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Pirate Radio Report, October, 2010

Welcome to the October Pirate Report! It is hard to believe that the summer of 2010 is over. But, better propagation is on the way! We are starting to see some indications of this now. Several Euro-pirates have been heard well inland in North America on 15 and 48 meter bands. US pirate activity has had its peaks and valleys during September with the general average being low to moderate and well below the July activity level which has been the most active month thus far in 2010.

This month I thought I would provide some pirate radio related web sites for our readers. The internet is a fabulous resource for just about anything you can think of and of course pirate radio is no exception. Please note that all sites in this column were all found on the internet via goggle or were posted as links on publicly accessible web sites. If you are interested in the listed URL’s I can send them to you via email if you cannot type them in for some reason.

Forums, blogs, on line communities

A great place to see what is happening on the air. This is the site that most North American ops check for reception logs:

HF Underground, Wiki style database, message board, QSL collection, also covers some other SW radio disciplines, also a place where the ops look for logs:

Primary focus is European ops:

Iann’s Pirate Radio Chat room focuses primarily but not entirely on European ops:

Nice community of Pirate Radio Dxers MIRC chat “#pirateradio”


A must see site! This is Ragnar’s site with his podcasts and lot of other very good information:

Address sources via Ragnar Daneskjold

Evil Elvis’s address collection:


In The Red:

Dr. Tim:

Radio Free Mount Airy:

Ronnie Rodent:

QSL Collections

Very nice HF Underground collection:

Dimbulb’s QSL collection:

Some of Olddxer’s QSLs and other stuff:

Evil Elvis’s site:

FRN collection:

SSTV images

Some of Olddxer’s SSTVs and other stuff:

OP web sites/ blogs


Area 51:

Liquid Radio:

Radio free Euphoria:


International Sites

Orion Radio Netherlands:

Playback international:

Radio Saturnus:

Radio Xanadu

DXer sites and stuff

Sealord’s audio recordings:

UKDxer’s: Focus is on European ops. Good general info, QSL collection, Email addresses:

Evil Elvis’s site, lot of good stuff here:


Barnyard Radio, 6925u, 0254-0356 Sep 8, man announcer with English talks, several IDs playing Steve Miller Band, Nebula, Electric Lizard and Cyndi Lauper. Fair to good reception. (D’Angelo-PA)

Barnyard Radio, 6925U, 2330 – about 0055, 9/4 – 5/10. Heavy metal w/ very short announcements between, some sexually explicit cuts over music intros, ID 2343 … still on at 0030 SINPO 24344, rap some sexually explicit talk over songs, barnyard animal sounds, occasional non sense sections between songs. Poor, improving to good. (Taylor-WI)

Barnyard Radio, 6925U, 9/4 2247-0032+ Good/Fair signal played a song by Faith No More followed by identification by male announcer. Continued with Ozzie and metal tunes. Also played Michael Jackson “Billie Jean”. Nice Show (Majewski CT)

Captain Morgan, 6.924.15, 9/13, 0300., Rolling Stones “Jumping Jack Flash”, “Brown Sugar”, another e-mail ID @ 0314, blues songs @ 0330, frequency drifting downward about 15 Hz/minute until 0311, then drifting downward much more slowly, to 6924.100 by 0328 (Brandi-NJ)

Captain Morgan, 6924.7, 0133, 9/1/10. Rolling Stones – Jumping Jack Flash, other 60’s songs, ID 0145, Blues, 0200 captainmorganshortwave @, more blues. Fair. (Taylor-WI)

Captain Morgan, 6924.7, 0040-0057* 9/7/10 SIO=242/342. Prgm of largely obscure rock tunes. ID w/addr near QRT. ancd for repts. (Zeller-OH)

Coyote Radio, 6950, 0020 with wide selection of music from instrumental jazz, country, soul to 1940’s big band. Rough reception with lots of static on a weak signal. Got positive ID @ 0039 7 Sept ( Wood-Ma )

Coyote Radio, 6950, 9/7 0048-0115 Poor signal Played some Canned Heat and Ted Nugent songs. Did identification and gave email address as At end (0115) did a manual Morse CW id. (Majewski CT)

KBOX Radio, 6925 usb, 0011-0022*, Sep 19. Man announcer with English talk playing songs; ID at 0022 and D’Angelo-PA)

KBOX, 6925, 9/19, 0012. Commercial alternative rock style music, ID @ 0015, “So in a way our broadcast is an assault on credibility. We want people to understand they shouldn’t swallow everything that comes through the tap.” (Brandi-NJ)

KIPM Relay via Outhouse Radio, 6925U, 0245, 9/4/10. “Hollow Earth,” with a transmission “from deep inside the earth” with Alan Maxwell. Fair. (Taylor-WI)

Northwoods Radio, 6925, 09/12, 2348. Various hardcore punk songs, ID @ 2355, Dead Kennedys “Too Drunk to F***” @ 2357, ID @ 2359, Yeah, sometime in December. Thanks for listening.”, end of song, “This is Northwoods Radio, something in Morse code, then off. (Brandi-NJ)

Northwoods Radio, 6925, 9/11/2010 2329 ID @ 2329:35 “This is Northwoods Radio. “My Baby Likes to Eat”, ID @ 2335 “Northwoods Radio, Broadcasting freedom from the Great Lakes”, more songs “I Feel Lucky”, “If You’re Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough” (Brandi-NJ)

Outhouse Radio, 6925usb, 09/01/10 02:34+ S9+10 but sounds like a little modulation problem-hard to understand at times. Started with space type music and sounds from the critters that might be riding one of those ships.(Kivell, Fl)

Outhouse Radio, 6935, 09/13, 0011. Whistling at 0011 s/on, ID by computer @ 0014, George Jones “The Race Is On”, Roger Miller “Dang Me”, Piano instrumental, ID @ 0023, more whistling cowboy music, ID @ 0026,computer-generated ID “You are listening to Outhouse Radio” x 3 @ 0207 (Brandi-NJ)

Radio Jamba International, 6930USB, 08/28/10, SIO 444, 02:01+ Rap Music, “Who Is Your Uncle”, Kracker with Sta. ID. Email addy, QSL via FRN, Direct. more Rap, “Naked Women” “you brain is like a tire, change it!” (Kivell, FL)

Radio Mushroom, 6925 usb, *2350-0006+, Sep 17. Appeared to open up on top of another station with numerous IDs mentioning power of 175 watts by man announcer. QSLs from Good signal. (D’Angelo-PA)

Radio Mushroom, 6925, 0000-0019 9/18/10 SIO=242. Sounded like it might have come from the same xmtr as Vanishing Hot Dog R. Came on immediately after the QRT of the hot dog stn. Prgm of rock mx w/OM ancr. The rock was by various artists. (Zeller-OH)

Radio Random International, 6925, 9/12/2010 0109 Murray Head “One Night in Bangkok”, ID “This is WRRI, Radio Random International, now at” mixed with goofy rendition of Stars & Stripes, faded into the mud by 0113 (Brandi-NJ)

The Crystal Ship, 6875.9, 0058-0105+ 9/7/10 SIO=444-. Prgm barley copied despite a strong S7 carrier. Perhaps the xmtr was somewhat undermodulated. Prgm of rock mx, but the show was nearly impossible to hear. (Zeller-OH)

Uncle Bob Radio, 6925, 9/19, 0026. Insane ranting, “Pirate radio, I need it”, repeated over and over @ 0035-0037, “Has anybody seen my radio? I need it!(Brandi-NJ)

Uncle Bob Radio, 6925usb, 0052-0108, Sep 19. Uncle Bob hosting Uncle Bob Story Hour with much drunken talk and mentioning guns; played Dueling Banjo’s. Fair reception. (D’Angelo-PA)

Vanishing Hot Dog Radio, 6925 usb, 2344-2350, Sep 17. Couple of vocal selections and talk about wieners by a woman and a man over the phone. Poor to fair signal but blown away by Radio Mushroom’s sign on.(D’Angelo-PA)

Vanishing Hot Dog Radio, 6925U, 2317-2359* 9/18/10 SIO=242. Lengthy prm of novelty tunes and rock tunes about hot dogs by various artists incl Elvis. A song abt Oscar Meyer hot dogs was included. Hrd no addr. (Zeller-OH)

WBNY, 6925U, *2120-2127 9/18/20 SIO=242/141. Started with some classical mx w/a flute and orchestra. Went into a clear ID of “Radio Bunny is on the air Signal started OK, but took a dive to fading out at the time listed here. (Zeller-OH)

WBNY, 6950.205, 9/19, 0017. Music, commercial for WBNY hats @ 0021, WBNY ID @ 0022, more IDs @ 0023, lots more merchandise for sale, address given @ 0025, repeated “Radio Bunny” @ 0029, seemingly off @ 0031; fading in and out of intelligibility.(Brandi-NJ)

WEAK Radio, 6925u, 2308-2345, Aug 29. Periodic IDs by a woman also jingle ID with parody ads and rock music. Good signal. (D’Angelo-PA)

WEAK Radio, 6925U, 23:54 08/29/10, National Anthem, Rap Tune, “I’m Alive, I’m Dead, I’m A Stranger. Operator Sta. ID & Email Addy. EQSL “Ancient Transmitter” cd. In 1 day received for rpt to FRN. (Kivell, FL)

Wolverine Radio, 6925U, 0145, 9/4/10. Rock of various kinds with several quick “Wolverine Radio” ID’s, off at 0225 with 2 SSTV transmissions. Good. (Taylor-WI)

Wolverine Radio, 6925u, 08/28/10, 02:33+ SIO 444, Usual great music: “Don’t Worry Baby,” “Baby, Baby,” “Baby-Bye Bye,” “Sock It To Me,” “Cry Like A Baby” Great signal tonight! (Kivell, FL)

International Pirates

Atlantic Radio, 6960, Extremely weak signal detected @ 2336 w/ “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” tune. Tons of static along with SS ssb operators and UTE noise. More rock mx along w/announcements by OM. Was able to pick out ID @ 2352. Completely lost to static by 2355. E-mail to station confimed it was them. Told me this was their first report from the US.Promised a QSL .26 Aug ( Wood-Ma)

Black Bandit Radio, 6375, 2330-0030+, Sept 18-19. Continuous country music. Some oldies US pop music. Many IDs at 0023, 0029, 0030. Poor to fair. (Alexander-PA)

Black Bandit Radio, 6324.98, 0010-0025*, Sept 6, pop ballads. Local oldies music. English ID announcements. Said they were playing “local music from Amsterdam.” Fair signal. (Alexander-PA)

Black Bandit, 6310AM 09/05 0032-0053 Boor signal but listenable. Many Black Bandit identifications by male in English with an accent. Played a song for Duffy by Dolly Parton. (Majewski CT)

Black Bandit Radio, 6375, 2330-0030+, Sept 18-19, continuous country music. Some oldies US pop music. Many IDs at 0023, 0029, 0030. Poor to fair. (Alexander-PA)


Disco Demolition, for a report 11 months ago.(Zeller-OH)

Black Bandit Radio, for a broadcast a few weeks ago. (Rohde-OH)

Radio Magnetar, for a 3-27 reception. (Rohde-OH)

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