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Pirate Radio Report, April 1999

Back From the Winterfest!

Hello all. I am glad to report that the Winterfest ’99 in Kulpsville, PA was a success, pirate wise.

It was great to meet a lot of old friends. Pirate Stevie was there from Switzerland along with his chocolate bars. It was nice to meet Peter Worth of Anteater Radio who had some interesting pirate radio tales to share. The forum on pirate radio was again hosted by George Zeller and Andy Yoder and was well attended as usual.

Lad’s in the Slammer!

Those of you who were pirate DXers in the early 1990s will remember Lad’s station The Voice Of The Night. He was a general pest, jamming other pirates by playing rock music. He even had a show called the Let’s Kill George Zeller Show. He showed up uninvited a pirate radio gathering complete with all his transmitting gear.

By 1993 he had pretty much disappeared from the scene. Supposedly he had received an FCC visit and was sent away to military school by his parents.

According to information supplied by George Zeller, Lad, whose real name is Lance Duff is now in prison. No, the prison sentence was not for pirate broadcasting.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!


I’m happy to report that we have lots of loggings this month. I want to thank Ross Comeau-MA, Bill Finn-PA and Bill Wilkins-MO for these contributions.

BLIND FAITH RADIO, popped up on March 1st at 0106 UTC with a show featuring music by former Canadian rock group, The Guess Who. The announcer said return postage for reception reports is not required. Reports go to Box 293, Merlin, Ontario NOP 1W0, Canada or email: [Finn-PA]

INDIRA CALLING, one of the two Indian parody stations was heard on March 6th at 2350 UTC. George Zeller was mentioned. Indian music was played. Signal strength was excellent. [Finn-PA]

RADIO METALLICA WORLDWIDE has returned! They’re back after a few months absence. Dr. Tornado was heard at 2140 UTC on March 19th playing songs such as Born To Be Wild. Signal was excellent. [Finn-PA]

THE SCORCH/FREAK SHOW was heard quite often throughout the past few weeks. They were heard on February 27th at 0015 UTC with music by Black Flag, Sex Pistols and The Ramones. On March 4th the station appeared at 2305 UTC with punk style music. They were again heard on March 5th at 2330 UTC announcing an email address of for reception reports. [Finn-PA]

WACK RADIO, was heard on March 1st at 0239 UTC playing The Elvis Tapes, and a George Michael “Faith” Parody until static killed reception at 0250 UTC. [Finn-PA]

WMPR, the Techno-Pop station was well heard on February 27th at 0155 UTC on 6955 kHz USB with the usual format. [Wilkins-MO] Also noted the same day at 2321 UTC. [Comeau-MA]

Pirate Radio Poll

Don’t forget to send in your three favorite pirate radio stations that have been active during the past 12 months. If you don’t have three, one will do. The results will be tabulated in June Pirate Radio Report.

Happy Pirate DX!


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