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NASWA Awards (North American DX Championships), February 1998

The 1998 North American DX Championships (NADXC)

A Shortwave Listening Contest Sponsored by The Association of North American Radio Clubs (ANARC)


This contest is designed to promote the shortwave listening hobby and to provide those SWLs and DXers interested in competing an opportunity to participate in a carefully run, challenging contest.


The 1998 DX Championship is open to all DXers residing in North America [as defined by the country list of the North American Shortwave Association (NASWA)]. Members of the NADXC Administrative Committee are excluded from participation as well as any contestant who has won first place two times or more in the last five years.

Listening Period, Frequencies, and Times

The contest listening period will begin on Friday, 20 March 1998, at 1900 EST (0000 UTC) and end Sunday, 22 March 1998, at 2359 EST (0459 UTC).

Special Category

This year there will is a special Hollow State category with prizes awarded to the top three contestants who compile their logs exclusively with hollow state equipment. If an analog hollow state receiver is used, the final score is to be multiplied by 1.3. For a digital readout receiver, the actual score should be reported.


Plaques will be awarded by ANARC to the top three finishers. All entrants will receive a participation certificate indicating that they competed in the 1998 North American DX Championships. The certificates for the top 20 will have their place of finish in the NADXC indicated on the certificate.


Contestants are to log as many stations as possible from as many countries as possible within the prescribed listening parameters. The first station logged from each country= 1 point. The second station from each country= 3 points; each additional station from that country= 5 points. To qualify for the contest, each contestant must present logs of five stations from each continent (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America) as a minimum-entries without these 30 logs will not be considered. These required countries are to be counted in point totals. Upon completion of the contest, multiply the point total by the number of countries heard to determine the final score. For contest purposes, all clandestine stations and hobby pirate transmissions will be considered one “country.” A station is a shortwave broadcaster whose transmissions are intended for reception by the general public. Each transmitter site of a broadcasting organization will count as a separate station. Different services of the same broadcast organization do not count as separate stations. Transmissions of a single broadcast organization on various frequencies may only be counted once. The use of multiple frequencies does not create as many new stations as frequencies used. For country counting and station counting purposes, the country list of the North American Shortwave Association (45 Wildflower Road, Levittown, Pa 19057) will be the sole criterion.

Participants are required to submit a log to include country, station, frequency, time, date, SINPO, and the basis of station identification (i.e., spoken ID, interval signal, language, program, known//frequency checked, etc.). The required five countries from each continent should be placed at the beginning of the log.

Each contestant is required to total his own entry and provide a summary of the number of countries and stations claimed to support the point totals. The receiver(s) used in the contest must also be indicated. Logs will be judged on accuracy, completeness and neatness. If the judges cannot read a log, it will not be counted for scoring purposes. The decision of the judges is final.


An administrative fee of $4.00 plus four $0.32 stamps must be provided for each contest entry. All entries must be postmarked by Wednesday, 1 April 1998, and sent to: Dr. Harold Cones, Two Whits Court, Newport News, VA 23606 USA. Checks should be made payable to Dr. Harold Cones, not ANARC or NADXC.

Contestants will be notified of the results in June, and a list of winners will be sent to each of the ANARC member clubs for publication.

Good luck from the 1998 NADXC Administrative Committee — Harold Cones, Kris Field and John Fisher.

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