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Pirate Radio Report, August 1998

The Radio Ship Electra-The Final Chapter?

It was just about two years ago that I saw a press release on the internet from Scott Becker’s “LIGHTWAVE MISSION BROADCASTING” touting their newest radio ship project. I called Scott Becker and he was all excited about this new adventure in offshore radio. The ship would pay promotional visits to various eastern coastal cities. The public would be welcomed on board to share a veggie burger with the crew, etc. Also, various promotional items would be offered for sale, such as T-shirts, key rings, bags, etc. to help raise money.

Not much happened the rest of 1996. I understood from Scott Becker’s technical assistant, the infamous Allan Weiner that the tug boat was in an East Coast port being readied for it’s journey to the Caribbean. Weiner would not disclose it’s location.

Then, in August of 1997, both Allan Weiner and Scott Becker were guests on Boston radio station WRKO. Weiner was promoting his new book. At that time, they disclosed the Electra was moored at a shipyard in East Boston were Allan was installing the radio equipment and the diesel engines were being repaired. Weiner also appeared on Howard Stern’s radio and TV shows along with Randi Steele, the ex-Radio Newyork International DJ who recently underwent a sex change operation.

The Electra remained moored in Boston throughout the winter of 1997-1998 waiting for more funds to come from the religious group and a pilot to take her down to the Caribbean.

The Electra left Boston sometime in March of this year for Georgia for final preparations before going to the West Indies.

Then, in July I received an AD copy from NASWA member Doug Robertson of Oxnard, CA, which said that the MV Electra was in the possession of the US Marshall in Savannah, George and that the ship was going to auction on July 15th, “free and clear of all liens and encumbrances”! The tug was auctioned for about $35,000.

What happened? Well Anita McCormick, the author of Weiner’s book, said that the ship “ran” into another vessel on the way down to GA and there were some lawsuits involved. Also, the preacher financing the ship ran out of money.

So, I guess we can put this one to a close or can we? What if Dr. Tornado was the highest bidder at the auction?


Not much time for logs this month. New member Patrick Van Loo heard several stations including Indira Calling on July 4th at 1710 with “Beach Party 98” programming. Other station heard by Pat on the 4th of July were WUNH at 1740 UTC and Caribbean Sound System at 1930 UTC. All on 6955 kHz, of course.

Send in those logs for next month and don’t forget to vote in our pirate poll. What are your three favorite currently active pirate stations?

Happy Pirate DX!


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