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Country List Committee Report, September 2008

Country List Questions

NASWA’s Country List Committee periodically gets questions regarding the use of the list which the committee is mandated to maintain. As the CLC’s chairman, I try to answer these questions in this occasional column.

Here are several questions received recently:

“Would it be possible to add a supplement to the list with a list of stations, current and former, that are in these radio countries? What are the active stations for all of the Papua New Guinea countries? Do any current broadcasts ‘count’ as El Salvador?”

First, with regard to former, no longer operating stations, the CLC decided a few years back, that the list had become too cluttered with extraneous information, much of it pertaining to stations that have been long gone, few cared about these details and so a deliberate attempt was made to streamline the information in the list. Primarily, this involved historical data in the Gazetteer section of the list.

I would point out that the NASWA CL has two parts. There is the primary list, simple and barebones, containing little more than the name of the radio countries arranged alphabetically by continent. The second part is the Gazetteer, the same radio countries arranged alphabetically world-wide, but with additional information to aid in using the list. This is where most of the pruning occurred. The CLC, however, would welcome suggestions concerning specific listings and additional information which might be added here to make the Gazetteer more useful to you.

And while the Country List does note—with asterisks—countries which have “gone silent” and have been off the air for years, it is not practical for the list to try to keep track of the shorter term comings and goings of SW broadcasters, which ones currently are active, much less which are being commonly heard in North America at any particular time. For that information, we recommend you carefully study and make note of the information in the NASWA Journal, in the weekly emailed NASWA Flashsheet and the virtually daily reports in the NASWA Yahoo Group postings.

As to the second question, I’d note that following the prefix PAPUA NEW GUINEA. The NASWA list recognizes six different “radio countries,” ADMIRALTY IS.; BOUGAINVILLE; NEW BRITAIN; NEW GUINEA TERR.; NEW IRELAND and PAPUA TERR.

Without attempting to note which are currently active, these are the stations/locations that in the past were associated with each:

ADMIRALTY IS.—Radio Manus, Lorengau

BOUGAINVILLE—Radio Bougainville, Buka; Radio North Solomons, Kieta

NEW BRITAIN—Radio East New Britain, Rabaul; Radio West New Britain, Kimbo.

NEW GUINEA TERR.—Radio Enga at Wabag; Radio East Sepik/Radio Wewak at Wewak; Radio Eastern Highlands/Radio Goroka at Goroka; Radio Western Highlands/Radio Mt. Hagen at Mt. Hagen; Radio Madang at Madang; Radio Morobe at Lae; Radio Sandaun/Radio West Sepik and Catholic Radio Network at Vanimo; Radio Simbu at Kundiawa

NEW IRELAND—Radio New Ireland at Kavieng

PAPUA TERR.—Radio Central at Boroko; NBC at Port Moresby; Wantok Light at Boroko; Radio Gulf/Radio Kerema at Kerema; Radio Milne Bay/Radio Samarai at Alotau; Radio Northern at Popondetta; Radio Western/Radio Daru at Daru; Radio Southern Highlands, Mendi.

There have been no SWBC transmissions from El Salvador for some time now.

Additional NASWA Country List comments or questions may be emailed to me, Don Jensen, at the address in the header above.

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