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Flashsheet #199, November 20, 2005

Editor: Ray Bauernhuber

Next Deadline: Sunday, November 27, 2005 at 1700 UTC (1200 EST).


All loggings to be sent to me at: or by ‘snail mail’ to: 151-64 18th Avenue Whitestone, NY 11357-3102 USA.

Special DXpedition Report:

From: Rich D’Angelo Date: November 17, 2005 Re: French Creek State Park DXpedition No. 22 (November 13, 14 and 15, 2005)

Equipment: Ten-Tec RX-340 and a Drake R-8B, 500-foot wire essential north and a Bob Montgomery Active Antenna

After a nine month break between DXpeditions, it was time to venture up to French Creek for our first DXpedition of the new DX season. Although the weather was excellent, the park was overrun with folks enjoying the great fall weather, DX conditions were less than optimal.

This was DXpedition #22 at French Creek with Rich Cuff, John Figliozzi, Bob Montgomery and Ed Mauger rounding out the team. Fred Kohlbrenner was a last minute cancellation otherwise we would have had our first six in a cabin. Getting our antennas up for the action was a piece of cake with the warm weather and dry conditions making the hike up the back inclined real estate an easy matter. Although afternoon Africans seemed respectable overall DX conditions the first afternoon and evening were not very good. A quiet location can not overcome some hostile propagation. Things didn’t improve much the following morning although some Peruvians did make an appearance but nothing special. The afternoon saw a nice early opening around 1900 in the 49 meter band. Things slowed down with no Indonesians making the trip.

Conditions stayed poor during the entire trip making anything from Indonesia, India and Papua New Guinea nearly impossible. Perhaps things will be better next month?

French Creek Logs:

3310 BOLIVIA, Radio Mosoj Chaski, 2245-2310 Nov 14, man with religious talk in Quechoa over soft guitar music. Vocal selection at top of the hour followed by a woman announcer at 23030 with an ID. Another man began another religious talk. Poor to fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX-PA)

3375.1 BRAZIL, Radio Nacional Sao Gabriel, 2306-2340 Nov 13, pop music selections with audience applause, talk in Portuguese by a man announcer. Nice ID at 2334 before ad string. Poor to fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX-PA)

4650.2 BOLIVIA, Radio Santa Ana, 2236-2253 Nov 14, man hosting a program of rustic vocals with ID and TC at 2248 followed by a commercial announcement. Poor reception due to high noise levels. (D’Angelo/FCDX-PA)

4746.9 PERU, Radio Huanta 2000, 1011-1020 Nov 14, woman with shouted ad in Spanish followed by a man announcer with ID and Spanish talk. Rustic OA vocal followed by ID and TC by man announcer. Poor. (D’Angelo/FCDX-PA)

4760 LIBERIA, ELWA, 2212-2230# Nov 13, group singing with some talk until 2228 ID by a man and sign off announcements in English. Off with apparent choral anthem. Poor. (D’Angelo/FCDX-PA)

4770 NIGERIA, Radio Nigeria, Kaduna, 2149-2233# Nov 14, news features followed by sports report. Nice ID at 2154: “You are tuned to the English Service of Radio Nigeria.” Various features and some music to 2330 ID and closedown announcements followed by brief choral national anthem. Poor to fair with intermittent CODAR QRM. (D’Angelo/FCDX-PA)

4775 PERU, Radio Tarma, 1027-1040 Nov 14, Man announcer with Spanish talk followed by a OA vocal. Jingle ID at 1030 followed by more music. Poor. (D’Angelo/FCDX-PA)

4855.6v PERU, Radio La Hora, 1020-1028 Nov 14, man and woman with spoke ad in Spanish followed by a man announcer with ID and TC and Spanish talk. OA vocal followed by an ad string. Fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX-PA)

4919 ECUADOR, Radio Quito, 0251-0340 Nov 14, program of religious music and religious talks until 0311 ID. Into a nice program of Latin music hosted by a man with IDs and Spanish talk. Fair signal. (D’Angelo/FCDX-PA)

5014.5 (UNID) PERU, 1050-1110 Nov 15, man with long Spanish language religious talk until 1059. Another man spoke briefly, musical segment followed by a woman talking. Very weak. I tuned in too late, the signal was too weak and there was way too much noise. Is Radio Juliaca still active? Only other choice would be Radio Altura slightly lower than listed frequency. (D’Angelo/FCDX-PA)

5054.6 COSTA RICA, Caribe del Faro, 0908-0938 Nov 14, two vocal selections followed by long religious talk in Spanish by a man. Nice ID at 0927 followed by vocals. Fair signal but somewhat lower voice modulation. (D’Angelo/FCDX-PA)

5470 LIBERIA, Radio Veritas, 2145-2304# Nov 13, gospel songs until 2200 ID followed by a long religious talk by a man in English. More gospel singing around 2228 and much more religious talking. Closedown ID and announcements followed by choral selection until carrier cut. Very poor overall with music audio much better than talk. (D’Angelo/FCDX-PA)

5775 ITALY, IRRS, 2052-2133# Nov 14, Word for Life program with station ID at 2200 followed by Reaching Up radio program. ID and request for reports at 2130. Fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX-PA)

5970 (TENT) BRAZIL, Radio Itatiaia, 2240-2254 Nov 13, two fast talking announcers with Portuguese talks covering futebol match. Very weak. (D’Angelo/FCDX-PA)

6035 COLOMBIA, La Voz del Guaviare, 0940-1010 Nov 14, group vocals followed by jingle ID, local ads and man announcer with Spanish chatter. Program of rumba music. Good reception prior to 1000 when things deteriorated. (D’Angelo/FCDX-PA)

6055 RWANDA, Radio Rwanda, 2033-2100# Nov 14, man announcer with French language talks hosting program of highlife music. News at 2054 prior to ID and sign off announcements. Fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX-PA)

6188 PERU, Radio Oriente, 1108-1135 Nov 14, talk in Spanish by a man and woman. Group vocals at 1119. ID at 1131 after a second vocal. Poor. (D’Angelo/FCDX-PA)

7100 ERITREA, Voice of the Broad Masses of Eritrea, 0355-0405 Nov 14, nice Horn of Africa instrumental music followed by talk by presumed ID and the news by a woman announcer in presumed Tigrinya. Poor and fading fast. (D’Angelo/FCDX-PA)

7270 INDIA, All India Radio – Chennai, 1137-1240 Nov 14, FM Gold program with English news followed by program of Hindi vocals hosted by a woman with Hindi talks. 3+1 time pips at 1230 followed by ID: “This is All India Radio. The news read by …” A man read the news followed by a commentary about Pakistan. More Hindi music at 1240. Fair. //9470 (Aligarh) fair but off at 1233 during the news. (D’Angelo/FCDX-PA)

Weekly Loggings:

3185 USA, WWRB. Date: November 19, 2005. Time: 0550-0559. Brother Stair with ments of living in a single wide trailer in Florida which was paid for, and request for donations. Good to VG. (Wood, TN)

3200 SWAZILAND, TWR poor @ 0312 with woman speaking in Ndebele [language listed]. (Ronda-OK, 11/18)

3255 SOUTH AFRICA, BBC-Meyerton fair @ 0325 with EG interview program; EG ID, web address, and freq. list @ 0330 (Ronda-OK, 11/17)

3280 ECUADOR, LV Napo good in QRN @ 1040 with man preaching in SP; reciting Holy Rosary; probably as R. Maria (Ronda-OK, 11/20)

3291 GUYANA, Voice of Guyana. Date: 19 Nov 2005. Time: 0421-0430. OM/YL in EE with tk about internet. Ments of BBC. Ads for “Elephant” brand of curry manufactured on Charlotte Street. Fair. (Wood, TN)

3340 HONDURAS, HRMI. Date: 18 Nov 05. Time: 0431-0436. EZL insp mx with ID in SS at 0432. Poor. (Wood, TN)

3340 HONDURAS, R. Misiones Int. fair-poor @ 0344 with gospel songs; SP ID @ 0346 and into SP preaching by man (Ronda-OK, 11/16)

3345 SOUTH AFRICA, Channel Africa-Meyerton poor with brief EG ancts between mx selections; ID @ 0330; all just above the QRN (Ronda-OK, 11/14)

4052.5 GUATEMALA, Radio Verdad. Date: 18 Nov 05. Time: 0436. OM in SS with several ments of Jesus Cristos and up tempo insp mx. Fair. (Wood, TN)

4460 CHINA, CPBS-Beijing. 1046-1104, Nov.14, Mandarin, OM and YL w/ talks, CNR “jingle” mx at 1056. Pips, jingle mx and ID at 1100. Poor, best in USB to avoid ute. // 4800-Gerrmu. (Barbour-NH)

4754v BRAZIL, R. Educaco Rural-Campo Grande poor but readable @ 0306 with PT ancts and lively vocals (Ronda-OK, 11/18)

4799v GUATEMALA, R. Buenas Nuevas poking through at fair-good levels as early as 2307 with nice chorus songs; SP ancts; sounded like a call-in prgm with local greetings and birthday wishes (Ronda-OK, 11/19)

4810 MEXICO, XERTA, thanks to the information in DXLD 5-179, I’ve heard Radio Transcontinental de América on the air more than their former schedule of only being on during the weekends. Nov 9, 16 and 17 heard at different times between 0535-1036, with programming in Spanish. Suspect that it’s this new extended schedule that triggered their e-mail to me. (Howard-CA)

4845 MAURITANIA, R. Mauritanie, 2204-2215. Talk by man in Arabic followed at 2211 by Koran recitation. Good signal with utility interference and fading. SINPO 33333. Recheck at 2230 found Koran recitation with much improved signal. (Jim Evans, TN, Nov 13)

4885 BRAZIL, R. Clube do Para-Belem poor-fair @ 0325 with long PT talks; light pop mx @ 0408 recheck (Ronda-OK, 11/18)

4885 BRAZIL, Radio Clube Do Para (Belem). Date: 19 Nov 05. Time: 0440-0450. An English dance music party with tunes by Cyndi Lauper and other in EE. F-g. (Wood, TN)

4915 BRAZIL, Radio Anguerhera Nov. 19 @ 0455 UTC in PT, loudest I have heard this station in years! (Bergadano-NJ)

4915 BRAZIL, Radio Nacional. Date: 19 Nov 05. Time: 0451. OM in PT with ID and up tempo mx in PT and EE. F-G. (Wood, TN)

4915 GHANA, R. Ghana, 0600. A brief check of the frequency at 0600 found what appeared to be English language news with heavy co-channel interference. SINPO 22332. (Evans, TN, Nov 13)

4919.06 ECUADOR, R.Quito, 1012-1024, Nov.14, Spanish, SP ballads w/ “zinger” IDs b/w selections. Poor/fair. (Barbour-NH)

4960 SAO TOME, VOA relay. Date: 19 November 2005. Time: 0453-0500. “Music Time in Africa” prgm with OM ancr and reggae and Afropop mx in vern and EE. ID at TOH. Fair to good. (Wood, TN)

4990 SURINAME, Radio Apintie. Date: 11/19/05. Time: 0500-0515. Soul and Motown mx including Gladys Knight followed by LA tunes. ID by OM ancr at 0503. Fair. (Wood, TN)

4990 SURINAME, Radio Apintie Nov. 19 0545 UTC w/song ‘You’ll never walk alone’, ID in EG by YL. “This is Radio Apintie, the Happy Station”. Good signal. (Bergadano-NJ)

5005 EQAUATORIAL GUINEA, Radio Bata Nov. 15, 2011 UTC non stop Afro pop mx, no DJ, weaK. (Bergadano-NJ)

5005 EQUATORIAL GUINEA, R. Nacional (Bata), 0550-0600. Talk by man in Spanish. 0600 announcements by woman and man, a few bars of West African music, and more talk by man. Poor signal with fading. SINPO 23222. (Jim Evans, TN, Nov 13)

5030 BURKINA FASO, R. Burkina, 2155-2205. West African pop music. 2159 Announcement by woman in French. 2200 Announcements and talk by man. Moderate signal with heavy low side interference from Rebelde. SINPO 32332. Recheck at 2235 found pop music and stronger signal. (Jim Evans, TN, Nov 13)

5030 BURKINA FASO, R. Burkina poor-fair @ 2250 with Afro-pop vocals; FR ancts @ 2252, then back to drum and whistle mx; FR ID @ 2301 and into FR talk — perhaps nx — by same ancr. (Ronda-OK, 11/19)

5054v COSTA RICA, TIFC-Faro del Caribe fair-poor in surging noise @ 1050 with group singing; SP ancts; clear ID @ 1055 and into upbeat gospel vocals; singing went right through TOH without ID. (Ronda-OK, 11/20)

5775 ITALY, R. MiaMigo via IRRS, 2136-2148, Nov.13, English, Classic rock by Bowie, Dylan and Fleetwood Mac. OM w/ titles, local TCs and sked. “MiaMigo” jingle at 2144. Fair. (Barbour-NH)

5909.96 COLOMBIA. Marfil Estereo, fair at 0946 Nov 15 with campesino prgm, lengthy periods of barnyard sounds, TCs, ments. of Puerto Lleras, nice mx, male ancr really has his “trilled r’s” down. (Berg-MA)

5910 UKRAINE, R. Ukraine Int.-Simeropol fair @ 0237 with man talking in Ukrainian. (Ronda-OK, 11/20)

5910 UKRAINE, RUI, 0154-0202, Nov.14, English/Ukrainian, Local pops w/ “Music from Ukraine” prg. YL w/ EG schedule, contact info. IS at 0200 into Ukrainian service. Fair, fluttery signal. (Barbour-NH)

5952.45 BOLIVIA. R. Pio XII, upbeat talk by man at 0935 Nov 15, battling WYFR-5950 and doing pretty well tho losing ground overall. Mostly Quechua, maybe a little SP, brief mx bridges, a couple of IDs in passing. About the same level as Santa Cruz-6134.8. Also hrd Nov 17, popping on in mid-prgm at 0931. (Berg-MA)

5960 RUSSIA, R. Tihey Okean, Nov 10 with carrier and tone coming on arnd 0915, tone off 0930, familiar IS twice at 0935 prgm start, thereafter mainly talk by man and woman, plus a little mx and a few mx bridges. Prgm stopped at 1000 after a vocal, carrier went off about 30 secs. later. Something on 7330 as well (// fqy they are supposed to be testing Nov 10-17), but couldn’t tell if them or not; went off about 30 secs. After 5960. 5960 signal was poor-fair but not difficult to hear, tho the audio was muffled; 7330 was barely audible. About the same Nov 11, better Nov 12 with positive ID at opening. (Berg-MA)

5969.95 BRAZIL. R. Itatiaia, fair at 0835 Nov 14, conversation by M&W, animated ad string 0837, two women talking, more ads, talk, ads, talk, etc. Positive ID at 0910, by which time it was well on its way out. (Berg-MA)

5970 BELARUS, R.Belarus, 0205-0216, Nov.14, Belarussian, YL and occasional OM w/ talks and local music. Poor, boxed in by QRM, RHC and BBC respectively. // 7210-whisper quiet under static. (Barbour-NH)

6080 SINGAPORE, RSI, 1113-1126, Nov.14, English, Intvw re Singapore University, overview of India’s energy prg. RSI promos and IDs. “Write Stuff” prg. w/ intvw of author of book on ancient Chinese architecture. Poor. (Barbour-NH)

6120 ITALY, RAI Nov. 15, 0445 UTC in EG w/nx read by OM, anncd 6100 KHz at sign-on. Good signal. (Bergadano-NJ)

6130 LAOS, LNR, 1142-1204, Nov.15, Laotian, YL b/w music bits. Vocal ballads at 1150. Instr. music and 7 gongs at 1200 followed by fanfare and presumed ID. OM and YL w/ news, soundbites. Poor/fair. (Barbour-NH)

6139.8 COLOMBIA, Radio Lider Nov. 16 @ 2202 UTC early fade in SP nx prg, fair signal. (Bergadano-NJ)

6185 MEXICO, Radio Educacion Nov. 19 @ 1034 UTC SP prg of mx, ID by OM strong signal. (Bergadano-NJ)

6235 KUWAIT, Voice of America, 2155-2232 Nov 19, American Stories feature in special English. ID, six time pips and into Pashto news at 2200. Return to English programming with VIA Asian News Now. Fair. (D’Angelo-PA)

6612H ZIMBABWE, ZBC, 0138-0202, Nov.15, Vernacular/English, EG pop by Phil Collins at t/in then mix of Afropops and local music. OM in lang b/w selections. EG announcement at 0158, including R.Zimbabwe IDs, SW and FM freqs, re “advertising options” w/ info to “contact our management team” w/ phone number and physical address I could not fully copy. Back to local music at 0200. Fair. Nothing on fundamental 3306. (Barbour-NH)

7110 ETHIOPIA, R.Ethiopia, 0340-0401, Nov.15, Vernacular, Various announcers and interview b/w jazz-like mx bits. ID/IS at 0359 then presumed news. Fair. Nothing on // 9704v but presumed DRM hash. (Barbour-NH)

7215 SOUTH AFRICA, TWR-Meyerton fair with IS, EG ID @ 0325; into Amheric programming with man and woman speakers @ 0327. (Ronda-OK, 11/20)

7235 SINGAPORE, RSI, 1208-1216, Nov.15, Malay-?, OM and YL w/ talks b/w music bits. ID annmt/jingle at 1214. Talks resume. Poor/fair. (Barbour-NH)

7330 RUSSIA, Radiostantsiya Tikhiy Okean (R. Station Pacific Ocean), Nov 18, #0935-0950#, usual IS (chimes) and Russian programming. This was the last day of their test transmissions on 7330 and ended earlier than usual, off in mid-song, with 5960 continuing till 1000#. Nov 19, #0935-1000# heard only 5960. (Howard-CA)

7390 SOUTH AFRICA, Channel Africa-Meyerton poor @ 0345 with EG ancts and instrumental dance mx from the Swing Era (Ronda-OK, 11/20)

7390 SOUTH AFRICA, Channel Africa Nov. 18 @ 0300 UTC w/sign on by male, NA, nxcast, follwed by a very interesting ‘Gateway to Africa’ program, good signal. (Bergadano-NJ)

9325 NORTH KOREA, Voice of Korea Nov. 19 @ 1202 UTC w/NA, into Korean prg, just as boring as if it were in EG! (Bergadano-NJ)

9575 MOROCCO, Radio Medi Un. Date: 19 Nov 05. Time: 0526-0529. Mx by Michael Jackson clone in FF followed by YL in FF with ID and nx. G-VG. (Wood, TN)

9580 GABON, Africa # 1 fair @ 2141 with nice mix of Afro-pop and more traditional vocal mx; FR ancts; FR IDs @ 2147 and 2150 (Ronda-OK, 11/19)

9600 CHINA, CRI Nov. 17 @ 2002 in EG with Nx read by male, fair signal. (Bergadano-NJ)

9680 INDONESIA, KGRE program via RRI Jakarta, Nov 16 (Wed.), 1000-1020, repeat of the Nov 13 (Sun.) program. They have resumed their Sun. & Wed. schedule. (Howard-CA)

9810 THAILAND, Radio Thailand Nov. 19 @ 1245 UTC in EG with ‘Global News’, a pleasent surprise to land this one! QRM f/9800. (Bergadano-NJ)

9900 PHILLIPINES, Radio Veritas Asia Nov. 19 @ 1145 UTC in Chinese, IS and ID in EG @ 1153UTC by YL then carrier off, very strong signal. (Bergadano-NJ)

9910 GUAM, KTWR Nov. 19 @ 1227 UTC in Asian lang, clear ID of station callsign, good signal, some flutter. (Bergadano-NJ)

9965 ARMENIA, Voice of Armenia Nov. 17 @ 1930 UTC in EG absolutley fantastic signal, EG prg, nx and wx read by YL. (Bergadano-NJ)

11735 ZANZIBAR, Spice FM via Radio Tanzania-Zanzibar, 1803-1830 Nov 19, Man with the news in English with datelines before each item, Ids (“This news is coming to you from Spice FM”) and news headlines 1809. The news closed with the following announcement: “This is the end of the news from Spice FM. Thank you for listening.” A woman followed with Swahili news and into music. Fair signal. (D’Angelo-PA)

12035 UAE, TWR-Dhabayya Relay fair @ 1811 with choral songs and brief ancts in Amharic by woman; off @ 1829 as scheduled in NDXC list; this freq for TWR is not listed in PWBR ’06. (Ronda-OK, 11/19)

12060 MADAGASCAR, R.Nile relay, 0402-0413, Nov.15, Vernacular/English, YL in lang. at t/in. OM at 0404 w/ EG talks over music, numerous mentions of “Radio Nile”. Prg began at 0411 that I could not copy the name of. Poor w/ constant bubble jammer-like QRM. (Barbour-NH)

13755 NORTH MARIANA ISLANDS, VOA/Tinian with only fair but steady, in the clear signal from 2230-2258 UTC…VOA News, VOA Economic Report, and American Mosiac program…all in special English. (Davisson-OH, 11/17/05)

15265 UNITED KINGDOM, Radio Solh via Rampisham, Afghani music with man in Dari with IDs and other announcements. Off at end of song without any announcements. Fair. (D’Angelo-PA)

unID’s, Clandestine, Pirates, TENTatives, Utes:

3291 (TENT) GUYANA, Voice of Guyana. Date: 11/19/2005. Time: 0530-0550. 2 OMs in Australian or NZ accented EE with ments of Cricket and other predominately English sporting events. I think I heard an ID as “You are listening to the British West Indies Service of Radio Australia.” Does RA have a BWI service? If this was VoG, it was the best reception in ages. G-VG. (Wood, TN)

3291.16 (TENT) GUYANA, GBC, 0123-0137, Nov.15, English, Cover of Simon & Garfunkel tune. OM at 0129 w/ date, talk re phone poll followed by listener phone calls. No ID noted. Poor/fair. (Barbour-NH)

4845 (TENT) BOLIVIA, R.Norteno, 0950-1003, Nov.14, Spanish, OM and YL w/ tlks thru ToH, buried under ute QRM. Poor,very noisy. (Barbour-NH)

4915 (TENT) BRAZIL, R. Anhanguera Goiana, poor @ 2325 with PT talk; heard Anhanguera mentioned twice as part of presumed ID @ 2330; completely gone by 2345 (Ronda-OK, 11/16)

4945.1 (TENT) BRAZIL. Presumed Em. Rural, Petrolina, pretty good at 0820 Nov 14 with ad string, animated voices, cows mooing, many ments. of Petrolina. On its way out by 0830. Another much weaker stn slightly out of phase also hrd. (Berg-MA)

6090 (TENT) CHINA, CPBS-Gerrmu, 1134-1146, Mandarin, OM and YL w/ talks over and b/w pop-like music. CNR jingle music and (P) ID at 1145. Poor/fair. (Barbour-NH)

6244.8 (EUROPIRATE) R. Bermudadreieck 11/13 0803, GG, Ids OM. Fair-Good. (Luca Botto Fiora – Italy)

9290 (EUROPIRATE) R. 73 – Riga-Ulbroka (Latvia), 11/13 1301, GG, Ids OM. Fair-Good. (Luca Botto Fiora – Italy)

9290 (EUROPIRATE) KWRN R. Nordland – Riga-Ulbroka (Latvia), 11/19 #0900, GG/EE, Ids OM. Good-Very good (Luca Botto Fiora – Italy)

Contributor/Editor Comments:

Ye Editor:

“On our unID’s in the Flashsheet ~ if anyone can help with them please do so by e-mailing me and I’ll include them in the next Flashsheet.

*A final reminder that I’ve set a new loggings deadline time for Sunday’s. Instead of 1500 EST / 1900 UTC it will now be: 1200 EST / 1700 UTC beginning with Flashsheet #197 on November 6, 2005.

CORRECTION: from Jim Ronda: “I just had a very useful e-mail from Chris Lobdell suggesting that my log of Mali 11960 on 11/1 @ 2145-2156 was actually the relay of Star Radio. The evidence that Chris presented to me was wholly persuasive. I think that Chris is exactly right and I was exactly wrong. Would you be sure to include this correction in the next issue of FS.” [FS #197; 11/6].


Jim Ronda, Tulsa, OK, NRD-545; R-75 + Eavesdropper

Bill Bergadano, Freehold, NJ, Icom 718, 170 long tuned Inveted L

Tim Davisson, KD8GZ, P.O. Box 1457, Norton, Ohio 44203, Icom IC-718, Antenna ~ Off-center-fed, folded dipole (180′ X 90′)

Scott R. Barbour Jr., Intervale, NH-USA, R75, 200′ Beverage antennas

Jim Evans, Germantown, TN, RX-340, 30 meter wire, R8B, AN-LP1

Jerry Berg, 38 Eastern Avenue, Lexington, MA 02421, USA, R8 receiver; 19, 41 & 90 mb dipoles

Ron Howard, Monterey, CA, RX340 + T2FD antenna

Joe Wood, 5620 Evergreen Farms Lane, Greenback TN 37742 – USA, DX-390

Luca Botto Fiora, Rapallo (Genova) Italy, Drake R7 – Grundig Satellit 500 – Degen DE1103 ACA Ferrite loop 75cm modified (LW-MW), External longwire 20m (SW) Accs: K0LR loop amplifier homemade (LW-MW), Noise Canceling MFJ1026 (SW)

Rich D’Angelo, 2216 Burkey Drive, Wyomissing, PA 19610, U.S.A., Equipment: Ten-Tec RX-340, Drake R-8B, Lowe HF-150, Alpha Delta DX Sloper, RF Systems Mini-Windom, Datong FL3, JPS ANC-4

I thank all of this week’s reporters for their really great logs and support. Until next week my friends I wish you all good health and,

73 de DX de NY, Ray

“Here, outside in the night air, all was quiet. Silence — and yet one felt the mystery of these invisible waves, the miracle of the hidden voices, sweeping out through the night.”

Journalist Leslie Baily ~ 1925

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