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Pirate Radio Report, December 2005

Hello and welcome to the December 2005 edition of The Pirate Radio Report. I apologize for no column last month, but in order to make it up to you, the month we will have two pages jam packed with logs. Halloween this year brought good propagation and a few new stations.

Also, we will be starting to use logs submitted to the NASWA Flashsheet. Read on!

Many thanks to the following contributors: Ralph Brandi-NJ, Joe Wood-TN, George Zeller-OH.

Alfa Lima International, from Holland, heard on 15069.42 kHz at 1603 UTC with techopop, many IDs on October 16th. [Brandi-NJ]

Captain Morgan, heard on November 6th at 2105 UTC on 6925 kHz. Excellent show from the good Captain! IDs at 2107, 2121, 2127, and 2130 as “You’re in the pirate zone with Captain Morgan.” Music included” “Get Ready” by Rare Earth, “Mama Told Me” by Three Dog Night, “Captain Morgan” by Garth Brooks (several repeats), “Big Airliner” by Steve Miller, “You’re so Vain” by Carly Simon, and others. OM announcer in with talk on building radios and listening to pirate radio. Also gave an uncopied address for reports. This is the first time that I have heard this station with any type of announcements other than IDs. [Wood-TN]

Cupid Radio, a Dutch Europirate, was noted on 21895.85 kHz from 1531 past 1540 UTC on October 30th, giving their email address, greetings to listeners and playing techno music. [Maroti-NY]

KRAPO Radio was heard on October 3rd with a DJ that sound like a young boy at 0058 UTC on 6925 kHz USB. The announcer said to look for their upcoming show on Halloween. [Zeller-OH]

KSUR. Logged on October 8th at 0016 past 0030 UTC on 6925.7 kHz. Program of radio music from “Shortwave KSUR” and ‘Radio KSUR”. Email for reception reports is: [Zeller-OH]

“My Friend Is Radio, Radio Is My Friend”, heard on 6925 USB, on October 31st, 2005 at 0000 UTC. The story of Graham Conner, who was a success in radio business until he killed his friend Abigail Walters in their cabin on Halloween 1979. He has been in Cherokee Mental Hospital in Cherokee, Iowa ever since. The male announcer likes to repeat the phrase “My Friend Is Radio, Radio Is My Friend”. Mentions of the “color of meat loaf”, “The TV being Too Loud”, etc. Contact: Not sure of station’s name. Zeller heard a morse code ID as WSVR, but I never did. [Lobdell-MA]

Old Turkey Radio noted on 6925 kHz USB from 2125 past 2147 UTC on Novembver 20th. Return of this holiday station w/a Thanksgiving theme. Lots of turkey gobbling and several novelty songs about turkeys and Thanksgiving. Sketch about an election for Mayor of the Puritans, and questions from reporters about whether the candidate would get the Indian vote, and even if he would appoint an Indian running mate. Instructions for hunting a turkey, and then instructions for cooking one. Parody tune “I Love Butterball” to the tune of “I Love Rock and Roll.” Gravelly voiced OM gave address of for reports, and a report to that address did not bounce.[Zeller-OH]

Old Vampire Radio. This one was on early for Halloween, October 9th at 2326 on 6925 kHz USB. Comedy routines, talk about Ouija boards. Music about hillbillies and a haunted house. [Wood-TN] Also noted on October 10th at 2220 with an ad for a casket company. [Zeller-OH]

Partial India Radio, noted on 6925 AM, October 29th at 2221–2230 UTC SIO: 232. Sanjay and Harold Krishna were back with show #9, being taped in The Andaman Island studio; announced as the “Mt. Kisco Service”. Played Hare Krishna mx, interviewed Charlie Loudenboomer of Pirate Radio Boston during the show. Contact Info: Box 146, Stoneham, MA 02180 [Lobdell-MA]

Radio Black Arrow, a Dutch Europirate, was logged with a test broadcast on 15789.95 kHz AM mode on October 16th at 1536 UTC. Techno music, IDs in English @ 1540, address, has been heard on the west coast of the USA using only 1 watt, more music, three more IDs plus address in Netherlands @ 1551; signal poor, only intermittently intelligible, possibly off by 1603; 20 watts; thanks George Maroti [Brandi-NJ]

Radio Free Whatever, not a real pirate but kids playing radio. Noted on October 16th at 0429 UTC on 6925 kHz USB. Sounded like a live show with two male DJs playing songs about CB radio. [Wood-TN]

Radio Waves International, a French Europirate, was logged on 6209.5 kHz at 0822 past 0826 UTC on October 30th. Very weak copy with talk and music ID confirmed thanks to Dave Valko. [Maroti-NY] RWI also can be heard Saturday afternoons on 11401 kHz when conditions are good.

Undercover Radio. Dr Benway’s Halloween show was well heard throughout the Halloween Weekend. The show centered around Benway’s dream that he was fatally stung by a cone shell in the Solomon Islands. Noted by Zeller on October 29th at 0211 on 6925 kHz AM; October 31st at 0133 and 0252 UTC on 6925 kHz AM. [Zeller-OH]

WCPL-The Voice of ohe Purple Pumpkin. Logged on 6923.7 AM mode at 2239 UTC on October 30th. Unusual broadcast with a male DJ. He said that he was giving the history of this station, going back to their Halloween show in 1984. There was some talk about alleged controversy that the station generated in DX circles. Toward the end the DJ gave an ID as WCPL and the V. of the Purple Pumpkin. He gave an address for reports of but unfortunately an e-mail to this address bounced, so it may not be valid. [Zeller-OH]

WDVL-The Voice of the Prince of Darkness, logged on 6925 kHz USB, on November 1st, 2005 from 0300–0325 sign off. This is the story of Eastern PA ham DXer, Damon Rector. After getting tired of being a ham, he became a pirate, and met a group of Satan worshipers while checking his antenna. His broadcast was aired on 10-31-84. All four DXers who logged this broadcast that night died mysteriously after Damon made a pact with the Devil. Damon was one of those who died as well, but he is allowed to return from Hell each Halloween to do his pirate broadcast. Contact him, if you dare, at: [Lobdell-MA]

WHGW, The H.G. Wells Station, noted on October 31st on 6925 kHz USB at 2054 UTC. The show started with a bunch of Halloween noises, followed by a long rebroadcast of the CBS radio presentation of “War Of The Worlds” with Orson Wells, followed by some commentary on the bcast by Wells himself. An email address was announced as: [Zeller-OH]

Until next year, Happy Pirate DX!

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  1. G. Widmayer said:

    Station ID’ed tonight as WDVL at 03:06 UTC March 25, 2006

    “My Friend Is Radio, Radio Is My Friend”, heard on 6925 USB, on October 31st, 2005 at 0000 UTC. The story of Graham Conner, who was a success in radio business

    March 25, 2006 at 3:46 am

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