NASWA Journal Columns · 2006 · September

Kim’s Column, September 2006

Editor’s note: This column arrived too late for our print issue. We present it here on the site for the benefit of our members and others.

Internet radios in our future?

The FCC has pretty much signed on to Broadband Over Power Line (BPL). And there are all sorts of noises from new devices creeping into the shortwave frequencies. My Verizon FIOS fiber optic broadband access seems to be one of the culprits. It’s not the fiber lines, but the Cat-5 cables between the Verizon box outside my house and the various RJ-45 jacks in rooms throughout my house.

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Shortwave Center, September 2006

Howdy. Recently there was an interesting dialogue on the ODXA (that other prominent North American radio club) chat board concerning the decline of radio clubs and lack of member participation in pursuits—well, like this one! One result, though was an offer from an ODXA member to offer something he had written for publication here. Knowing a good offer when I see one, I immediately accepted. Our first article this month is the first fruit of that dialogue.

We follow that up this month with some pertinent items likely to be of interest to Journal readers from the Association for International Broadcasting’s various summer industry briefings that are sent periodically by e-mail to members. The AIB is the industry association for international, cross-border television and radio broadcasting.

But first, there’s an interesting piece about NASWA history from the archives of none other than Mr. Jerry Berg, who among other very worthy pursuits heads up the Committee for the Preservation of Radio Verifications (CPRV).

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