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Easy Listening, December 2006

RCI’s The Link — Intro to Canada

The lead item last month was the launch of new programming from Radio Canada International—primarily, a new program called The Link, designed as a program serving two purposes: Providing information about Canada to prospective or new immigrants, and providing information about Canada to listeners abroad. I had the opportunity to listen to The Link over the past month. The program seems to serve its intended audience well, but those who are well acquainted with Canadian issues will find the content to be pretty basic, assuming the listener doesn’t know all that much about Canada.

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Adrian Peterson’s Diary, December 2006

Wonderful Isle of Dreams

Florida! Vacation state for admiring tourists, winter haven for shivering northerners, holiday playground for traveling families, and jumping off destination for tour boat devotees. However, in addition to these idyllic descriptions that lure the wandering visitors and invite them to flow into Florida, we can also remember that the state of Florida has featured prominently in the international scene of shortwave radio broadcasting. Currently on the air today is the large facility of Family Radio with its fourteen shortwave transmitters located a little north of Lake Okeechobee, and the commercial station WRMI with its two shortwave transmitters located a little north of Miami itself. In earlier years, there was station W4XB-WDJM, the shortwave counterpart of the AM station, WIOD. It all began this way.

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