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Flashsheet #251, November 19, 2006

Next Deadline: Sunday, Nov. 26, 2006 at 1700 UTC (1300 EST/1200 CST/1100 MST/1000 PST).

All loggings to be sent to Mark Taylor at: and Rich D’Angelo at .

There is a DXpedition section added to this edition. Look for it after the UnIds.

LOGS – including Tentative (T) and Probable (P)

2325 AUSTRALIA. VL8T (Tenant Creek), 1250 – 130 , 11/18/06 in EE. Country music program with interview with performers and music w/ several R. National ID’s, ID and ABC news at ToH. Fair. // 2310 VL8A (Alice Springs). Fair. & 2485 VL8K (Katherine). Poor. (Taylor-WI)

3240 SWAZILAND. TWR, 0340, 11/15/06, in Ndau [listed]. Preaching by man. In the same time period R. Luz y Vida (3249), LV Napo (3279), and BBC-Meyerton (3255) were at fair-good levels, making this a nice 90 meter opening. Fair. (Ronda-OK)

3279.7 ECUADOR. La Voz del Napo, 0844, 11/13/06, in SS. Hymns, then M delivering a sermon with some a capella singing mixed in. Fair. (Schiefelbein-MO)

3291.17 GUYANA. Voice of Guyana, 0138, 11/13/06, in EE. Classical music, then easy listening/light rock tunes, followed at 0330 by obituaries and official anncmts of people who were due in court. Goodbyes and into BBC feed at 0358. A solid signal all evening long – much better from Guyana than usual. Good. (Schiefelbein-MO)

3291.2 GUYANA. Voice of Guyana, 0500 – 0549, 11/13/06 in EE. ID at ToH to BBC news and news magazine. Good. (Taylor-Wi)

3291 GUYANA. Voice of Guyana, 0648, 11/13/06. Me too, can’t recall hearing better here, with English dialog, drama? Yes, that would fit for BBCWS Americas stream UT Mon at 06-07: BBC World Drama: Small Talk: Big Picture, but I’d rather hear local programming. (Glenn Hauser, OK)

3291.2 GUYANA. Voice of Guyana, 0354, 11/15/06, in English. Country/western vocals and DJ chatter; into BBC relay @ 0359 with program and frequency information; BBC ID and nx @ 0400; still good @ 0520 recheck exceptionally good (Ronda-OK)

3320 SOUTH AFRICA. R. Sondergrense, 0340, 11/18/06. Operatic choral music. Good. (Ronda-OK)

4052.5 GUATEMALA. Radio Verdad, 0315-0347, 11/19/06, in Spanish. Man with preaching with religious vocal selections. ID at 0330. Fair. (D’Angelo-PA)

4716.76 BOLIVIA. R Yura, 0000, 11/13/06, in SS. F with apparent news update, then more talk mixed with pop tunes. Fair. (Schiefelbein-MO)

4770 NIGERIA. R. Nigeria (Kaduna), 0440-0500, 11/18/06, in English. Man with news and commentary regarding Nigeria and the world. Occasional short musical interludes. 0459 Drums. 0500 ID by man. Poor signal. SINPO 23222. Station has appeared almost every night for the last week, usually with the same poor signal. (Jim Evans, TN)

4790 PERU. Radio Adlantinda (Irquitos), 0328 – 0435, 11/14/06 in EE. Long talk by M., ID at ToH by same M. with several mentions of Radio Adlantinda, back to talk, fanfare and brief musical interlude, back to talk by same M., Andean music 0415+ with brief talks by same M., ment. of Radio Adlantinda at BoH. Fair. PWBR shows this as 1/3 Kw. Is that true? I’ve had them twice in the past week at fair level recently. (Taylor-WI)

4810 MEXICO. XERTA R. Transcontinental, 1055, 11/19/06, in Spanish. Pop ballad, into choral anthem 1100, then man with ID, address, etc. Didn’t stay with it. Poor and buried under CODAR. (Herkimer, NY)

4824.5 PERU. La Voz de la Selva, 0240-0250, 11/16/06. Ballad style pop music. ID by woman at 0243. Talk by man at 0250 with possible advertisement. Poor signal with utility interference. SINPO 22222. (Jim Evans, TN)

4885 BRAZIL. R Clube do Para, 0510, 11/18/06, in PP. Brazilian/Portuguese pop tunes, nice long ID at 0511 with mention of freqs and “Belem, Para, Brasil”. Fair/Good. (Schiefelbein-MO)

4919 ECUADOR. R Quito, 0503, 11/12/06, in SS. Folk-type music, ID as “Radio Quito” at 0513, then back to the tunes. Fair/Good. (Schiefelbein-MO)

4919 ECUADOR. R. Quito, 0332, 11/15/06, in Spanish. Talk by two men; two clear IDs @ 0333 and 0334; best in LSB. Fair in considerable noise. (Ronda-OK)

4960 SÃO TOME. VOA, 0443-0458, 11/18/06, in English. Two men with political discussion regarding Iraq and the Democratic Party. 0455 Editorial regarding human rights abuse in Zimbabwe. 0458 ID and schedule by man. Good signal, SINPO 34333. (Jim Evans, TN)

5005 EQUATORIAL GUINEA. R. Nacional (Bata), 0502-0525, 11/18/06, in what appeared to be Spanish. Anthem followed by man with announcements. West African pop music in Vernacular. Good signal at start (SINPO 33333) with usual low side interference, strength declining at 0525. (Jim Evans, TN)

5050 CHINA. Guangxi PBS (P), 1056, 11/18/06, in lang, Fade-up with soft orch music, man heard briefly, more music, then long tlk segment with woman possibly news. Poor and, of course, was hoping for a sign of ARDS-Australia. (Herkimer, NY)

5075 CHINA. Voice of Pujiang (P), 1223-1230, 11/15/06. Talk in Chinese by man and woman. No ID heard. Poor but readable signal with some utility interference. SINPO 22222. (Jim Evans, TN)

5770 MYANMAR. Defense Forces Broadcasting Station (T), 1511-1527*, 11/18/06. Pop songs, sign off announcement mentioned Myanmar and brief indigenous music (same music as noted in the past at 1330, which is the ToH for them), best level ever heard; Nov 19, weak with pop songs at 1426, best reception after 1500 to 1528*, segments of talking and pop/rock songs. (Howard-CA)

5950 NEW ZEALAND. R. New Zealand, 1330, 11/18/06, in English. Brief nx and into mx with a South Pacific flavor. Fair-good. (Ronda-OK)

5960nf RUSSIA. R. Tikhiy Okean (Pacific Ocean), 0951-1000*, 11/19/06, // 7330. They have returned to their former frequencies; ex 9765 & 12065. Many IDs for “Radiostantsiya Tikhiy Okean” and “Radio Vladivostok”, often gives phone numbers, usual Russian programming; 5960 strong, 7330 fair. (Howard-CA)

5980 MOROCCO. RTV Marocaine, 0410, 11/15/06, in Arabic. Group chanting Fair-good. (Ronda-OK)

5985.83 MYANMAR. Radio Myanmar (P), 1230-1248, 11/15/06. Talk by woman at 1230. Signal very marginal, at noise level, fading in and out. Recheck at 1247 found distinctive Burmese music. (Jim Evans, TN)

6002 ALBANIA. China R. Int’l, 0335, 11/18/06, in Mandarin. M,w/cmty Heavy QRN. (Mezek-AZ)

6005 SPAIN. REE, 0332 , 11/18/06, in SP. W/cmty. Signal Perfect. (Mezek-AZ)

6030 CANADA. CFVP relaying CKMX (AM 1060) (Calgary), 0540-0604, 11/13/06. IDs “Classic Country AM 1060”, program “Canadian Countdown”. Poor to fair, best heard in a while. Monday is their clear day (Marti and jammer are off). Observed //1060 (QRM). (Howard-CA)

6050 UNID. 1416-1500, 11/15/06, in Chinese (presumed). Talk by man and woman; a bit of unaccompanied singing @ 1425 that seemed part of a discussion and not a bridge; no discernible ID at BoH; more talk and finally lost in noise just before 1500. Copy during the entire period was virtually all talk with no extended music selections. Fair-poor. (Ronda-OK)

6090 CHINA. Central PBS (Geermu), (P), 1238-1245, 11/15/06, in Chinese. Talk by man and woman. No ID heard. Poor to moderate signal. SINPO 24222. (Jim Evans, TN)

6100 RUSSIA. Kyzyl Radio (P), 1250-1255, 11/15/06, in Russian. Talk by man and woman. Per schedule, Radio Rossii programming. Moderate signal. SINPO 33333. (Jim Evans, TN)

6134.8 BOLIVIA. R. Santa Cruz, 0937-1015,11/14&15/06. Ads, some LA ballads, 0959 distinctive “Radio Santa Cruz” singing jingle, fair.(Howard-CA)

6150 BRAZIL. Radio Record (Sao Paulo), 2300, 11/15/06, in PP. Man talks. Rather weak and fluttery. (Dexter-WI)

6165 CHAD. RN Tchadienne (P), 2235, 11/15/06, in FF. Slow vocals, M/W. Fair to good but lost to Bonaire at 2300. (Dexter-WI)

6185 MEXICO. Radio Educacion, 0932-1007, 11/18/06, in Spanish. Vocals with some talk by a man announcer with ID at 1000 followed by news. Fair to good. (D’Angelo-PA)

6200 TIBET. Xizang PBS (P), 1243-1245, 11/15/06, in presumed Tibetan . Talk by woman. No ID heard. Poor, threshold level signal. (Jim Evans, TN)

6240 RUSSIA. V. of Russia, 0311, 11/14/06. Blasts away any marines wanting to use their band, with 500 kW at 313 degrees from Armavir doing the trick for English to NAm, with items on US politics, Iran (Glenn Hauser, OK)

7115 UAE. Radio Japan/NHK World, (Dhabbaya), 2217, 11/16/06, in JJ. (Dexter-WI)

7135 MOROCCO. RTV Marocaine, 2220, 11/16/06 Talk by M/W which didn’t quite seem to be in FF. Fair with some CW QRM. (Dexter-WI)

7150 HUNGARY. Radio Budapest, (Jaszberney), 2239, 11/16/06, in SS. Man during a half hour bc ending at 2300. (Dexter-WI)

7190 TUNISIA. RTT, 0629, Sat. 11/18/06, in Arabic. With what sounds like a stand-up act, frequently interrupted by audience laughter, something you don`t hear much on Islamic-world stations, come to think of it. 0631 into a funny song, 0632 phone interview. Apparently this is some kind of humor program. Would be nice to know its title and more about it from some of our Arabic-speakers. Sfax is a good reliable signal here around this time, with 500 kW aimed 265 degrees, while // 7275 at 340 degrees apparently goes off earlier (Glenn Hauser, OK)

7255 NIGERIA. Voice of Nigeria (Ikorodu), 2205, 11/17/06, in Hausa [listed]. Studio talk by man and woman with repeated mentions of Nigeria; at least four remote reports; Nigeria ID @ 2230; still on but harder to copy by 2240 and 2250 rechecks; unusual that there was no ARO traffic at this time; seemingly gone by 2300. I know that both EiBi and WRTH list Hausa; PWBR does not list Arabic for this time period but the whole transmission sounded oddly like Arabic to my aging ears! Fair. (Ronda-OK)

7320 LIBYA. Radio Jamahiriyah (Issoudun), 2246, 11/16/06, in AA. Very good. Something in believed RR underneath (perhaps Magadan?) (Dexter-WI)

7390 SOUTH AFRICA. Channel Africa, 0304, 11/14/06, in English. News about UN, AIDS in Africa, brief QRM de data burst, 0308 economic news. F-G signal tho aimed at 20 degrees from Meyerton for EAf. But this is primetime in NAm, just about when Radio RSA used to aim our way (Glenn Hauser, OK)

9525 INDONESIA. V. of Indonesia, 1532, 11/15/06. V. of Indonesia doesn’t do it every day, but Nov 15 from tune-in at1532, the 6:24 loop of gamelan orchestra music and English IDs was running for the next half-hour, until 1603 into Qur’an and 1610 Arabic programming toward EAs and NAm (Glenn Hauser, OK)

9525 INDONESIA. VOI, 1607, 11/18/06, in Arabic to EAs and Nam. Going from Qur’an into talk by woman, VG signal as usual (Glenn Hauser, OK)

9665 BRAZIL. China R. Int’l, 0319-0328, 11/18/06 in SP. W/cmty, same w/ ID “R. Int’l de China” @0320. QRN. (Mezek-AZ)

9685 SOUTH AFRICA. Channel Africa (Meyerton), 0458, 11/15/06, in English. IS; TS, ID and nx @ 0500. Good. (Ronda-OK, 11/15)

9810 THAILAND. R. Thailand (Udon Thani), 1245, 11/16/06, in English. Thai and regional news; short feature on internet use; ad for Thailand tourism with internet address. Poor but readable. (Ronda-OK, 11/16)

9820 GOA. AIR, 1322, 11/16/06, in Sinhala. Dominant as usual with S Asian vocal music; during a brief pause at 1324 I could make out something underneath, presumably China (Glenn Hauser, OK)

9820 INDIA. AIR (Panaji) (P), 1330-1500, 11/19/06. For the past week I have been listening to the station on 9820 nearly every local (Tulsa) morning between 1330 when the signal fades in and about 1430 when the signal fades out. The program format is the same just about every morning with talk including several mentions of India by a man and woman with few music breaks in the period up to 1400; at that point there is usually more music both instrumental and vocal; today (11/19/06) the signal lasted until s/off @ 1500. The program content between 1430 and 1500 was almost completely music, most of it vocals. There seem to be no ID breaks at the bottom of each hour. The 1500 s/off leads me to think that what I am hearing is AIR-Panaji as listed in PWBR. (Ronda-OK).

9950 TAIWAN to North Korea. Shiokaze (Sea Breeze), 1300, 11/13/06. Noted on their newest frequency (ex 9730). *1300 with piano music, in Japanese and/or Korean. Not heard Nov 14 & 15. On Nov 16 noted weak *1300 but heavy QRM from 9955, so weak that I could not make out the language. It would seem to need just the right combination of conditions to hear them here. (Howard-CA)

11665 CHINA. CNR 1 (Jammer), 1520, 11/14/06. It speaks volumes for the sad situation in China that whenever one hears a strong signal from CNR-1, one assumes it is jamming something. This was the case. Commercials, VG signal but some deep fades. Could not hear any other signal mixing, but R. Taiwan International is scheduled there in Chinese until 1600. (Glenn Hauser, OK)

11665 EGYPT. Radio Cairo, 2204, 11/17/06. Excellent level in listed Voice of the Arabs service. Even the modulation was good. (Dexter-WI)

11690 JORDAN. Radio Jordan, 1600-1620, 11/18/06, in English. Woman announcer with news followed by ID at 1603 and pop music program. Good in usb but very poor in lsb due to UTE QRM. (D’Angelo-PA)

11965 USA. AWR Guam, 2210, 11/17/06, in unid language. All talk to abrupt close at 2230. (Dexter-WI)

11900 RUSSIA (?) to Ethiopia. Tensae Ethiopia (Voice of Unity) (Samara ?), 1458-1600, 11/18/06. Open carrier with musical opening at 1600 followed by ID and announcements. Man began with news followed by a series of interviews. Poor. (D’Angelo-PA)

12579 usb DIEGO GARCIA. Armed Forces Network, 1440-1503, 11/18/06. NPR programming and ID at top of the hour. Poor. (D’Angelo-PA)

12759 USB DIEGO GARCIA. AFRTS, 1458, 11/18/06, in EE. Mentions of “NPR Worldwide”, then news and sports bulletins, public svc announcments. Went silent at 1507 – switching to 4319? Fair. (Schiefelbein-MO)

15175 GOA. AIR, 1514, 11/14/06. Came upon the unmistakable AIR IS, into unID language, distorted audio and slightly variable het. PWBR “2007” claims this is Bangalore, while Jose Jacob’s B-06 AIR sked shows it as Panaji; I’ll go with the latter, with such transmission characteristics. It’s the Gujarati service to EAf, also troubled by Cuban jamming spur on 15180 (Glenn Hauser, OK)

17725 FRANCE. V. of Africa, 1505, 11/15/06, in English. Broadcast playing hilife music, much less hum than usual, but still audible (Glenn Hauser, OK)

Clandestine / Targeted Broadcasts:

6135 ENGLAND to CUBA. Radio Republica (Rampisham), 2305, 11/15/06. Not bad but with possible TVI-like jamming. (Dexter-WI)

9630 NO SIGNAL. No sign of Radio Republica, 0400 check, 11/17/06, nor on other checks in the 02-05 period supposedly here via Sackville now. Sometimes Cuban jamming but even that is quite weak. I wasn’t aware of this potential new site until gh’s mention in HCDX. CBCNQS next door on 9625 also not making it the last few days, tho it has always been consistent in the past. (Dexter-WI)

17495 MADAGASCAR to Burma. Democratic Voice of Burma, 1436, 11/15/06, in Burmese. Continuous talk by M/F anncrs w/a few guests on the phone, signoff 1527. Fair. (Schiefelbein-MO)

17660 GABON. The African music jammer, 1525, 11/15/06. Against nothing. Was coming in nicely so I stayed with it to see when it would go off. Lasted until 1531, with carrier on another 40 seconds (Glenn Hauser, OK)

17660 UNIDENTIFIED [believed to be Gabon – Ed.]. The so-called African Music Jammer (T), 1442, 11/16/06. Poor to middling with African music, no talk to past 1500. (Dexter-WI)


3275v PIRATE. The Crystal Ship (P), 0318-0332, 11/14/06. Music by The Eagles, Nazareth, and Meat Loaf. Heavy QRM and QRN. Poor. (Wood, TN)

3275.7 AM PIRATE. The Crystal Ship, 0250, 11/15/06. “Carry on My Wayward Son” and other rock classics, fading and lost in the noise before long. Fair/Poor. (Schiefelbein-MO)

6875 PIRATE. Unidentified, 2242 on 11/12/06. Singing “I want to get along” but then suddenly gone at 2230. (Dexter-WI)

15070 PIRATE (Euro). Cupid R., *1427-1644, [no date]. Rinus back on with another broadcast to NA, testing his new Behringer studio microphone. Usual prgm of rock/pops (Duran Duran, Stones, UFO), many announcements, acknowledged emails including one from “My dear friend, George Zeller.” Decent signal strength throughout but typical Europirate deep fades. Started to lose strength and gone by 1644 so he may have pulled the plug. (Herkimer, NY)


9705 UNIDENTIFIED. 1609, 11/18/06. Some classical piano music, but at 1610 into English discussion of evolution and creation, so enough of that, must be some gospel huxter. Figured I could look it up later, but no luck in HFCC B-06, PWBR 2007, Aoki list; nor in ILG A-06 (Glenn Hauser, OK)

DXpedition Report:

French Creek DXpedition: From Rich D’Angelo:

After a beautiful spring-like weathered day on Saturday, Sunday saw us heading to French Creek for the first DXpedition of the season with cool temperatures and rainy conditions. Naturally antenna set-up required walking across wet leaves and slippery rocks on an elevated surface but that’s what DXpeditioning is all about.

Kris Field and Fred Kohlbrenner were already set-up and twirling the dials when I arrived around 1430 local time. The park was cooperative this time out with a ranger dropping off the key very early. Ed Mauger arrived after my antenna set up was complete. That gave us a group of four this first DXpedition of the season.

Reception conditions to Bolivia and Peru were outstanding with many good logs made from these two countries in the evenings and the morning DX sessions. Unfortunately, things were quiet from the Pacific region and the sub-continent.

2310 AUSTRALIA. VL8A Alice Springs, 1104-1119, 11/14/06. Pop music program hosted by a man with ABC IDs. Fair but deteriorating. //2325 VL8T Tennant Creek and 2485 VL8K Katherine. The latter two were poor. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

3235 BRAZIL. Radio Guaruja, 2303-2315, 11/12/06. ID by a man announcer with Portuguese talks and Brasilian pop vocals. Poor and not //5045. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

3291.16 GUYANA. VOG, 2246-2304, 11/12/06, in EG. Pop music, ID 2300. (Kohlbrenner-PA.FCDX)

3310 BOLIVIA. Radio Mosoj Chaski, 2308-2325, 11/13/06, in Quechoa. Woman with rustic vocal followed by man with ID and talk. A man and woman followed with discussion program. With several IDs at 2320. Fair signal. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

3329.4 PERU. Ondas del Huallaga, 2312-2320, 11/13/06, in SP. Vocals, ID 2319. Poor under slop from CHU. (Kohlbrenner-PA/FCDX)

3329.6 PERU. Ondas del Huallaga, 1007-1031, 11/13/06. program of rustic PA music hosted by a lively woman announcer with IDs mentioning “música nacional.” Fair signal and relatively clean of QRM from CHU in LSB. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

3810 ECUADOR. HD2IOA, 1052-1056, 11/14/06. Time pips with a man announcer in Spanish with time check and ID each minute. Good signal. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

4409.8 BOLIVIA. Radio Eco, 2328-2341, 11/12/06. Group vocals with ID and announcements by a man announcer at 2335. Fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

4486.6 PERU. Radio Frecuencia, 0012-0208, 11/13/06. Man announcer with ID and Spanish announcements, ad string and program of nice huaynos. Frequent IDs and ad strings. Fair to good. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

4545.34 BOLIVIA. R. Virgen de Remedian (P), 2320, 11/13/06. Religious sermon. poor/UTE QRM (Kohlbrenner-PA/FCDX)

4545.4v BOLIVIA. Radio Virgen de Remedion, 2331-0015, 11/12/06. Male preacher with religious talks before live audience. A couple of selections of choir vocals. Brief ID by a man in the studio at 0006 during a break before returning to the preaching. Fair with very slight CODAR QRM. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

4635 TAJIKISTAN. Tajik Radio (very tentative), 2154-2223, 11/13/06. First spotted by Fred Kohlbrenner this one noted with some talk in unidentifiable language but the musical selection could be heard reasonably well (shrilly wailing cutting through the ether). Very poor and just about threshold and getting worse by tune out. Frequent re-checks revealed deteriorating situation. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

4716.77 BOLIVIA. R. Yura, 2325, 11/12/06, in SP. Vocals, several IDs at 2330. (Kohlbrenner-PA/FCDX)

4716.8 BOLIVIA. Radio Yura, 2320-2332, 11/12/06 in Spanish. Rustic female vocals hosted by a man with announcements. ID by a woman at 2330 followed by more talk by the man announcer and another rustic vocal selection. Fair to good. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

4751.8 PERU. Radio Huanta 2000, 2335-0015, 11/12/06 in Spanish. Lively vocals hosted by a man with announcements, ID, ads. At 2345 seemed to shift into Quechua talk and later still into Spanish religious programming. Fair to good. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

4751.8 PERU. R. Huanta dos Mil, 2332, 11/12/06, in presumed Quechoa. Andean music with occasional talk. Nice signal. (Kohlbrenner-PA/FCDX)

4796.5 BOLIVIA. Radio Mallku, 2313-2338, 11/13/06, in Spanish. Rustic vocal by a man followed by a woman announcer with talk, ID and TC. The woman announcer began a discussion with a man. Poor to fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

4774.96 PERU. R. Tarma, 1034, 11/13/06. Andean vocals, announcements and ID. (Kohlbrenner-PA/FCDX)

4790.2 PERU. R. Vision (P), 1040, 11/13/06. Religious sermon, childrens hymns. (Kohlbrenner-PA/FCDX)

4800 CHINA. Central People’s Broadcasting Station (Geermu), 1040-1052 11/14/06, in Chinese. Talk noted //4600. Both were poor to fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

4835.45 PERU. Radio Maranon, 1050-1106, 11/13/06, Plenty of ads, OA vocals hosted by a man announcer with IDs and TCs. Good signal but beginning to fade around 1100. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

4835.46 PERU. R. Maranon, 1050-1100, 11/13/06, in SP. OA vocals, flutes. ID at 1100. (Kohlbrenner-PA/FCDX)

4895 INDIA. All India Radio (? Kurseong), *1127-1138, 11/14/06, in Hindi. IS until a man opened with ID and sign on announcements at 1129. Time pips and news with a woman announcer followed at 1130. Hindi music began at 1134. Poor. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

4919 ECUADOR. Radio Quito, 0338-0435, 11/13/06, in Spanish. Nice program of lively Latin music with a make host with announcements and IDs. Booming signal. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

4920 CHINA (Tibet). Xizang PBS (Lhasa), 1105-1116, 11/13/06, in Chinese. Talk by a man and woman. Beautiful Chinese vocal at 1109. Fair with some Radio Quito slop. //4905 was poor to fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

4937.3 BOLIVIA. Radio San Miguel, 1020-1032 fade out, 11/13/06. Long Spanish language talks by a man announcer with ID. Poor to fair signal at tune in but fading fast. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

4945 BRAZIL. Radio Difusora, 2210-2235, 11/13/06, in Portuguese. Jingle ID, ads, fast talking male announcer with talk and romantic vocals program. Fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

4955 PERU. Radio Cultural Amauta, 2337-0145+, 11/13/06, in Spanish. Noted with a mix of talk by a man and a woman and a variety of musical selections. Nice ID at 0120 by a woman announcer during El Condor Paso. Religious talk by a man at 0130. Fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

4965 PERU. Radio Santa Monica (P), 1005-1018, 11/13/06, in Spanish. Long continuous talk by a man which appeared to be religious. No ID noted so presumed the one. Poor and much weaker than Santa Ana. Needed LSB to avoid heterodyne from above. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

4965.8 PERU. Radio Santa Ana, 0945-1005, 11/13/06, in Spanish. Lively program of OA vocals hosted by a man announcer with talks, ads, IDs and TCs. 5+1 time pips noted at 1000 followed by jingle ID. Poor to fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

4976 UGANDA. Radio Uganda, 2058-2104* 11/12/06, in English. Vocals until a man gave ID and closedown announcements at 2101 followed by choral National Anthem. Poor. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

4990 SURINAME. Radio Apintie, 0220-0304, 11/13/06, in English. Long selection of classic violin music. Man announcer with ID mentioning selection was Tchaikovsky. Another classical music selection followed. Fair to good. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

4990.9 PERU. Radio Ancash, 0916-0945, 11/13/06, in Spanish. Lively program of huaynos hosted by an equally lively male announcer with a lot of chatter, IDs, TCs and ad strings. Very good signal with some slight splatter from Apintie. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

5010 INDIA. All India Radio (Thiruvananthapuram), 0050-0135, 11/14/06. Nice selection of Hindi vocals and flute music selection with male host. Time pips at 0130 followed by ID and news. Fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

5014.4 PERU. Radio Altura, 0215-0245, 11/13/06, in Spanish. Program of Peruvian vocals hosted by a lively male announcer with IDs and talk. Good signal. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

5040.4 MYANMAR. Radio Myanmar, 1203-1223 fade out, 11/14/06, in Burmese. Haunting local vocals by a female singer accompanied by flute music. Talk by a woman and a man. Weak with music doing a nice job cutting through the noise floor. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

5045 BRAZIL. Radio Guaruja, 2254-2310, 11/12/06, in Portuguese. Brasilian pop vocals by a man followed by ID and ad string at 2300. More talk by the male announcer followed by another pop tune. Good and not //3235. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

5460.1 PERU. Radio Bolivar, 2310-2330, 11/12/06, in Spanish. Program of rustic vocals hosted by a man announcer with announcements and two IDs. Poor with some deep fades. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

5470 LIBERIA. R. Veritas, 2019-2103*. Topical Issues pgm with discussion on Nigerian oil deal, calls from listeners. ID and schedule of upcoming pgms 2101. (Kohlbrenner-PA/FCDX)

5470 LIBERIA. Radio Veritas, 2047-2104*, 11/13/06. Call in program called Topical Issues with in studio expert guest and male host taking phone calls from listeners with a lot of discussion about Nigerian oil situation. After program ended another man gave ID and FM and shortwave frequencies mentioning close of shortwave service. However, next program, a soap opera drama, commenced before carrier was cut. Fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

5680.7 BOLIVIA. La Voz del Campesino (P), 2237-2242, 11/13/06, in Spanish. Rustic vocal followed by a woman announcer with talk and TC. Transmitter abruptly terminated ? presumed accidentally situation ? so no ID but Fred Kohlbrenner ID earlier. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

5680.75 BOLIVIA. Voz del Campesino, 0950-1011, 11/13/06. Rustic vocals, possible anthem at 1000, ID at 1011. (Kohlbrenner-PA/FCDX)

5986.8 MYANMAR. Radio Myanmar, 1215-1236, 11/14/06, in Burmese. Male vocal selection with interesting instrumental music accompaniment. Talk by a female announcer. Seemingly news at 1230. Poor. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

5995 MALI. Radiodiffusion Television Malienne, 2150-2240+, 11/12/06, in French. Man announcer with talk taking phone calls from listeners. From 2230 a discussion program. Fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

6019.56 PERU. R. Victoria, 1025, 11/13/06. Religious sermon. Poor, //9720.06 (Kohlbrenner-PA/FCDX)

6019.6 PERU. Radio Victoria, 1035-1042, 11/13/06, in Spanish. Woman with religious talk. Very good signal and best in LSB. //9720 was fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

6035 COLOMBIA. LV del Guaviare, 1012, 11/13/06, in SP, ballads, ID and freq announcement 1013. (Kohlbrenner-PA/FCDX)

6090 CHINA. China Business Radio, 1040-1047, 11/13/06, in Chinese. Noted talk by a man and woman with multi-lingo IDs at 1044 including one in English. After brief instrumental music segment, the man and woman team began interviewing another man. Fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

6114.9 PERU. Radio Union, 1036-1050, 11/13/06, in Spanish. Man with news features. Nice ID at 1039 followed by short instrumental music segment. ID by a woman followed by a brief interview and an OA vocal. Fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

6160 CANADA (Newfoundland). CKZN (St. John’s), 1910-1940, 11/13/06. Cameron Phillips and Kelly Ryan hosting light features and short musical segments. “CBC Radio 1” ID at 1930 followed by the news. Fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

6214.17 ARGENTINA. R. Baluarte, 2217, 11/12/06, in SP. Vocals, man with presumed religious sermon. Poor. (Kohlbrenner-PA/FCDX)

6245 CLANDESTINE. Radio Zamaneh, 2025-2059*, 11/12/06, in Farsi. Beautiful Iranian instrumental music but unfortunately it was continuous until the signal was terminated so no announcements or IDs possible. Good reception. Next day, Nov 13, noted from 1935 with short features with clear IDs at 2000 by a woman and then by a man with violin music in the background. Fair and improving. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

6250 LITHUANIA. VOIRI (Sitkunai), 2017-2036, 11/13/06 in English. Thanks to tip from Fred Kohlbrenner, Iran was noted with English service (features, instrumental music, news, ID and schedule at sign off) until close at 2027. Instrumental music followed with ID and opening of Spanish service at 2030. Poor but steadily improving. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

7445 PAKISTAN. Radio Pakistan, 1154-1220 fade out, 11/13/06. Hindi music and talk by male announcer. Poor to fair but fading rapidly by tune out. //9350 was very weak. On Nov 14, noted opening at *1057 at much reduced level. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

9335 NORTH KOREA. Voice of Korea, *1300-1340, 11/13/06, in English. Opening National Anthem followed by a man with ID and a woman announcer with program previews. Choral anthem followed. Opened with News about the Great Leader. Poor to fair with unidentified QRM in background. (D’Angelo/FCDX PA)

11735 TANZANIA. RT Zanzibar, 1940-2002, 11/12/06, in presumed Swahili. Local music and vocals, woman. Announcements at 1959. (Kohlbrenner-PA/FCDX)

Contributor/Editor Comments:

Joe Wood reminds us:

I’ve seen postings of North American pirates broadcasting on 3200, 3340 and 3275 here lately. [It is worth remembering that Shortwave Pirates are more active on holidays such as U.S. Thanksgiving. – Ed.]

I’m having on-going discussions with Public Service of Oklahoma about long bursts of buzz-saw QRN that do not originate from inside our house. With power lines in our backyard (and a quick check with my portable E-5) I think there is something happening on the poles and lines. Stay tuned! (Jim Ronda, OK)


Rich D’Angelo, 2216 Burkey Drive, Wyomissing, PA 19610, U.S.A. Equipment: Ten-Tec RX-340, Drake R-8B, Eton E1, Lowe HF-150, Alpha Delta DX Sloper, RF Systems Mini-Windom, Datong FL3, JPS ANC-4

Gerry Dexter Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Equipment: NRD 515, NRD 545, Eton E-1

Jim Evans, Germantown, TN, Equipment: RX-340, R8B, 30 meter wire, LFE H-800, PAR EF-SWL.

John Herkimer, Caledonia, NY, NRD-535D (Kiwa), Etón E1-XM, 100 ft longwire

Glenn Hauser Enid, Oklahoma

Ron Howard, Monterey, CA RX340 + T2FD & Etón E5

Fred Kohlbrenner, Dxpedition to the French Creek State Park, PA Equipment: Drake R8, NRD525, LW

Frank Mezek, Sun City, AZ, USA. Equipment: ICOM R71A, 55 ft random wire.

Jim Ronda Tulsa, OK Equipment: NRD-545; R-75; E-1 + Eavesdropper

Mark Schiefelbein Springfield, Missouri Equipment: Kenwood R-5000/Sony 2010

Mark Taylor, Madison, Wi. R-75, Sat 800, Sangean 909; 110¹ random wire, Eavesdropper

Joe Wood Greenback TN

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