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NASWA Awards, November 2005

British Commonwealth DXer

There has been some confusion over what is required for this award. The NASWA Awards Program states that the Senior British Commonwealth DX’er Award is for verification of at least one shortwave broadcast station in each of 30 broadcast countries that are or have belonged to the British Commonwealth. The Master British Commonwealth DX’er is awarded for 40 broadcast countries.

The following is a list of the current 53 Member Countries of the British Commonwealth (Additional Broadcast Countries that are a part of the Member Countries are shown parenthetically). Additional information may be found at their web site:

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NASWA Awards, February 1998

Howdy! I hope you Holidays were everything you wanted them to be and hope you managed to get some time at the dials. DX season started slowly for me this year-just too much work stuff interfering with the radio stuff-but got a major boost when I was part of the HATDX team at the DX Palace in Buxton, on the outer banks of North Carolina. The DX and the tuning oil flowed and a great experience was had by all. From this prime location we were able to log all the Indian transmitters as well as a buncha other really good catches. If you have not gone on a DXpedition you owe it to yourself to do it: not only is the radioing fun but so is the conversation and the occasion.

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NASWA Awards (North American DX Championships), February 1998

The 1998 North American DX Championships (NADXC)

A Shortwave Listening Contest Sponsored by The Association of North American Radio Clubs (ANARC)


This contest is designed to promote the shortwave listening hobby and to provide those SWLs and DXers interested in competing an opportunity to participate in a carefully run, challenging contest.

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NASWA Awards, August 1997

Howdy and welcome to summer in Virginia! The weather can’t seem to make up its mind if it wants to be hot or cold but thunder storms somewhere on the earth make listening conditions remind me that it is indeed summer. The awards business has been slow and it has been several months since there has been enough to write about. The summer months are a perfect time to stay in touch with your hobby by organizing your QSL albums (besides, that can be done in the air conditioned house). Be sure to check your cards against the NASWA awards booklet and see if you qualify for an award or two that might have slipped through a crack somewhere.

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