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International Logs, May 1996

5900 ECUADOR HCJB Quito in EG 1040, “Musical Mailbag”, relig song, ID (Newbury NE 3/16)

5910 LITHUANIA R Vilnius in EG 0055, nx, ID, mx, relig & politcal nx (Glockner PA, Newbury 3/16)
5920 CROATIA Hrvatki R in KG/CR 0800, TP, ID, EG nx, wx fcst, lite mx, into CR (Serra ITALY 3/24)
5930 CZECH REPUBLIC R Prague in EG 0200, IS, nx, Czech Rep history, g (Card R1 3/15)
5965 SO AFRICA R Oranje in EG/Vern *0441, ezl amx, lD’s, ads, jingles, exc/f (Alexander PA 3/10)
5965 CANADA BBC relay Sackville in EG 1130, drama “House of Cards”, ID, g (Fraser MA 3/19)
59795 MALAYSIA RTM Kota Kinabalu Sabah in EG 140O, clear ID, TC, pop mx (Howard CA 3/30)
5990 ROMANIA RRI Bucharest in EG 0200, nx re Bosnia reconstruction costs, f (Pasquale PA 4/6)
5995 test? SAO TOME VOA relay with fair signal *0500, heavy QRM from Cuba 6000 (Rausch NJ 4/8)
6005nf ITALY RAI in IT 0100, nx in IT, ID in KG, followed by mx pgm (Kaminsky NJ 2/26)
6020 NETHERLAND ANTILLES R Nederland relay in EG 0010, pgm re comedy on TV (McGuire MD)
60251 BOLIVIA R Illimani in SP 0200, sports coverage, Andean mx, f, //4945 (Alexander PA 3/23) in SP 0929, Public health ancmt from the “Gobierno Nacional”, ID, Andean mx (Mohrmann VT 3/27)
6035 test? SAO TOME VOA relay in EG 2150-2230*, nx magazine, mx, ID, //11965 (Rausch NJ 4/7)
60404 BRAZIL R Clube Paranaense in PT 0930, TC for 6 AM, ads, promos, ID (Mohrmann VT 3/8)
6060 ARGENTINA R Nacional in SP 0955, nx, taped reports, sports, ads, promos, ID (Mohrmann 3/8)
6090 CHILE R Esperanza in SP 1030, Christian mx, ID, TC, relig tlk, f-p w/QRM (Clar NY 3/17)
6095 PORTUGAL RDPI in EG 0211, ethnic mx, chorus w/string instruments, //9570 (Newbury NE 3/18)
6100v ALBANIA R Tirana in AL 0824, ID, “Hit Parade” w/YL DJ, fqy drift (Serra ITALY 3/31)
6120 CANADA R Japan relay in EG 1135, rpt on world’s public water systems, g (Fraser MA 3/14)
6135 SWITZERLAND SRI in EG 0100, IS, world nx, ID, “Newsdesk”, g (McGuire MD 3/17)
6145 GERMANY Deut Welle in EG 0105, rpt on files re former East Germans, g (McGuire MD 3/18)
6150 BRAZIL R Record in PT 2224, futebol w/lots of “gooooooooals”, ll9505, 119655 (Hill MA 3/24)
6175 COSTA RICA Faro del Caribe in SP 1053, relig tlk, ID, ezl relig mx, f, //5055 (Clar NY 3/17)
6205 MOLDOVA R Dneister Int in EG *2130-2200*, “News Magazine”, lD’s, IS, folk mx, QTH, fqys, sked (Serra ITALY 2/26, Card RI 3/6)
6280 LEBANON V of Hope in fang 2235-0320+, contin relig mx, lcl mx, //9960 (Alexander PA 3/7-8)
7085nf ERITREA V of the Broad Masses of Eritrea in fang *0326, ex 7020, s/on w/guitar IS, tlk, mx by Paul Simon, lcl folk mx, weak sig, no apparent ID-so tentative logging (Alexander PA 3/9)
7090 ANGOLA A Voz do Resistencia de Galo Negro (t) in PT 1944, nx re USA, poss ID (Serra 3/20)
7105 BOSNIA HERCEGOVINA RBH in fang 0055-0200+, 1cl pops, 5 pips, ID on the hr, tlk in lang, Icl folk mx with M East flair, f with CW QRM (Alexander PA 3/31)
7110 ETHIOPIA R Ethiopia in fang 0337, Icl folk rnx, tlk, f, //97051 (Alexander PA 3/13)
71431 PERU R Altura in SP 0245-0335*, 1D’s, huaynos, closing ancmts, NA, wk (Alexander PA 3/23)
7160 ALBANIA R Tirana in EG 0240, pgm on Albanian history, lcl mx, g (McGuire MD 4/2)
7205 GREECE VOA relay Kavalla in EG 0205, nx, “VOA Today”, f-p (Moats OH 3/25)
72152 ANGOLA RN de Angola in Vern 2203, vocal by OM, tlk, p, //95348 (Hill MA 3/24)
7240 AUSTRALIA RA in EG 1028, science pgm, promo, class mx,119580, 9860 (Bueneman MO 3/10)
7265 test? SAO TOME VOA relay in FR *0530, EG ID, AF nx, mailbag, mx request pgm (Rausch NJ 4/8)
7270 MALAYSIA RTM Kuching (Green Network) in Iban 1410, DJ w/nice native mx after nx, strong clear sig for 10 kw xmtr, power increase?, //6050 p/under co-chan CPBS China (Treibel WA 4/10)
7285 THAILAND RT in VT * 1100, EG ID at s/on, VT to 1115, then Cambodian (Newbury NE 3/16)
7290 test? SAO TOME VOA relay in EG *0300, IS, ID, “Daybreak Africa”, nx, wx, sports (Rausch NJ 4/8)
7325 UNITED KINGDDOM Midwest Radio, County Mayo, Ireland via BBC in EG *2357-0200, special St Patrick’s Day best, nx, mx, greetings, tlk in Irish (McCarthy GA, D’Angelo PA, Perkins NJ 3/18)
7335 BULGARIA R Bulgaria in EG 2030, pgm on business, BG banking,119770, g (Fraser MA 3/11)
7390nf ERITREA V of the Broad Masses of Eritrea in Vem *0324, ex 7380, guitar IS, tlk in Tigrinya? Iang lcl guitar mx, hom mx, 117085, both fqys w/low audio (Alexander PA 3/9, Hill MA 4/4)
74601 test HONDURAS R Copan Int in SP 0155-0403*, testing “/continuous lite mx & vcls, ID’s, s/offancmt in KG, fqy drifted to 74598, f but rtty QRM & splatter from station on 7465 (Alexander PA 3/13)
8000 nf? ERITREA? V of Sudan in AR? 1733- 1916*, anti-Govemment xmtr presumably based in Eritrea, AR mx, long speeches, ment Sudan many times, ID “Idha at saw al Sudan….”,1190253, both fqys weak (Alexander PA 3/17, Serra ITALY 3/31)
9275nf? ICELAND Rikisutvarpid Reykjavik in IC 2323, YL/ OM tlks in lang, f (Pasquale PA 3/7)
9325v NO KOREA R Pyongyang in EG 1749*, ID, ancmts, Iyrical song, ID’s, “Radio Magazine”, features on No Korea & US/South Korea military excercises, pgm sked, fqys, NA (Serra ITALY 3/25)
9435 ISRAEL Kol Israel in EG 2000, many nx items on anti-terrorist meetings in Cairo (Fraser MA 3/14)
9505 PHILIPPINES R Veritas Asia in EG 1255, ID in accented EG after end of Pilipino pgm, trumpets, another ID & ment of 7265 khz & 1300 UTC which is listed start of VT xmsn, f-p (Hill MA 3/28)
9525 INDONESIA RRI Jakarta in JP 1130, gamelin mx, tlk (Howard CA 3/30, Murray MA 3/24) in Thai * 1100, “Song of Coconut Isles” IS, ID, nx, mx, QRM from VOA * 1130, f (Card RI 3/15)
9590 temp USA BBC relay via WYFR Family Radio 1500, site ID. nx, sked, WYFR replaced by Antigua site at end of March on 11865 (Perkins NJ 2/22)
9645nf? TURKEY V of Turkey in GM 1730, ID, nx, //9445 weaker (Perkins NJ 4/4)
9650 CANADA R Korea relay in EG 1140, mailbag, pgm on microconductors (Newbury NE, Fraser MA)
9655nf TURKEY V of Turkey in EG 2300, fqy, sked, nx re Bosnia, poor modulation (Newbury NE 3/16)
9655 AUSTRIA RAI Vienna in EG 0135, ID, political & economic nx, g (McGuire MD 4/1)
9680 INDONESIA RRI Jakarta in EG 1231 (Tue’s only), Kang Guru II Radio, exc (Howard CA 4/2)
9690 SPAIN China R Int relay in EG 0300, world nx, rpt on Taiwan, lcl nx, g (McGuire MD 3/9)
9735v PARAGUAY RN del Paraguay in SP 0757, Lat Am mx, ID (Bueneman MO 3/20, McCarthy GA)
9760 MOROCCO VOA relay in EG 2040, classical mx: Mozart, Elgar, ID, editorial (Newbury NE 3/31)
9895 USA BBC relay Delano CA in EG 0340, sports pgm,115975, 6175 (Perkins NJ 4/1)
9900 EGYPT R Cairo in EG 2240, nx, AR s/off2246, undermodulated (Fraser MA 3/19, Newbury NE)
9960 LEBANON Wings of Hope in AR 0944, choral chant, tlks, AR mx, sermon (Serra ITALY 3/2)
11620 INDIA AIR in EG 2145, xmsn to W Europe, Indian nx, clear ID, songs (Newbury NE 3/16)
11655 MADAGASCAR R Netherlands relay in EG 2017, “Media Network”, DX pgm (Moats OH 3/28)
11715 UNITED KINGDOM Midwest Radio, County Mayo, Ireland via BBC in EG/IR * 1200-1600*, special St Patrick’s Day best, greetings from the Archbishop, Irish songs, nx, sports, acknowledged calls, QSL’s promised, E-mail QTH (Berg MA, Clar NY, McCarthy GA all on 3/17)
11715 MALI China R Int relay in EG 2025, “View from the Third World” (Perkins NJ 3/17)
117341 nf TANZANIA R Tanzania Zanzibar in lang 2000*, tlk, nx?, ID, Afr mx, Koran?, NA (Clar NY 2/25)
11780 SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA in AR 1640, world nx, long tlk re Islam, ID, fqy (Serra ITALY 3/31)
11815 POLAND R Poland Warsaw in EG 1300, prison for former torturing of ficial (Pasquale PA 3/9)
11840 NORWAY R Denmark relay in EG 1347, regional nx, travel, cmntry, ID (Glockner PA 3/3)
11905 THAILAND R Thailand in EG 0030, China to increase investment in Thailand (Pasquale PA 3/22)
11925 SINGAPORE RAI relay via BBC in IT 1000, bird chirping & bells IS, ID “RAI, Radio Televisione Italiana”, NA, fqy, “Un’ora con voi” pgm, nx, sports nx, pop mx, features (Serra ITALY 3/6)
119655 BRAZIL R Record in PT 2158, slow C&W rx, ID, ads, promos, p, //9505 better (Hil1 MA 3/14)
11990 KUWAIT R Kuwait in EG 1810, ID, OM & YL telling story, classical mx including Les Preludes by Liszt (Newbury NE 3/16, Pasquale PA 3/8, Levison PA 3/26)
11990 RUSSIA R Rossii in RS 1030-1300*, RS drama, tlks, //12045 (Ryan THAILAND 3/9)
12005 ECUADOR HCJB Quito in EG 1215, “Guidelines for Living” importance of father (Fraser 3/19)
13625 FRENCH GUIANA R France Int relay in EG 1230, nx, features, ID (Fraser MA, Newbury NE)
13635 SWITZERLAND SRI in IT 1239, tlk, ID, splatter from RFI relay on 13625 (Bueneman MO 3/10)
13730 AUSTRIA RAI in EG 1150, “Time Out for Art” Claude Monet exhibition, g (Fraser MA 3/15)
15115 ECUADOR HCJB Quito in EG 1229, kid’s program, ID, TC, fqys, nx (Moats OH, Bueneman MO)
15115 NEW ZEALAND RNZI in EG 0157, “Cadenza” classical mx, sked, TC, nx, g (Moats OH 3/22)
15160 ALGERIA R Algiers in EG 2050, nx, ID 2058, followed by QTH, f/p (Pasquale PA 3/9)
15240 SWEDEN R Sweden in EG 1332, “60 Degrees North” nx, feature on nuclear power (Moats 3/20)
15255 RUSSIA R Orfey in RS *0430, RS opera, class mx, Viennese waltzes, IS, ID (Ryan THAI 3/10)
15270 RWANDA Deut Welle relay in EG 2100, Bosnian nx, 120 bodies found in graves (Newbury 3/213
15275nf CANADA CBC Radio in EG 1958*, nx, sports, ID, “Double Exposure” 1935, //17725, in FR prior to 1900, thanks to World of Radio tip (Alexander PA 3/17)
15325 GABON(p) R France Int in EG 1233, “Health Concems”, ID, modern mx, g-p (Bueneman 3/10)
15345 ARGENTINA RAE Buenos Aires in SP 0004, BR mx, male vocals, speech, g (Levison PA 3/26)
17387 INDIA AIR Bangalore in EG 1008- 1100*, nx, ID, political cmntry, Indian songs, pop mx, speech, press review, program preview, TC, //13700, 15050, 17890 (Serra ITALY 3/2)
17545 ISRAEL Reshet Beth in HB 0750, tlk re bad situation in Israel, lcl pop song, telephone calls, TC at 0800, ID, lcl & world nx to 0804 (Serra ITALY 3/6, Perkins NJ 4/4)
17725nf? CANADA R Canada Int in EG * 1900-2000*, best for peacekeepers in Bosnia, fqy at s/on but not at s/off, //15275 (D’Angelo PA 3/30, Levison PA 3/4)
17765v NO KOREA R Pyongyang in EG 0710, nx, ID, mx, Iyrical songs, QRM (SerralTALY 3/6)
21455 ECUADOR HCJB Quito in EG 1430, “Key Life”, “Morning in the Mountains” (Perkins NJ 3/23)
21490 ASCENSION ISLAND BBC relay in EG 1505, “Focus on Africa”. //17880 (Perkins NJ 4/3)
21695 test SAO TOME VOA relay in EG 1555-2030, oldies/ class mx, confirmed by VOA (Perkins NJ 4/2)

Although Ed Newbury’s loggings are identified as being made in Nebraska, he advises me that many of them were made at the Winter SW Festival in Kulpsville, PA while he was there. Also, the loggings from Wells Perkins in Scotch Plains, NJ were received here to late to be included in the credits by Fred Kohlbrenner. Wells lists his equipment as SW100S, 2010, HF1000, SP 600, HQ150, and long wire antennas. Finally, these last minute loggings from Jack Jones in Jackson, MS:

6090 CHILE R Esperanza in SP 1035, soft L Am mx, TC’s, lD’s after each selection, f (3/29)
6115 PERU R Union in SP 0817, Andean mx, ID as “Radio Union” & “Union, La Radio”, f (4/14)
6150 ALASKA KNLS in EG 0818,1D’s, QTH, religious tlk, f(3/28)

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