavePirate said:

    Steve. . .you wouldn’t happen to have any off-air or studio copies of the KIPM material, would you? I’m in the process of building a shortwave pirate radio tribute site and it would be just fantastic to pick some more up. . .as a matter of fact, ANY shortwave pirate audio files would be great. . .Thanks in advance!



    April 14, 2006 at 3:58 am

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