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Listener’s Library, February 2000

Well I hope everyone is making their calls to the Kulpsville Holiday Inn to join in the fun at this year’s Winterfest. Further details and information can be found in another place within the Journal.

Each new year brings us a new edition of:

2000 Edition
Lawrence Magne Editor in Chief
592 pages
ISBN 0-914941-45-3
International Broadcast Services, Ltd.
Box 300
Penn’s Park, PA 18943

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Listener’s Library, November 1999

We have a number of excellent finds for adding to your radio knowledge database. Let’s start off start off with another great addition to your CD-ROM collection.

The QEX Collection CD-ROM

2 CD Set
Published by
The American Radio Relay League
225 Main Street
Newington, CT 06110-1494

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Listener’s Library, August 1999

Here we are in the heat of summer and I’ve shifted into lazy mode. Leave it Rich D’Angelo to come to my rescue with some important words about a new service from the DSWCI.

Domestic Broadcasting Survey
Edited by Anker Petersen
Published by the Danish Shortwave Club International
ISSN 0106-1968

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Listener’s Library, May 1999

Most folks in NASWA know the name Jerry Berg. There are only a handful of folks who rightfully deserve the title of Grandmaster in the shortwave hobby and any such list would include Jerry with little argument from any corner. I was very excited when I heard that Jerry had a new book out. I was equally excited when I heard that John Herkimer wanted to share his thoughts about it.

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Listener’s Library, February 1999

Well here we go with another year. At least we are moving toward the Millennium with a notable improvement in the sun spot situation. Let’s ring in the New Year with what has become an annual tradition.

Passport to Worldband Radio
1999 Edition

Editor in Chief: Lawrence Magne
382 pages + extensive “Blue Pages”
International Broadcast Services, Ltd.
Box 300
Penn’s Park, PA 18943
ISBN 0-914941-48-8

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Listener’s Library, November 1998

Greetings once again from Radio Library Central. This month we have a guest review from fellow NASWAite Peter Bowen from Toronto Canada. Without further grumblings on my part. Allow me to turn the job over to Peter for this month so I can begin to work on my holiday book picks for next month.

History of International Broadcasting
by James Wood
258 pages
London: Peter Peregrinus, 1992
ISBN 0-8634-28-5

Review by Peter Bowen

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Listener’s Library, July 1998

This month’s column amounts to a gimme for this editor. A whole ton of stuff has come in via the Internet addressed to this column. In order to keep things at least slightly timely, I’ll give it to you all in one bunch and pick things up again with traditional reviews in the next issue.

First and somewhat sadly, this comes from a British mailing list from Andy Sennitt:

As many of you know, I resigned as editor of the World Radio TV Handbook at the end of last year. The new editor is David Bobbett, and the contact information is now as follows:

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Listener’s Library, December 1997

Well here we come to the holiday season. With the sunspot cycle finally picking up I’m sure a lot more listening is getting done these days. And of course now is the time to finalize your plans for KULPSVILLE 1998. I hope you plan to come out and help us start the next decade of this grand radio hobby tradition.

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Listener’s Library, June 1997

As things go, this is my “Back from Kulpsville” edition of Listener’s Library. There were quite a few interesting books for sale and on the silent auction tables. But this year what caught my eye was a series of books from one of our fellow ANARC clubs The National Radio Club. As most of you know, the NRC is a Medium Wave club. Their journal DX News has had some remarkably professional technical articles over the years, particularly in the area of antennas. Many of these medium wave designs have potential for Tropical Band listeners so they are worth a look by shortwave folks as well. All of the books we will examine here can be ordered from the

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Listener’s Library, January 1997

Can you believe we’re through another year? In spite of a few doom-sayers the radio hobby remains as robust as ever. If anything, this latest stinky sunspot cycle is building up the tenacity of dedicated listeners. Fear not friends, as surely as time marches on this sunspot cycle will move on too. You newbies haven’t lived till you’ve heard the bands at the peak of a cycle. It’s worth waiting for. Meanwhile, there’s plenty to read. Why not breeze into the New Year with a shameless plug…

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