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Pirate Radio Report, August 1996

Hi and welcome to another Pirate Radio Report. I don’t know about you, but I’m still recovering from all the pirates that were on over the July 4th holiday. It must have set some sort of record for activity!

Radio One’s the One!

The results of our pirate popularity poll are in and the first place position goes to RADIO ONE!

Radio One was the only station to get more than one first place vote. Second place goes to RBCN/Radio Bob’s Communication Network. Third place was a dead heat between NAPRS and Radio Free Speech. For those of you who haven’t heard Radio One yet, they are an AM only station, programming oldies. The DJ, “Bobaloo” has a very professional, slick format with jingles. The station claims to use a modified Heathkit Apache transmitter putting out 160 watts. They tend to use 6950 kHz rather than more common 6955. Considering that Radio One made it’s first broadcast in late March of this year, it’s quite a feat to make it to the top of the popularity poll so soon.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Station Profile–The Fox

The FOX made it’s first broadcast on Halloween of 1992 from St. Malachi’s church. Station personnel include Reynard The Fox, who’s the Station Manager, Program Director and a member of the air staff. Others include Capt. Henry Morgan, the Chief Engineer, Anne Bonney in production and sales,and Mary Read in Ancillary Services. And what station worth its salt would be without an intern? In this case it’s “Union” Jack Rackham!

The purpose of The FOX is to seek the establishment of an amateur broadcasting band in the radio spectrum. Our programming attempts to illustrate the inconsistencies and irregularities of FCC mis-administration of the communication laws, and their vacuous adherence to the basic tenets of “the public interest” and “diversity” which are the long-ignored cornerstones of their legislative foundation.

Our format consists of political parodies, classic rock, alternative rock and Celtic folk music. During broadcasts of The FOX you may hear the following slogans used: “Free radio for a free people”, “free radiowith a purpose”, “cunning, clever, crafty clandestine”.

Our studio gear includes one reel-to-reel deck, three cassette decks, cart recorders and players, mixers, equalizers, reverbs, two turntables and a 486 DX66 computer.

On the transmitting side we have the following at our disposal. One 200 watt SSB transceiver, one 150 watt am transmitter, two 50 watt am transmitters, a Ramsey AM-1 and FM-10 plus crystals, swr meters, dummy loads, etc.

Our recordings library includes over 200 records, about 150 cassette tapes, 75 CDs, and over 40 8-tracks. On these various types of media are 60’s rock and psychedelic, classic rock from the 70’s and 80’s, comedy, country music, bluegrass, folk, Celtic music and sound effects.

Besides The FOX, we also produce the following parody productions.

“Halloween From St. Malachi’s Church Cemetery”, “Highway To God Chapel and Indigents’ Savings and Loan”, and “The Voice Of Helium”.

QSL policy. Correct, or reasonably accurate reports should be accompanied by commentary on the station format with thoughts and ideas regarding an amateur broadcasting band plus the usual 3 32 cent mint stamps or a green stamp (US $1.00). Reception reports can be sent to the following maildrops. Box 109, Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214, Box 452, Wellsville, NY 14895 and for the convenience of our Canadian listeners, Box 293, Merlin, Ontario, Canada.

I’d like to thank Reynard of The FOX for that interesting profile. If there are any pirates out there in our reading audience please feel free to send your profile in soon. Thanks.

“Electra” Project Update.

As we mentioned in last month’s column, Scott Becker and Alan Weiner have teamed up to launch a new radio ship, named the Electra. Since then we’ve got some new information for you.

I had the opportunity to talk to both Mr. Becker and Weiner on the phone about this project. The ship is an ocean going tug boat just under 100 feet in length. It is being outfitted with multiple transmitters. At the start, they will be broadcasting on am and shortwave. The rigs will be able to operate from 5 to 50 kW. Scott Becker said they also plan to have both TV and FM as well. Before setting sail in “mid-fall” there is a plan afoot to visit several cities along the East Coast of the USA. At that time, those who are members to the “Offshore Society” will be welcomed aboard the ship to enjoy a veggie burger and inspect the vessel.

While visiting the cities, Scott hopes the studio on the ship can be used to make broadcasts in conjunction with land based stations. At the time I talked to Scott, the cities to be visited and the info on the “Offshore Society” had yet to be worked out.

The following information comes from a full page article on page 8 of the July 24th issue of RADIO WORLD.

Scott Becker is looking at France to locate his ship but nothing is definite. Final negotiations with a number of international organizations and concerns who will be partners in the mission of the Electra have not yet been completed.

Becker has created the “Offshore Society” for supporters. Through the society, people can show their support by buying T-shirts, bags and prepaid telephone cards adorned with pictures of the Electra studio and the ship itself.

The Electra will be in international waters, said Becker, and will not be flying an American flag. An Independent laboratory will be retained to monitor the ship and report any RF emissions coming off it. This he said is “the way we’re going to get around the FCC this time”.

“The only electromagnetic radiation coming off that boat will be from incandescent lights” said Weiner.

According to Becker, “the bottom line for the Electra venture is to bring environmental issues and peace, love and understanding about the oceans and peoples around the world” to listeners.


RADIO TWO, the parody of Radio One was heard by both Anita Glockner in PA and Dan McCarthy in Georgia. Dan heard them on 29th of June at 0200 UTC with a show of Canadian oldies dedicated to Niel Wolfish. Anita had them on the 27th of June at 0100 UTC on 6950 kHz with the same show.

The Europirate WEEKEND MUSIC RADIO was heard via North American relay by Anita Glockner. She heard them at 0245 on the 13th of July on 6955 USB. The announcer, Jack Russel, was talking about European reception of US pirates. If you heard WMR, they use this address. 14 Stone Row, Coleraine, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland, UK BT52 1EP

Radio Animal’s WKND was heard by Ed Rausch on July 13th on 7465 kHz at 2340 UTC. Items from the Radio News Weekly were read as well as reasons for using the 41 meter band were noted.

WNTR was heard by New Jersey DXer Ed Rausch two times on July 13th. They were heard at 0120 on 6955 am with a computerized voice. They were then heard again on 7414 kHz at 2325 UTC with music by Rush.

Until next month, good pirate DX, and be sure to try the frequency of 13900 during daylight hours on weekends for possible pirate activity. The main frequencies continue to be 6955, 6950 and 7465 kHz before Norway signs on.


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