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Flashsheet 217, March 26, 2006

Editor: Ray Bauernhuber

Substitute Editor: Rich D’Angelo

I am pinch hitting for Ray once again as his computer has decided to take another week off! I am not certain when Ray’s computer will return from this unannounced vacation, but when it does Ray will be back in action. Therefore, better send your logs to Ray at the usual address and myself for next week. Thanks! … Rich

Next Deadline: Sunday, April 2, 2006 at 1700 UTC (1200 EST).

All loggings to be sent to Ray at: or by ‘snail mail’ to: 151-64 18th Avenue Whitestone, NY 11357-3102 USA. Just to play it safe until I know Ray’s computer is well again, also add me ( your distribution list. Thanks!


3200 SWAZILAND, Trans World Radio, 0415-0436 Mar 20, choir vocals, religious talks by a woman in German. Music and talk continued to 0429 English ID, announcements, times and frequencies prior to “Insight for Living” program. Poor to fair with //4775 fair. (D’Angelo-PA)

3215 USA WWCR 0235 3/25 In Eg program by om about detoxification program. Poor. (Herr-CA)

3279.6 ECUADOR LV del Napo 1045 3/20 In Sp religious programs, music. Poor. (Herr-CA)

3279 Ecuador, La Voz Del Napa (Tena). Date: 25 Mar 06. Time: 1032. 2 OM in Spanish with what sounded like a church service. Several familiar hymns. Fair. (Wood, TN)

3291.2, GUYANA, Radio Guyana 2, 0434-0445, Mar 22, English, Male announcer in EE at tune in with news program in progress. Nice clear audio at S8 level. Some fades and static crashes heard but totally audible. Talks about schools and missionarys of the 50’s. Several different comments and interviews. (Montgomery, PA) 3291v GUYANA GBS fair-good @ 0038 with songs by Hank Williams and Patsy Cline; I thought I had fallen into a time warp and was back in Tulsa, early 1950s! (Ronda-OK, 3/26)

3310 BOLIVIA, Radio Mosoj Chaski, 0932-0948 Mar 26, man announcer talking in Queshoa followed by ID and into rustic vocals. Poor. (D’Angelo-PA)

3340 Honduras. HRMI. 3/25/06, 0231-0301 in Sp. Long talk (sermon or Bible teaching) until 0255, music, full ID. Fair. (Taylor – WI)

3375 Brazil, Radio Educadero (t) ( Guajaramirim). Adult contemporary music in Portuguese. YL at TOH with string of announcements and news. Fair. (Wood, TN)

3385 PAPUA NEW GUINEA R East New Britain 1024 3/24 Male in EG. Poor. (Herr-CA)

4749.96 INDONESIA RRI Makassar 1054 3/24 Male in Bhasa Indonesian poss. political discussion. Fair. (Herr-CA)

4770 NIGERIA, Radio Nigeria, 2240-2302* Mar 19, vocals program hosted by a man with English talks and ID. ID and sign off announcements at 2300 followed by orchestra National Anthem. Fair with some UTE slop. Noted again at *0430-0442 Mar 20, drums opening, choral National Anthem, prayer, ID and sign on announcements. Fair. (D’Angelo-PA)

4775.0, SWAZILAND, Trans World Radio, 0413-0419, Mar 22, German, Excellent reception at tune in. Some fades but strong at S9 level. Male annoucner in German at tune in. Sounded like news items at 0415 but mentions of Germany. Very nice reception. Choir with tune at 0417. (Montgomery, PA)

4779.96 GUATEMALA R Cultural 0231 3/25 In SP, religious program by male ID 0232. poor. (Herr-CA)

4789.98 INDONESIA RRI Fak FAK 1037 3/24 YL ID mention FM mainly music with Indian sound. fair to good. (Herr-CA)

4796.45 BOLIVIA(Tent) Radio Mallku 0125-0136* Listed this freq in PWBR, male in SP with typical latin music s/o with music, very poor with sweeper and QRN. (Herr-CA)

4799.77 GUATEMALA R Buenas Nuevas 0228 3/25 LATIN MUSIC. poor (Herr-CA)

4819 Honduras, La Voz Evangeilca. Date: 25 Mar 06. Time: 1025. Contemporary Inspirational music in Spanish. Poor. (Wood, TN)

4819.15 HONDURAS LV Evangelica 0226 3/25 In Sp heavy sweeper interference. Poor. (Herr-CA)

4885 BRAZIL R. Clube do Para-Belem fair @ 0307 with PT talk, ad > string, jingles; clear ID @ 0310 (Ronda-OK, 3/23)

4910.0, ZAMBIA, Radio Zambia 1, 0422-0428, Mar 22, Vernacular, Two male annoucners in conversation at tune in. Joking around with rapid talk. S8 signal level with slight fades. Very audible and fairly nice copy. Talks about HIV aids in EE at 0424 by one of the announcers. Id is tentive. (Montgomery, PA)

4915 BRAZIL R. Anhanguera-Goiania fair-good @ 0009 with lots of PT talk; short mx bridges; ID @ 0012 (Ronda-OK, 3/25)

4925 Brazil, Radio Educacao Rural (Tefe). Date: 25 Mar 06. Time: 1022. OM/YL in Portuguese. Several Mentions of Brazil. ID at 1023. Fair. (Wood, TN)

4930.0, BOTSWANA, Voice of America, 0426-0430, Mar 22, English, Male announcer in EE with news items. Mostly news of Africa. S7 signal level with QRM. Id as “News Now”, Daybreak Africa at 0428. Time in History at 0428 with talks about the American Revolution. (Montgomery, PA)

4930.0, BOTSWANA, Voice of America, 0426-0430, Mar 22, English, Male announcer in EE with news items. Mostly news of Africa. S7 signal level with QRM. Id as “News Now”, Daybreak Africa at 0428. Time in History at 0428 with talks about the American Revolution. (Montgomery, PA)

4960.0, SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE, Voice of America, 0430-0434, Mar 22, English, Id by male annouocner with program, Daybreak AFrica. Female and male annoucner with news items about Charles Taylor. appears to be // to 4930. S8 level. (Montgomery, PA)

5000 Hawaii, WWVH. US National Institute Time Station with YL voice in English giving time announcements a few seconds ahead of WWV. Poor. (Wood, TN)

5005 EQUATORIAL GUINEA R National 0611 3/25 Male and female in rapid Sp Deep fades. poor (Herr-CA)

5010.0, INDIA, All India Radio, 0115-0145, Mar 19, Hindi, Weak but audible copy at S 3 signal level. Male announcer in Hindi language with possible news items. Female joining in on occassion. To local music by 0132 and back to female with long talks at 0141. Signal level dropped slightly. Id is tentive (Montgomery, PA)

5054v COSTA RICA TIFC fair @ 0047 with SP religious prgm and phone-ins (Ronda-OK, 3/25)

5500.0, ETHIOPIA, Voice of Tigray Revolution, 0358-0410, Mar 22, Tigrinya, Intrumental piece of music heard at tune in. At 0359, female with brief announcement, station ID and back to short music piece till 0400, male annoucner with short comments for 1 minute, more music. Female back at 0403 with short comments again and back to music at 0404. S7 signal level with some fades. Noticed female announcer is not the same as heard last fall. Music rather interesting too. Music continued past 0410. (Montgomery, PA)

5775, ITALY, IRRS, 2203-2216, Mar.24, English, AR-like music at t/in, 2 OM w/ banter re activist demonstrations and gov’t monitoring of activists. Never did get prg. ID. Fair listening in LSB. (Barbour-NH)

5840.0, UKRAINE, Radio Ukraine International, 2232-2245, Mar 18, English, Mail bag program at tune in. Male and female hosts with letters from listeners. A bit of qrm and fades at S7. A bit weak but audible. Program in EE. 2234, tune “I feel good”. 2237, back to letters. 2238, male host thanking everyone for listening and info for qsl card and pennant info. More music at 2239. Rtty qrm at 2244. Still audible but marginal at this time. (Montgomery, PA)

5860, CHINA, (P)VO Jinling, 1153-1206, Mar.25, Mandarin, 2 OM w/ talks, pips and “airy” instrumental musical bit w/ OM talk over at 1200. OM and YL w/ talks and music bits thru t/out. Poor. (Barbour-NH)

6020, AUSTRALIA, RA, 1133-1205, Mar.22, English, Looking for ABC Cyclone Larry coverage but heard ABC Local Radio coverage of the 18th Commonwealth Games instead. RA news at 1200. Fair. (Barbour-NH)

6024.89 MALAYSIA VO Islam 1446 3/24 Muslim prayer and music. good (Herr-CA)

6065, IRAN, VOIRI, 2142-2155, Mar.20, Arabic, Vocal music interspersed w/ brief exclamations and sound bites. Fair/poor w/ 6070-Canada splatter. (Barbour-NH)

6134.8 BOLIVIA, Radio Santa Cruz, 0912-0937 Mar 26, vocals followed by ID by a man announcer in Spanish and Aymara. Religious drama program followed with guitar music throughout. Poor to fair. (D’Angelo-PA)

6165 CROATIA HR Deanovec, MAR 26 2030-2130+, with mostly American standards, and mention of lots of American artists like Joan Baez, Louie Prima, Roger WIlliams, with callers trying to answer a question with the name sof those and other artists as the answer. Made it a little easier to figure out Croatian! ID as “Hrvatska Radio” at 2030 and 2100, but not at 2130. Music after the 2100 news was more international in flavor. The program was easily paralleled to the live audio stream on the HRT web page, only about 5 seconds behind the live transmission. Not a new one for me, but I realized I had not yet verified a transmitter in Croatia, so I am writing up a detailed report to submit. Maybe I’ll be lucky and it won’t take me the five years that it took to get an answer to my request for a medium wave QSL on 1134! I also noted this station on MAR 25, but it was obliterated by Radio Nederland’s sign-on just before ID time at 2200. (Renfrew-NY)

6180 BRAZIL R. Nac. do Brasilia good @ 2300-0015 with PT studio > chatter and listenable mx; lots of IDs; “Informe Nacional” at TOH; (Ronda-OK, 3/26)

6613.0, ZIMBABWE, ZBC Harare, 0418-0422, Mar 22, Shona/Ndebele/…, Female at tune in with news items in EE till 0419 then male announcer in local language with more news items. Africa mentioned several times during the talks by male announcer. S 9 signal level with slight fades. Excellent music selection as usual. (Montgomery, PA)

6925.0, UNITED STATES, WTPR, Pirate, 2350-0000, Mar 25, English, Id several times.Only on for short time and off at 2357 with id heard very clearly at 2355. Played mostly pop mx. (Montgomery, PA)

6940.0, ETHIOPIA, Radio Fana, 0409-0415, Mar 22, Amharic, Rather weak at S5 with rapid fades or flutter noted. Male announcer heard at tune but too weak. Noted // 6210 a little better at S6 level. Some fades but not as bad as 6940. Tentive news items with long talks by male announcer at this time. (Montgomery, PA)

9575 MOROCCO R. Medi 1 0216 2/25 N. African music. fair (Herr-CA)

9585 MOROCCO R. Farda 0213 3/25 Frequent ID by YL “Radio Farda”. ME music. good (Herr-CA)

9675 BRAZIL, Radio Cancao Nova, 0743-0806 Mar 23, Portuguese religious talks by a man and a woman before a “live” audience with some singing. Musical fanfare at 0759 followed by a male announcer with canned ID and frequency announcement, series of promotional announcements before another religious program began. Fair. (D’Angelo-PA)

9680 TAIWAN, Central Broadcast System (Taiwan Network). 3/26/06, 1345-1410 in Mn. M. & W. talking, ToH ID, YL (news?), M. and W. with pop music. Poor. (Taylor – WI)

11710.7 ARGENTINA, Radiodiffusion Argentina al Exterior – RAE, 0211-0306 Mar 23, English program with news and tango music. DX’ers Special at 0240 with tips from Wolfgang’s Top News #751. IS and multi-language Ids at 0255. Fair. (D’Angelo-PA)

12115u Iceland, Icelandic Bx Corp. (Reykjavik). Date 24 Mar 06. Time: 2316. YL/OM with general talk in Icelandic. Mentions of Reykjavik. Faint with RTTY QRM. Poor. (Wood, TN)

unID’s, Clandestine, Pirates, TENTatives:

6688 UNID talk and mx just above noise @ 0135; lost completely by 0155; others have identified this as R. Zimbabwe but there was no fully intelligible audio here (Ronda-OK, 3/26)

6925.0, UNITED STATES, WTPR, 2350-0000, Mar 25, English, Id several times. Only on for short time and off at 2357 with id heard very clearly at 2355. Played mostly pop mx. Program with warnings not to listen to the radio due to “Flat Tire Warning”. People listening to the radio get flat tires. George Zeller with 4 flats as he left 7 Eleven as he had not heeded the warning. The pain of low tire pressure but few pay attention to the warning and continue to listen to the radio. Please check your tire pressure. WTPR will strike and you will have 4 flats. The whole time we where listening to the program, the tires are going flat. Don’t be a vctim of WTPR, don’t listen. (Montgomery, PA)

6925 PIRATE “Radio is My Friend” fair-good @ 0139-0245 with a bewildering variety of mx that included Hawaiian, LZL pops, and heavy metal rock; frequent repetition of the phrase “Radio is my friend; my friend is Radio. Pirates usually don’t make it to OK so this was quite a surprise (Ronda-OK, 3/25)

7110 CLANDESTINE. Radio Republica. 3/24/06, 0245 – 0250 in Sp.. Program of Cuban-American music w/ 2 M. announcers. Quick ID. Cuban jammer present, but not overwhelming. Fair. (Taylor – WI)

Contributor/Editor Comments:

Joe Wood: “Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa. I sent out a log of Voice of Greece on 3/18/06 listing the frequency as 15565. Mr. Hauser has pointed out to me that this frequency is normally associated with the BBCWS. It is very likely that I wrote the frequency for one log and the description for another one on this entry. I am sorry for any confusion that this logging has caused.

Robert Kipp: “Here is a note from Dieter Reibold (Germany) about his 2Min 45 Second message over Radio HCJB about the Radio St. Helena Project. From Radio HCJB on 08. April 2006 (Summer broadcasting schedule): from 06:00 to 06:30 UTC on 9740 KHz from Ecuador and also from 17:30 to 18:00 UTC on 6015 KHz via Relay in Germany. This could be in German or English, I am not sure. This is apparently not the DX-Partyline, but I am not sure. Dieter hopes the reception is good and that MANY people hear the program.”

Contributors: (§) = New equipment

Scott R Barbour Jr-Intervale,NH-USA, R75, 200′ Beverages, MLB-1, DTS-4

Rich D’Angelo, 2216 Burkey Drive, Wyomissing, PA 19610, U.S.A., Equipment: Ten-Tec RX-340, Drake R-8B, Lowe HF-150, Alpha Delta DX Sloper, RF Systems Mini-Windom, Datong FL3, JPS ANC-4

George Herr, CA, WinRadio g303e. R8B and NRD535, 50′ wire and AmRad Antennas are active

Robert Kipp, Germany

Bob Montgomery, Levittown, PA, Equipment used: NRD 535d, PR-150, Timewave 599zx, T2FD

Jim Renfrew, Byron NY, Drake R8B, 1000, 500 foot wires, Quantum Phaser

Jim Ronda, Tulsa, OK, (§) NRD-545, R-75, E-1 + Eavesdropper (§)

Mark Taylor, Madison, Wi. R-75, Sat 800; 110 foot random wire, Eavesdropper C

Joe Wood, Greenback TN USA, DX 390

Thanks for the contunued great support each week making the Flashsheet a valuable resource when tuning the shortwave bands. Remember, play it safe! I am talking about sending your logs to Ray and myself. I am hopeful Ray will return to action next week. We shall see. Meanwhile, keep tuning the bands and send your log soff to both of us until Ray returns to the editors chair. Thanks! 73, Rich

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