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Listener’s Library Extra, January 1997

An important new book has been published in the radio field. Happily, the book is written by our very own “Uncle Skip” Arey. Obviously, Skip is too close to the book to review it, or maybe even to include a review of it in his column. We feel the book is too important to ignore, though, so we offer this review, prepared by Rich D’Angelo, as a Listener’s Library Extra column. The review is being published without Skip’s knowledge.

Ralph Brandi

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Listener’s Library, September 1996

It never fails, I get a bit backed up in the summer and column deadlines get skewed. But annually Rich D’Angelo always seems to come to my rescue with a great review to help fill in the gaps.

Published by Willi H. Passmann, Germany

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Listener’s Library, May 1996

I know this is a few months down the road, but as I write this I am fresh from the 1996 Kulpsville get together. Anyone who missed this years events needs to start planning now for next years special 10th anniversary celebration. I bring this subject up because most of what I have to share with you this month comes from the tables at Kulpsville. I came away with a few items that may be of continued interest to folks. First we go to the book that I had high bid on at the A*C*E table’s silent auction.

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Listener’s Library, January 1996

What’s that, you say you are just a listener and haven’t become a Ham yet? Well, while we all wait for you to get your license (and you should), you can still enjoy building any of the several receiver designs from the past. Or you can read Dave’s tips on restoring classic receivers from the 40s and 50s. This book will turn the most dedicated modern technology person into an “old timer” over night.

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Listener’s Library, September 1995

Well here we are again. Summer is almost over and it’s time to get things rolling for another DX season. Rather then dropping any books on your lap this month, I’d like to point you to some popular catalogs that you may want to peruse. You may need some new goodies for your listening post. And of course it is never too early to start that holiday gift list. Jut by virtue of being in the hobby for more then about five minutes, you are probably already on a few of these companies’ mailing lists. But just in case you’ve been missed by a few, let me bring you up to speed on my favorites in alphabetical order.

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