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NASWA Radio Country List

The NASWA Radio Country List is unique. It considers the interests of the longtime listener who has heard and counted some radio countries which, in the political world, no longer exist. Even if war or revolution, conquest or annexation, split-up or merger, change the world map, the listener need not subtract these politically defunct countries from his or her tally.

The interests of the person who began listening much more recently also are taken into consideration. That person can count loggings of stations in countries which, politically, are extinct. This seems fair to all. After all, reception of shortwave stations is not directly linked to such matters as political boundaries or independence dates.

In determining a radio country, the seven-member NASWA Country List Committee considers, insofar as possible, three factors: geography, politics and hobby tradition. Although in considering a particular case these factors sometimes conflict, the committee strives to reflect what it believes to be the mainstream of DXer opinion.

This list includes radio countries which have, or have had, SWBC stations on the air at some time since the end of World War II. It contains the names of more than 250 radio countries. It is likely that no DXer has ever heard, much less verified, all of them. The majority of these are still represented on the air, giving listening hobby newcomers and old-timers alike a wide range of targets to tune.

Additions to this list, and name changes, when appropriate, may be made from time to time by the committee. But for reasons noted above, there will be no deletions from the list due to a station ceasing to broadcast or because of geo-political factors.

Persons interested in a more detailed history and explanation of radio countries in general, and the philosophy involved in the creation of the NASWA list nearly 40 years ago, are referred to: Counting Countries, an article by Don Jensen, chairman, NASWA Country List Committee, in PROCEEDINGS 1989 (Fine Tuning Special Publications, Stillwater, OK), reprinted on several occasions in past issues of The NASWA Journal.

Questions and comments regarding this list and its use may be directed to the NASWA Country List Committee, c/o NASWA Headquarters, or to committee chairman John Herkimer at jherkimer [at] rochester [dot] rr [dot] com.

A link to the 2022 update of the NASWA Country List in PDF format appears below.

Download the NASWA Country List (PDF format, 248KB)

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