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Flashsheet 239, August 27, 2006

Editor: Ray Bauernhuber

Substitute Editor: Mark Taylor (

Next Deadline: Sunday, Sept. 3, 2006 at 1700 UTC (1300 EST/1200 CST/1100 MST/1000 PST).

All loggings to be sent to Mark Taylor at: and Rich D’Angelo at .


2310 AUSTRALIA. VL8A (Alice Springs), 8/25/06, 1006-1015, in English. Local sporting event coverage, “ABC Local Radio” and “ABC Nx Radio” IDs. Poor, deteriorating by 1015. // 6080-fair. (Barbour-NH)

2325 AUSTRALIA. VL8T (Tennant Creek), 8/26/06, 0940-1000+, Aug.26. Local sports coverage, “Tigers v. Bombers” thru ToH. Fair listening in LSB. Didn’t think to check if // 6080. (Barbour-NH)

3280 CHINA. VO Pujiang (Shanghai), 5/24/06,1244, in Ch. Yl ann. With frequent short musical segues. Poor. (Herr-CA)

3350 COSTA RICA. REE Relay, 08/26/06, 0240 in SP. Nicely done music program consisting of everything from Opera to Madonna clones. An OM announcer with lots of comments between selections. Fair. (Wood, TN)

3925 JAPAN. R.Nikkei, 8/25/06, 0956-1006, in Japanese. Continuos opera music w/ brief announcer at1003. Poor. // 9595-weak but clear. (Barbour-NH)

3944.77 VANUATU. R.Vanuatu, 8/21/06, 1008-1032, in English/Vernacular, EG news at t/in w/ ments. “Prime Minister” and “Labor Party”. Drums/wind instruments at 1015; OM in lang. w/ ID and presumed news and weather. Pop ballads and talk. Prg. intro; 2 OM at 1029. Fair!! Of course, not a peep here since! (Barbour-NH)

4716.2v BOLIVIA. R.Yura, 8/22/06, 0041-0055, in Spanish. Various talks b/w musical bits battling w/ huge static crashes and some sort of ute/QRM noise on 4717+. Poor. (Barbour-NH)

4777 GABON. RTV Gabonaise, 8/22/06, 0556-0610, in French. Talk b/w hi-life musical bits, OM at 0600 w/ news. Quickly f/out by 0610. Poor. (Barbour-NH)

4799.8 GUATEMALA. Radio Buenas Nuevas, 8/23/06, 0347-0412 in Sp. Religious vocals and talks by a man announcer. Another man with ID and talk at 0401. Poor to fair. (D’Angelo-PA)

4799.8 GUATEMALA. R. Buenas Nuevas, 8/24/06, 0225, in SP. Talk, phone calls, vocals. (Paszkiewicz-WI)

4800 GUATAMALA. Radio Buenas Nuevas (San Sebastian), 8/26/06, 0253-0300, in SP. Latin American music with some “sweeper”² QRM. OM announcer. ID at TOH. Poor. (Wood, TN)

4845.25 BRAZIL. R. Cult. Ondas Tropicalis, 8/24/06, 1015, In Pt. Music and talk, multiple ann., om/yl interlaced with “musica”. Poor. (Herr-CA)

4924.9 BRAZIL. Radio Difusora Taubate, 8/27/06, 1019 ˇ 1039 in PP. M. Announcer w/ jingles, Brazillian popular music, ID (1034), f/out 1039. Fair to poor. (Taylor – WI)

5040.4 MYANMAR. R. Myanmar, 8/27/06, 1151. Very poor scraps of music and voice, mostly talking by yl. (Herr-CA)

5050 USA. WWRB (Manchester, TN). 8/26/06, in EG. Time: 0306-0315. Rick Adams program with ultra conservative viewpoints and advertisements of dubious value. Good. (Wood, TN)

5755 USA. KAIJ (Frisco, Texas), 8/26/06, 0313 in English. Program of Gospel music including: “I’ll Fly Away,” “Will the Circle be Unbroken,” and “Victory in Jesus.” G-VG. (Wood, TN)

5995 MALI. RTV Malieene, 8/22/06, 0616-0637, in French. Local music. OM at 0629 b/w vocal music. 2 YLs at 0630 w/ drop in audio levels. Fair. (Barbour-NH)

6155 CHINA. CNR-2/CBR, 8/27/06, 1330-1355 in Eg. “Advanced Studio Classroom”, which is a segment of “English Evening”; Bill, Phil and Naomi talk about VOIC technology, making calls over the internet; 1355 “This is English Evening, on China Business Radio, with Alan and Joy”, fair reception. Studio Classroom is produced in Taiwan and is a regular segment of English Evening. Website: (Howard-CA)

7110 ENGLAND. to Cuba. Radio Republica, 8/26/06, 0325 in SP. Presumed broadcast via WRMI in Miami, Florida, USA. [Denied by WRMI to be their broadcast. RF’ed to England ˇ thought to be Rampisham as reported in DX Listening Digest and other hobby locations. Ed.] Several ID’s with mentions of Cuba and North America. Comments by OM announcer about Mr. Castro. Numerous breaks throughout the broadcast with a cock crowing. Good. (Wood, TN)

7125 GUINEA. Radio Guinee, 8/20/06, 2150-2259 in Fr. Mix of talks by a man announcer with highlife vocals and rustic tribal vocals accompanied by drums with ID at 2201 after musical selection. Talk feature from 2215. Improving to fair before Russian test tones commenced at 2253 covering Guinea although it could still be heard until the Russian began audio programming at 2259. First time heard in many months. (D’Angelo-PA)

7145 NEW ZEALAND. RNZI, 8/27/06, 1415. Show about a study of multiple sclerosis in NZ it has one of the highest prevalences in the world. Fair to good. (Herr-CA)

9704.2 ETHIOPIA. R Ethiopia (Gedja), 8/25/06, 0253. African instrumental music weak degrading into noise. (Morrissey-MA)

9720 PERU. Radio Victoria, 8/27/06, 0416-0440, in Sp. End of religious program with organ music. Talk by man and woman announcers with ID at 0431. Poor to fair. (D’Angelo-PA)

9925 GERMANY. Radio Croatia, 8/29/06, 0205, in Eg. Man and woman talking followed by what sounded like a pop Croatian song. sinpo 555. (Morrissey-MA)

10330 INDIA. All India Radio, 8/27/06, 0137-0245, in Hindi. Male announcer with talks hosting a program of Indian film music and traditional Hindi vocals. Woman announcer with ID at 0200 followed by some announcements and more music. Occasional announcements throughout programming giving it a “domestic” feel. Fair to good but slowly fading around 0230. (D’Angelo-PA)

12070 RUSSIA. Golos Rossii, 8/23/06, 0205 ˇ 0210, in Russian. W. w/ probable news (place names), bridge, ID, ann. or ad, M. w/ talk, W. w/ talk. Fair ˇ poor w/ digital QRM. (Taylor – WI)

12095 SRI LANKA. Deutsche Welle (Tricomolee), 8/24/06, in Ge. M. & W. alt., ID, M. w/ announcement, W. w/ periodic comment by M. // 12040 (Kigali, RRW). Fair. (Taylor – WI)

15435 SAUDI ARABIA. BSKSA 1, 8/21/06, 1712-1732 in Ar. Qu’ran, OM talk, alt. OM/YL, ID by YL, ann. by OM, YL ann. w/ Arabic music. Good to fair. (Taylor – WI)

15515 AUSTRALIA R. Australia, 8/26/06, 0221. Rugby match, sinpo 44444. Simultaneously broadcast on 15240, sinpo 22222. (Morrissey-MA)

[Ed. We are keeping Jim’s logs together because he acquired an Eton E5 and says:]

In preparation for taking my E5 to England for a month I did some intensive, comparative listening this weekend. The strategy was simple: find and identify a station with the E1; then check what could be heard with the E5. I used battery power and the whip antenna indoors with the E5. In virtually every case the E5 produced readable audio. There are no exotic catches here although this is the first time I logged AIR-Delhi and VON on 15120. The E5 is not the E1 but it did prove a worthy piece of equipment and I look forward to trying it out in the UK beginning next week.

5920 RUSSIA. R. Rossi (Petropavlovsk). 8/26/06, 1202, in RR. Man. Fair – Poor (Ronda-OK)

5955 ASCENSION IS. BBC-Relay. 8/26/06, Fair @ 1210, in EG. Concluding nx. Fair. (Ronda-OK)

5995 AUSTRALIA. R. Australia, 8/26/06, 1215. Mx request prgm; //6020 at good level. Fair. (Ronda-OK)

6185 SINGAPORE. R. Singapore Int. 8/26/06, 1220 with Mandarin (listed) prgm. Fair ˇ poor. (Ronda-OK)

7130 TAIWAN. R. Taiwan Int. (Minhsiung), 1222, in EG. Studio chatter between man and woman. Fair-good. (Ronda-OK)

9590 AUSTRALIA. R. Australia. 8/26/06, 1438 in EG. Country mx prgm; ancts. Fair. (Ronda-OK)

9760 PHILIPPINES. VOA, 8/26/06, 1312. VOA Jazz prgm (Ronda-OK)

9870 NEW ZEALAND. RNZI, 8/26/06, 1239-1257*. “Sounds of the Pacific”. Good. (Ronda-OK)

9870 CHINA. CRI (Xi’an, 8/26/06, 1300 in EG. Sign-on with ID and nx. Fair. (Ronda-OK)

9890 MADAGASCAR. R. Nederland Relay, 8/26/06, 1428 in EG. ID, frequency list, and into prgm about jazz and Gustav Mahler (!) Fair. (Ronda-OK)

11780 BRAZIL. R. NAC. DA Amazonia, 8/26/06, 1850 in PT. Lively vocals; ancts; several R. Nac Ids. Good. (Ronda-OK)

15050 INDIA. AIR (Delhi), 8/24,25,26/06, from 1320 to past 1400 in Sinhala with subcontinent mx and ancts. Fair-poor. (Ronda-OK)

15120 NIGERIA. Voice of Nigeria, 8/26/06, 1735 in EG. Report on politics in Uganda. Fair-poor. (Ronda-OK)

15205 RWANDA. DW (Kigali), 8/23/06, 2100 in EG. Nx and News Link prgm; //11865 fair. Good. (Ronda-OK)

15325 ENGLAND. R. Canada Int. (Rampasham), 8/26/06, 1620-1629 in RR. Pop soul vocals; song titles in EG; ancts in RR; frag of FR @ 1629 as Russian Service prgm ended. Fair. (Ronda-OK)

15335 MADAGASCAR. R. Nederland Relay, 8/26/06, 1630, in Dutch. Nx. Fair. (Ronda-OK)

15475 GABON. Africa #1, 8/26/06, 1645 in FR. Afro-pop and rap mx; ancts and several Ids. Fair-poor. (Ronda-OK)

17585 ENGLAND. BBC (Skelton), 8/26/06, 1442 with AR service to N. Africa. Phone-in prgm in progress. Fair. (Ronda-OK)

17630 GABON. Africa #1, 8/28/06 (sic), 1457, in FR. IDs, frequency list; still good with Euro-pop mx @ 1525 recheck. Fair-good. (Ronda-OK)

17770 SOUTH AFRICA. Channel Africa, 8/26/06, 1535 in EG. Discussion of revaluation of currency and growth of Nigerian economy. Fair-poor with surging QRN. (Ronda-OK)

17840 FRANCE. R. Jamahiriya, 8/26/06 in AR. Interview prgm; two male speakers with many mentions of Pakistan, Lebanon, and Iran; better @ 1615 recheck. Fair-poor. (Ronda-OK)

17860 RWANDA. DW (Kigali), 8/26/06, 1830 in AR. ID and into presumed nx items with brief mx bridges. Good. (Ronda-OK)

Jim Ronda Tulsa, OK

[We look forward to your logs from across the pond — Ed.]

Clandestine / Targeted Broadcasts:

9485 RUSSIA. to N. Korea. Shiokaze (Irkutsk), 8/26/06, 1315 ˇ 1330, in Ja. W. and M. reading short sections, including names, over piano music. ID, short solo piano, off. Presence of chugging jamming signal (presumed N. Korean.) Fair. (Taylor – WI)

11700 CHINA. Firedrake music jammer, 8/26/06, 1501. Occasionally surfacing through the noise. Co- channel station in apparent French. According to ILG the target would seem to be Taiwan-based Ming Hui Radio (not heard). (Dexter-WI)

11765 NORTHERN MARIANAS. to China. Radio Free Asia, 8/26/06, 1520. Poor in noise, with brief snatches of the Firedrake jammer slipping through. (Dexter-WI)

15255 MOROCCO. to Central Asia. Radio Liberty. (Briech), 8/25/06, 1715, listed in Avar and other local languages to 1800. Poor in noise. (Dexter-WI)


6925u USA. WTPR, 08/20/06, 0036-0046*. Tk of noted pirate DXers living in MI. Several IDs as WTPR and Tire Pressure Radio. Tk of other pirate operators. Fair. (Wood, TN)

6925u USA. The Crooked Man, 08/20/06, *0053-0117. Several IDs. Mx included “Satisfaction” and “Walk of Life.” Fair to Good. (Wood, TN)

6925 USA. WMPR, 08/21/06, 2337-2358. New Age and Techno mx. Fair. (Wood, TN)

6849.9 PIRATE. MAC Shortwave, 8/25/06, 0135 ˇ 0230. Bouncy music with indistinct talk at times, positive ID sequence at 0219, off or lost at 0230. Poor. (Taylor – WI)

6950u USA. UNID, 08/21-22/06, 2358-0014*. Cheech and Chong comedy routines. VG until 0005. Fair after that due to fades. (Wood, TN)

6935usb PIRATE (No. Am.). Northwoods Radio, 8/27/06, 0257-0304*. Rock music and talk with ID by a woman announcer mentioning from Great Lakes. Closed with a CW ID. Poor to fair. (D’Angelo-PA)

Tentatives / Probables:

5910.1 COLOMBIA. Marfil Estereo (P), 8/25/06, 0926-0936, in Spanish. Familiar sounding format of music, barnyard sounds and OM trilling his R’s. “Colombia” mentioned but no definitive ID. Fair w/ static. (Barbour-NH)

6020 PERU. R.Victoria (P), 8/22/06, 2339-2352, in Portuguese. Various talks and music bits. YL at 2350 w/ ments of “Cusco”. Wiped out at 2352 by CRI-Albania carrier. Fair. (Barbour-NH)

9710 ENGLAND. RTV Algerienne (P), 8/26/06, 2130 in Ar. Arabic vocals. Unsure if this is Rampisham or Wooferton. (Dexter-WI)

9930 TAIWAN. Sound of Hope (T) via KWHR, 8/21/06, 1359 on 8/21. KWHR ID and “thank you for listening” and into Chinese at 1400. Conflicting info as to what KWHR is airing at this hour but SoH reported being carried as of late April. (Dexter-WI)

9965 PALAU. T8Bz (P), 8/25-27/06, *1000(?)-1030+, in Mandarin. I think this is s/on earlier than listed *1030. Noted at 1020, Aug.25, with ballads and usual piano mx/ancmt at 1030; Aug.26, 1004-1016 w/ Mandarin ballads and Aug.27 w/ carrier at 1000. No audio detected but I wasn’t hearing much else on the bands that morning either. (Barbour-NH)


9595 UNIDENTIFIED. 8/21/06, 1142-1203. Continuos classical music thru ToH. No IDs/announcements. R. Nikkei perhaps? Fair w/ light 9590-R.Australia splatter. (Barbour-NH)

Contributor/Editor Comments:

The latest news from Robert Kipp: “The latest information on the “Revive RSD 2006” Project is that all twelve boxes of equipment have arrive on St. Helena island and are expected out of Customs by 25 August.

The twelve boxes of equipment include a huge wooden overseas crate with all the transmitting equipment and much more inside, a box with two DC-power supplies, a box with the huge ProSisTel rotator and its cable, a box with the commercial grade coaxial cable, and eight boxes with all the various pre-fabricated sections of the tower.

Also, the German magazine “FunkAmateur” published a very nice one-page article about the project on page 901 of the August issue. Thanks here go to Mr. Harald Kuhl (well-known SWL and amateur radio operator). The article shows a picture of the RSD QSL from 1994.

Have a look at our web site Click on the “Revive RSD 2006” button. Here are the program times. Click on the “Multiple Flags” button. Then move your cursor to any flag. Look at the pop-up notice. Then move the cursor to the little object behind any language name. Again, look at the pop-up notice. Check several of these. Then click on any of the flags. Try a few! (Thanks to Rich D¹Angelo for passing this along.)

From Gerry Dexter: NOTE – It was a noisy and depressing week, what with the passing of the great Maynard Ferguson – last of the “name” big band leaders.


Scott R Barbour Jr Intervale, NH-USA Equipment: R75, 200′ Beverages, MLB-1, DTS-4

Rich D’Angelo, 2216 Burkey Drive, Wyomissing, PA 19610, U.S.A. Equipment: Ten-Tec RX-340, Drake R-8B, Eton E1, Lowe HF-150, Alpha Delta DX Sloper, RF Systems Mini-Windom, Datong FL3, JPS ANC-4

Gerry Dexter Lake Geneva WI. Equipment: NRD 515, NRD 545, E-1.

Ron Howard, Monterey, CA Equipment: Etón E5

Bill Morrissey, Charlton, MA. Equpiment: Icom R75, 200′ longwire.

Sheryl Paszkiewicz

Jim Ronda Tulsa, OK Equipment: E1 + Eavesdropper; E5 with whip antenna

Mark Taylor, Madison, Wi. Equipment: R-75, Sat 800, Sangean 909; 110’ random wire, Eavesdropper

Joe Wood Greenback TN

“Here, outside in the night air, all was quiet. Silence — and yet one felt the mystery of these invisible waves, the miracle of the hidden voices, sweeping out through the night.”

Journalist Leslie Baily 1925

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