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Pirate Radio Report, May 2008

Hello and welcome to the May 2008 edition of the Pirate Radio Report.

Springtime conditions have arrived and static is on the rise. The good news is that the longer days are causing pirate signals to be heard longer in the evening before dropping MUFs cause fade-outs. Lots of activity during the past few weeks as well, including replays of Radio Metallica and UPMB.

Many thanks to the following fine folks who made this column possible. Mark Schiefelbien-MO, Joe Wood-TN, George Zeller-OH & The NASWA Flashsheet.

TCS—The Crystal Ship noted on 5385.5 AM from 2353–0152 on April 20th–21st. Program of rock music with some mx by The Doors, but over a dozen selections were various classic rock tunes by The Who. During the latter portion of the program they had their usual political commentary on issues of the day from a left wing perspective. OM IDs used their usual slogan of the V. of the Blue States Republic. IDs by a YL had a different slogan of “this is pirate radio.” Announced a // xmtr on 6700 kHz, but 6700 produced little here other than a weak het. Fair to good signal on 5385.5, with some fading down at times. Gave Belfast address. [Zeller-OH]

Radio Metallica Worldwide, another blast from the past, was heard on 6925 kHz AM from 2235 until 2250 sign off on April 13th. Relay of the famous pirate. Thx to Mark T. for help with this one. It sounded like somebody was looping bits of RMWW and Dr. Tornado. Themes from “The Flintstones” and “Green Acres.” “Secret Agent Man” playing in background. Mentions of Blue Ridge Summit, ID as “This is Radio Metallica Worldwide, 69-55 (sic) shortwave” and off with “Take care.” [Wood-TN]

Sycko Radio, noted on 6925 USB, from 0049–0109. Sycko and Uncle Bob with music by Robert Plant, Kiss, and others. Several IDs. Most of the mx was unreadable as were Uncle Bob’s comments. Sycko was coming in better. P-F. [Wood-TN]

United Patriot Militia Bingo, a blast from the past, was noted on 6925 AM at 2355–0049 sign off on April 7th. Bingo games being called amid parody sketches and clips from what I assume was the real (and defunct) United Patriot Radio, off at 0049. Solid signal. Good. [Schiefelbein-MO] UPMB was a parody of sorts of United Patriot Radio/KSMR, a station run by a militiaman Steve Anderson of KY. He was on the run from the police for a while but was finally captured.

The Wave, an apparent new one, heard on 6925 USB 2219–2242** on April 19th. Program of rock mx such as “Ride Captain Ride,” and new age music. Very weak signal. [Zeller-OH]

Voice Of Hell, logged on 6925 USB 2158–2334 on March 29th. It’s been a long time since I heard this one, which apparently was last active in 1992 if am not mistaken considerable dire sounding instrumental music. Occasional talks over the music by an man. Multiple clear IDs. Mentioned QSLs but I did not copy an address. In the old days this one used to use the now defunct Fall River mail drop. [Zeller-OH].

WHYP—The James Brownyard Memorial Station heard on 6925 AM from 2315–2341 sign off on April 4th. The first log of Mr. Brownyard’s station since Halloween 2005. James Brownyard and Uncle Schleckstein with IDs and a promise to return to the air soon. Music by Styx and an instrumental blues tune. Nice to hear this station again. (Wood-TN).

Wolverine Radio, heard on 6925 USB from 2302 to 2316 sign off on April 11th. Program of rock music w/Joe Walsh and other groups. Their ID still sounds like Long Range R. to me, but everybody else thinks that the guy is saying Wolverine R. So I will go along with the majority, although that is not what the ID sounds like. Heard no address. [Zeller-OH]

Happy Pirate DX!!

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