NASWA Journal Columns · NASWA Electronic Flashsheet #1092 – March 19, 2023

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NASWA Electronic Flashsheet #1092 – March 19, 2023

Next Deadline: Sunday, March 26,2023 at 2000 UTC.

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3310 BOLIVIA. Radio Mosoj Chaski – Cochabamba, 2355 to 0010. music 2357, and om chat 13 /14 March. (Wilkner – Fl )

3330u CANADA. CHU, 2330 to 2339. Time signal. 13 March. (Wilkner – Fl )

4015 USB PIRATE (NORTH AMERICA.) March 17 at 0406, JBA music into Missouri remote. [*] I monitor it further for the next bihour, changing to the SE antenna of KFS remote, fortunately since 7 of the 8 RX are tied up by those dratted WSPR daemons, each tuned to a different hamband. The one already on 4015 is from Chase BC, likely Lucas himself, so I camp on him, and soon take it over when he quits. Thus it’s S6/S8 with nothing but pop music, most of it instrumental and not recognized; occasional lyrix I cannot discern if in Russian or English. Never any IDs or any other announcements, but several times per hour plays the nostalgic 10-note Mayak IS twice on chimes, “Midnight in Moscow” or more properly, “Moscow Nights”, at: 0416, 0432, 0450, 0456, 0503, 0512, (I`m away a while), 0545. Still going at 0607 when I quit. Gary Pence found northern Utah remote was better. There was no ToH ID at 0500; at 0537 I get a trace of music direct vs S9 storm noise from central TX across northern LA into MS – 4015 USB, March 18 at 0327, S5 music into Utah SDR, no doubt Russian ethnic pirate Vostochnaya Zvezda. After multiple TDOA runs, Lucas Bandura is convinced this is in southern Arizona near Mexico. HF Underground does not want any pirate DF/TDOA info to be posted there (Hauser, OK)

4885 BRASIL. Radio Clube do Pará – Belém, PA, 2350 to 2355. usual strong signal. Music. Enjoyable. 13 March. (Wilkner – Fl)

4885 OPPOSITION. Echo of Hope, Seoul, 3.18.23. good signal at 1220 with YL singing in KK and then OM KK tlks, over and under rumbling jammer from NK. Still doing well at 1232 but jammer coming up. (Perry, Il.)

4900 CHINA. Voice of Strait, Fuzhou, 3.18.23. noted fair 1223 with OM in CC. (Perry, Il.)

4940 VENEZUELA. Fuerza de Paz, Estado Apure, 0351-0445, 3/13. Seemed like religious music “Amen!”, a prayer at 0403, mariachi and romantic music until I tuned out. (Renfrew-NY)

5050 U S A. March 13 at 0640, S9+10/20 of dead air. WRMI Legends is scheduled at 2200-0400 only on #4 5050, at top of grid showing System C. But the C program sked below is totally inconsistent, no 5050 at all! But Legends at 04-05 on 15770. In fact, no 5050, nor ex-4980 on ANY System. Also off the air rather than all-night, 5010. Something`s odd at Okeechobee (Hauser, OK)

5010 U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 2181 monitoring: Confirmed UT Thursday March 16 at 0130 on WRMI 5010, S7/S9 both into Bonaire and Maryland remotes. [*] – 5010, March 17 at 0630, S9+10/20 of dead air from WRMI supposedly BSing all night. Something`s odd at Okeechobee. I always wonder if anyhuman is overhearing it overnight (Hauser, OK)

5130 U S A. UT Mar 13 at 0408, dead air from WBCQ Radio Angela; operas now start at 0200 UT Mondays, finish segments before 0400 (Hauser, OK)

5850, et. al. U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 2182 monitoring: confirmed UT Saturday March 18 at 0130 on WRMI 5850, S9+20/30 direct. Also confirmed UT Saturday March 18 at 0400 ex-0500 on WBCQ Radio Angela, 5130 – 22 Hz, S9+10 into Maryland SDR = 5129.978. Also confirmed Saturday March 18 after 1700 on WRN webcast of N American service – still at same UT, not changing to 1600 until April 1 with Europe/UK on DST. Also confirmed Saturday March 18 from 1937 UT on WA0RCR, 1860 AM, MO, VG S9+20 groundwave into nearby SDR. Also confirmed Saturday March 18 from 2230.5 on WRMIs, 15770 S8/S9, 5850 S9+5/10 into Missouri SDR but sounds clearer, less noisy on the upper one. Yes, seems to start at half minute past half past the hour, even considering web delays. [*] (Hauser, OK)

5900 OPPOSITION. National Unity Radio via Tamsui District, 3.19.23. very nice signal today at 1230 with “Annyeong haseo” greeting by OM and YL, orch fanfare and then into nx in KK. Slight blipping QRM in background — if this is jamming, is less than inept. (Perry, Il.)

5939 BRASIL. Voz Missionaria – Camboriu, 2334 to 2345. noted with weaker than normal signal. 15 March. (Wilkner – Fl)

5940 BRAZIL. Radio Voz Missionária – Camboriú, SC, 0238-0305, Mar 19. tuned in to a long religious talk in the Portuguese language by a man announcer. Fair signal but //9665 was poor to fair. (D’Angelo-PA)

5960.004 TURKEY. March 13 at 2329-2340, VOT English underway with New Day, New Choices about “world-famous Turkish breakfast” starting with tea, eggs, many other ingredients. Main announcer of the day is the heavy-accent woman; 2340 TRT-with-you-24h promo, 2341 music; 2345 ‘Did You Know That’, something about Gallipoli and the Dardanelles in WWI until 1916y. So many bullets were flying that despite the long odds, some bullets were found to have collided with each other. 2349 music; 2353 s/off, IS to 2356* uncovering the CCCCCCI which was JBA before. BTW, at 2350:45 my chair tremored a bit, but does not make the USGS EQ registry of mag 2.5+ (but there was a 3.4, 102 km west of Adak at 2346; hmmm…) – 5960.005, March 14 at 2300, VOT opening English, S9+25/35 into UTwente, plenty signal for max bandwidth in AMsynch of 13.53 kHz, but news still sounds lo/fi telco quality: GIGO. At least is on air today; you never know whether it shall be. Somethings always awry at Ankara and/or erroneous at Emirler - 5960.015, March 15 at 2320, VOT English is on with songs, S9+30/45 into UTwente. Loud modulation, light distortion, and very strong but rather deep fades at furst and not hearing much CCCCCCI. 2328-2340Weekly Commentarystarts later than usual, read by hard-to-understand accented woman, about cultural heritage affected in earthquake regions. Now with no music I can hear the XJPBS understation. 2340 right into next feature theme,Feeling Supreme/The Healing Spring, with the better-accented YL, remedies for headache, migraine, until 2347; music; 2351.5 multi-lingual ID filler reel. 2354 s/off of 1330, 1930 and 0400 broadcasts only, NOT ever mentioning this one. 2355 IS looping. 2356 pause and restarts with German IDs embedded. ``Hier ist die Stimme Türkiye`` twice per minute. Still not turned off by 2400 timesignal and s/on - 5960 March 18 at 2300, VOT English manages to be on air today, VG S9+30/40 into UTwente. News starts with Turkey approving Finland for NATO membership following visit by Finnish president; still not satisfied with Sweden. 2313 now with JBA CCCCCCI understation, feature on Traveling I have not encountered before, about visiting historic city of Artvin, near Georgian border at east end of Black Sea coast. Over already at 2318, to be continued next week,The Captains Log. 2319, Whipping Piles – Gripping Files? about a national treasure in literature whose name I cant copy tnx to the heavily-accentedess. Maybe its Yas[h]ar Kemal, after some searching, who was Kurdish originally. Turkeys Geo-marked Products` ends at 2337. Music; 2350 multi-lingual ID filler reel. 2353 s/off for the 1330, 1930 and 0430 airings only, as if this one did not exist. 2355 IS. 2356 restart IS with German IDs twice per minute. Still going at 2400 timesignal and opening spurious German – for how much longer? (Hauser, OK)

5990 MALI. ORTM – Bamako, 2314, 3/14. I presume Mali due to the African music program. (Renfrew-NY)

5995 MALI. Radiodiffusion TV du Mali – Bamako, 2342-0005*, Mar 17. popular music vocals until conversation by a man and woman announcers in French language began. Carrier terminated slightly later than usual tonight. Poor to fair signal. (D’Angelo-PA)

6025 CHINA. PBS Xizang, Lhasa, 0016-0054, 3/11 // 6130, 7385. Listed as Tibetan, with talk, musical interludes 7385 was strongest, but all had faded by 0054. (Renfrew-NY)

6030 CANADA. CFVP – Calgary Funny in EE, March 16, 2023, 2343 – 2350. SIO 444. Comedy routines on stage. Humor. Target WNA. Laugh a minute. Advertisements and MX clips. Talk. Mixed OM / YL comedy. (Henley, WA)

6050 ECUADOR. HCJB, Pichincha, 2341-2400, 3/10. indigenous language program. Weak but steady. From 2353 there were songs by a children’s chorus, including “Jesus Loves Me” in the local language. (Renfrew-NY)

6055 JAPAN. Radio Nikkei 1, Chiba-Nagara, 3.14.23. brilliant signal with Japanese pop song and OM deejay at 1235. Best heard in a long while. (Perry, Il.)

6060 CUBA. UT Mon March 13 at 0644, RHC DX program En Contacto underway with Morse/musical theme, S9+10/20, only 49m frequency on, and // 11670, S9/+10 undermodulated. Website Programación page displays outdated transmission sked! NO details of individual programs. Maybe repeat of 0140? Somethings always wrong at RHC - 6060, March 17 at 0637, RHC Spanish not English, S9+10 undermodulated, only channel still on. Somethings always wrong at RHC. [*] (Hauser, OK)

6065 MADAGASCAR. AWR, Talata Volonondry, 0306-0330, 3/13, listed as Malagasy language. hard to understand anything, faded by 0330. The next day, 3/14, trumpets and “Adventist World Radio the Voice of Hope” ID heard at 0357. (Renfrew-NY)

6070 GERMANY. Channel 292, Rohrbach, 0449, 3/13. “Good Morning Starshine” // Utwente SDR. Most night it’s CFRX here, but every so often I hear Channel 292. Meanwhile, on 9670 Channel 292 was strong offering Overcomers. (Renfrew-NY)

6130 CHINA. PBS Xizang, Lhasa, 0016-0054, 3/11 // 6025, 7385. Listed as Tibetan, with talk, musical interludes 7385 was strongest, but all had faded by 0054. (Renfrew-NY)

6130 NETHERLANDS. Radio Europa, Alphen aan de Rijn, 0344-0359, 3/11. “She’s a Maniac”, “My Tambourine Man”, ID “From the heart of Holland … Radio Europa”. (Renfrew-NY)

6200 CHINA. Voice of Jinling, Nanjing, 3.14.23. lovely strong signal 1240 playing the usual (I mean, every bloody day!) recorded half-hour segment before the 1300+ live evening news. (Perry, Il.)

6350 OPPOSITION. Echo of Hope via Suwan, 3.19.23. quite good signal and unjammed today at 1235 check with YL singing a cappella children’s song, f/by OM in KK. Noted // 4885 which was jammed and poorer signal. (Perry, Il.)

6875 AM PIRATE (No. Am.) WDOG, 0005, 3.19.23. “Dance little sister” w/ dog howl over, “Little T&A” w/ dog howl, “Far away Eyes” all Rolling stones, talk, 0034 ID … 0121 “Yours is no Disgrace” – Yes. Still going at 0121 with voice ID. Fair. (Taylor – WI)

6920 AM PIRATE (N. Am.) Sycko Radio, 3.18.23, 02:16. fair. Mysterious mx on-going (?) mx: Nomine w/ ”To The Sky,” The Dubliners w/ ”Seven Drunken Nights,” signal / in and out. David Luong w/ ”River Wide.” 02:39 anncr comments: “Oh yes, Happy St. Patrick’s Day,”w/ Irish mx playing. Pulled plug 02:33. (Montney-MI)

6925 AM PIRATE (N. Am.) Damn Skippy, 3.13.23, 01:43. good. Jimmy Johnson on vocals w/ ”Looking At My Baby.” YL w/ID follows. Lost signal. (Montney-MI)

6925 USB PIRATE (N. Am.) Crapola Radio, 3.14.23, 23:32. good. Starts here: The Animals w/ ”House of the Rising Sun,” (anncr w/ ”get ready for some great mx”), OM & YL w/ ID. Ma-Ma’s and Pa-pa’s w/ ”California Dreamin’” and “I Call Your Name,” Anncr again w/ ”How we doing out there?” Mx: Rupert Holmes w/ ”Escape”(Pinna Colada song,) final here/ The Ventures w/ ”Wipe Out,” Gone … 23:55. (Montney-MI)

6925 USB PIRATE (N. Am.) 77 Lima Juliet Sierra, 3/17/23, 21:45. good. A very Irish person rambling on about (?) one glass won’t hurt you. On-going story continues. 21:54 OM w/ ID and sez: “This has been a reading from ‘Treasure Island’, good bye.” (Montney-MI)

6925 AM PIRATE (No. Am.) Crapola Radio, 0055, 3.18.23. Bit of music, synth YL then OM with IDs into a program of older rock n’ roll including “Walkin’ after midnight” – Patsy Cline, “If I don’t have you” – The Skyliners, “Jonny B. Goode” – Chuck Berry, “Rock around the clock” – Bill Haley and the Comets, and other era music. YL encouraging and promoting taking it easy and listening to the show and IDs. Very good. (Taylor – WI)

6925 USB PIRATE (N. Am.) UNID, 3.18.23, 01:03. good. A nice selection from R&R artists from the past: Chuck Berry, Bill Haley and His Comets, Buddy Holly, The Platters. 01:21 signal drops. (Montney-MI)

6925 AM PIRATE (No. Am.) Hobby Broadcasting #4 rebroadcast via Truth Radio International, 2045, 3.18.23. Rebroadcast of Andrew Yoder’s Hobby Broadcasting program from WBCQ’s Radio Angela. Andrew Yoder interviewing someone. Unfortunately, the broadcast was so poor that I was unable to Identify the other person, Andrew wraps up the program, TRI ID, off. (Taylor – WI)

6925 USB PIRATE (No. Am.) Outhosue Radio, 0228, 3.19.23. Program of hard rock. “Trust” – Sevendust, “King of Sodom and Gomorrah” – W.A.S.P., “Savage” – Cacophony, “Public Menace, Freak, Human Fly”, “Neckbone” all by Powerman 5000, Outhouse made a mistake and cut off song – “Oops, pushed the wrong button,” ID into more hard rock. Fair. (Taylor – WI)

6930 USB PIRATE (No. Am.) Thunder Chicken, 0043, 3.18.23. Playing a variety of music (including Soundgarden), SSTV, waterfall images. ID via the one poor SSTVs which decoded here. Mostly mellow music. Poor – fair. (Taylor – WI)

6930 USB PIRATE (N. Am.) DILLIGAF, 3.18.23, 01:03. good. On-going mx: Rus Ballard w/ ”Voices,” Sound Garden w/ ”The Day I Tried To Live,” Black Sabbath w/ ”Paranoid.” 01:21 SSTV w/ ID, more mx, Metallica w/ ”Enter Sandman.” Pulled plug 01:28. (Montney-MI)

6930 USB PIRATE (No. Am.) Dilligaf Radio, 0140, 3.18.23. Program of pro drug use. “The Devil Does Drugs” – My life with the thrill kill cult, OM w/ talk to YL suggesting she use drugs especially LSD and marijuana w/ waterfall image over song, another pro drug spot (like a PSA) looped and echoed, “Cocaine” – Eric Clapton, SSTV, “Cocaine Blues” – Johnny Cash, “Nightmare / The Dreamitime”, “Love me forever” w/ some dog barks, – Motorhead, SSTV, 0214 ID, Revelations – Iron Maiden. Was having technical problems with my SSTV program, so no decides. Poor – fair. (Taylor – WI)

6930 USB PIRATE (No. Am.) UnIdentified, 2129, 3.18.23. “Baba O’Riley” – The Who, “Hurts so good” – John Cougar, “C’mon Everybody” – Humble Pie, OM talk (faded down and stayed there), more rock, 2145 faded out … back (just barely) 0045 “White Room” – Cream (song ID’ed from familiarity more than quality of signal). Poor before fading entirely out. (Taylor – WI)

6933 USB PIRATE (N. Am.) Infected Mushroom, 3.14.23, 22:40. good. Mx on-going (?), OM w/ ID (repeats), episodes of dead-air, Mx back: Khan w/ ”Nomad,” Vance Joy w/ ”Rip Tide,” The Weekend w/ ”Save Your Tears,” also heard from Dexter Holland, and Tears for Fears. Sig drops 23:23 (Montney-MI)

6935 AM PIRATE (N. Am.) UnIdentified, 3.13.23, 1:45. fair w/fades. Prgrm just starting w/Twisted Sister- “I Wanna Rock,” Doobie Bros. w/ ”What A Fool Believes”, Little feat. w/ ”Dixie Chicken,” Lynyrd Skynyrd w/ ”Free Bird,” 2:04 Steely Dan w/ ”Bodhisattvah.” Pulled plug 2:06. (Montney-MI)

6935 AM PIRATE (No. Am.) Cell Phone Radio, 1102, 3.18.23. Relay of old program of recordings of telephone calls (most humorous) with ID between each call. Poor. (Taylor – WI)

6935 USB PIRATE (No. Am.) Sycko Radio, 0222, 3.19.23. “Starlight” – Accept into a program of music with IDs and talk by Sycko. Fair. (Taylor – WI)

6938 USB Pirate (N.Am) UNID, 3.14.23, 23:56. fair. A conversation on-going about marijuana, mx: Alex Keack w/ ”Polynesian Hay-Ride,” another conversation on how to assemble some device (?). Mx: Mary Hopkins w/ ”Those Were the Days,” David Bowie w/ ”Magic Dance.” Female talking about her experience doing drugs at a party. 0:27 possible ID (?). Theme mx from ”The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”. Gone. (Montney-MI)

6938 USB PIRATE (N. Am.) Radio Time Machine, 3/17/23, 21:41. good. Sound like a little Irish mx on-going (?) lost signal 21:44. 22:00 back onagain w/more Irish mx: “Paddy on the Turnpike,” Tony Elman, Barry Solomon, Richard Greene w/ ”Sally in the Garden.” More Irish themed mx, 22:10 YL w/ ID and address. (Montney-MI)

6950 USB PIRATE (No. Am.) Two Dog Radio, 0133, 3.19.23. Program of music by Tool including “Pneuma”, ” The Pot”, “Sober”, “Invincible”, “Vicarious” with periodic IDs. Fair to good. (Taylor – WI)

6950 USB Pirate (N. Amer) Damn Skippy, 3.18.23, 23:22. fair. SSTV from the get-go w/ ID. Mx on: Nick Gilder w/ ”Hot Child In The City,” Queen w/ ”We Will Rock You,” Joe Walsh w/ ”Life’s Been Good to Me,” finish: Jackson Browne w/ ”Running on Empty.” Closed (?). (Montney-MI)

6950 USB PIRATE (No. Am.) Damn Skippy, 0013, 3.19.23. “With a little luck” – Paul McCarthy and Wings, few sentences, “Deacon Blues” – Steely Dan, fade out. 0025 back with “Stay’in Alive” – Bee Gees, … in and out until 0036 “Bottomed Out” – Atomic Rats, 0038 off. ID from HF Underground. Fair. (Taylor – WI)

6955 USB PIRATE (N. Am.) Thunder Chicken Radio, 3.14.23, 23:21. Catching Allen Parsons/Symphonic Project w/ ”Eye In the Sky,” Panks w/ ”Ball Game Unit,” mx (?), Rammstein follows w/ ”Radio,” and then “Deutchland.” Queensryche w/ ”Silent Lucidity.” SSTV w/ID, more from Queensryche: “Empire,” “Best I Can,” “Della Brown.” Pulled plug 0:11. (Montney-MI)

6955 USB PIRATE (No. Am.) Thunder Chicken, 0118, 3.15.23. “Pretending” – Joe Bonamassa, SSTV (Sign on strip mall, “If it’s in stock we have it”). Chicken clucking, “From out of the barnyard, bouncing off the ionosphere … this is Thunder Chicken Radio”, pause, “Yeah yeah.”, off. (Taylor – WI)

6955 USB PIRATE (N. Am.) Thunder Chicken Radio, 3.17.23, 21:51. good. Junior Brown has the table here w/a few: “Long Walk Back to San Antone,” “The Better Half,” “Read ‘em and Weep,” “Rock-A-Hula-Baby,” “Lookin for Love,” “Freedom Machine,” 22:13 SSTV/ ID, anncr sez: “more mx -less talk cluck, cluck, cluck.” Pulled plug 22:16. (Montney-MI)

6955 USB PIRATE (N. Am.) RFW, 3.18.23, 23:20. good. “Sleeper” from Traams playing. Common Goldfish next w/ ”Low Lights and Throback Tunes,” Young Gov. w/ “ Couldn’t Leave You If I Tried.” OM-YL w/ ID. Mx: Slift w/ ”Unseen,” finish here w/ Death Cab for Cuties and “Ashphalt Meadows”. Closed (?) (Montney-MI)

6955 USB PIRATE (No. Am.) Radio Free Whatever, 2356, 3.18.23. Program of Indy music with DJ Dickweed … 0040 “Sofa King” – Royel Otis, DJDW announced song, talking of his studio cat – age 17 passing and getting another cat remarkably like him, announcing previous songs, “I’m about ready to give it up tonight … goodnight everybody. Good bye”, off 0045. Fair to good. (Taylor – WI)

6960 AM PIRATE (N. Am.) Ball Smacker Radio, 3.18.23, 01:18. good. Walked into YL w/ ID and e-mail address. Mx: Steely Dan w/ ”Your Gold Teeth,” Al Greene w/ ”Lets Stay Together,” Jason Mraz w/ ”Lucky,” YL w/ID, George Thorogood w/”One Bourbon, One Shot, One Beer,” Closed up: Elvis Presely and “Good Luck Charm.” (Montney-MI)

6960 AM PIRATE (No. Am.) Ballsmacker Radio, 0124, 3.18.23. “Crimson and Clover”, ID “Let’s stay together” – Al Green. Didn’t stay with it as the frequency was very noisy and listening was unpleasant. // 4030 AM from 0125 was weaker and noisier. Checked throughout the evening and neither were better. (Taylor – WI)

6962 USB PIRATE (N. Am.) Radio 48, 3.18.23, 23:19. fair. OM w/ ID and sez: “The station that makes a difference”. U2 next w/ ”Wire,” The Police show up w/ ”Don’t Stand So Close to Me,” OM w/ ID, mx: World Party w/ ”Ship of Fools,” finish here: Howard Jones w/ ”Things Only Get Better,” Close (?). (Montney-MI)

6962 USB PIRATE (No. Am.) Radio 48 via Mix Radio International, 0000, 3.19.23. End of song, “This is Radio 48” followed by a Mix Radio International ID into more music. Still going at 0215. Very good. (Taylor – WI)

6975 AM PIRATE (N. Am.) UNID, 3.14.23, 23:50. fair. Mx on w/female on vocals (?). Sister Machine Gun w/ ”Inside,”more of the same mx from Genitorturers. 0:05 possible ID (?) Balkan Takism w/ ”Morty,”, lite jazz tract, Ryan Tanaka w/ ”Cloud-Computing,” Upupay Ama w/ ”The Blue Magicians Fantasy.” 03:55 pulled plug. (Montney-MI)

6974.9 PIRATE (No. Am.) UnIdentified, 0045, 3.15.23. “Mindcage” – My life with the thrill kill kult, mellow guitar, drum / chanting … 0128 just audible with OM talking over music, “Remembrance” – Lychgate, “All the pretty days” – Fren, other conceptual music, off 0305. Poor to occasionally fair. No ID, however likely Nowhere Radio from . (Taylor – WI)

6975 AM PIRATE (No. Am.) UnIdentified, 0121, 3.19.23. Program of atmospheric and techno music. No talk heard. Poor – fair. (Taylor – WI)

7225 CHINA. PBS Schuan – Chendu (P), 1116, 3.15.23 in Tibetan. Man and woman alternating with short sections each. Poor.

7235 KOREA NORTH. VO Korea, Kujang, 2220-2254, 3/14, // much weaker 9445, 11635. mostly choral music of the kind they love in North Korea, just a few words between songs, but more talk around 2246. Some weak flutter (?) music at 2300 may have been the VOK signature tune. I’ve never had VO Korea in the afternoon before; all other receptions have been in the morning. (Renfrew-NY)

7255- NIGERIA. March 15 t 0615, VON is S9+10/20 but JBM (Hauser, OK)

7260 VANUATU. March 17 at 0638, VP with Doppler flutter, or are there two signals? At 0658, S5/S8 should be strong enough to detect modulation if any, but none, fluttery, and still on past 0701, presumed R. Vanuatu. [*] (Hauser, OK)

7295 OPPOSITION. Furusato No Kaze via Danshui, Taiwan heard at 1303 on 3/13. a woman speaking calmly in Japanese amidst amateur QRM. Fair-to-poor. (Brossell, WI).

7350 CHINA. CRI, Kashi – Saibagh, 2307-2400, 3/13, // 7410 (Kashi) and 5990 (Cuba), English. “World Insight” and “Dialogue”, 5+1 pips, “This is CGTN Radio”. (Renfrew-NY)

7270 CHINA. PBS Nei Menggu – Hohhot (P), 1215, 3.15.23 in Mongolian. Interesting indigenous music played on contemporary instruments. Poor.

7340 CHINA. PBS Xinjiang – Changgii (Urumqi) (P), 1153, 3.17.23 in Kazakh. Woman announcer with musical bridges between short sections into a man speaking over music. Poor – fair.

7365 CHINA. CNR 1 domestic program in CC, March 18, 2023, 1623 – 1628. SIO 333. Mixed announcers in CC. Moderate QRN, rapid QSB. CC MX, talk and advertisements. (Henley, WA)

7385 CHINA. PBS Xizang, Lhasa, 0016-0054, 3/11 // 6025, 6130. Listed as Tibetan, with talk, musical interludes 7385 was strongest, but all had faded by 0054. (Renfrew-NY)

7410 PHILIPINES. FEBC – Bocaue, 1200, 3.18.23. ID w/ OM continuing, Southeast Asian musical bridge, alternating YL / OM into longer section by YL, ending with short OM talk into SEA musical bridge to YL announcement over music, back to OM / YL announcers. Fair. No CRI Russian this AM.

7420 PHILIPPINES. Vatican Radio via Tinian, 3.19.23. daily 20-minute segment in RR noted at 1240, good signal with YL preaching and then into organ mx 1242. OM takes turn at 1243 RR sermon with more short breaks with organ mx. At 1249.30 Vatican tuning signal song played twice and then plug pulled -1250*. (Perry, Il.)

7430 CHINA. CRI, Nanning, 2307, 3/14. WRTH says this is a Khmer language program. (Renfrew-NY)

7465 SINGAPORE. BBC, Kranji, 2309, 3/14, // 6195 (Kranji) and 11825 (Tinang). English news. Sites per WRTH. (Renfrew-NY)

7475 AM NORTH AMERICA. March 13 at 0403, anti-Christ pirate, Station YHWH is S9/+10 but thinly undermodulated, overall VP. Sometimes switches to 7470 depending on QRM. Per Aoki, VOA Deewa Radio via Germany is on 7470 at 0100-0400, while 7475 is open except for 1400-1945 – 7475, March 18 at 0326, Station YHWH is on with signature anti-Christ intonations of Josiah, S9/+5 into Utah SDR (Hauser, OK)

7475 AM PIRATE (No. Am.) YHWH, 0211, 3.15.23. OM w/ preaching cadence. Noisy. Sounds like Josiah, but not sure. 0220 Clear enough to make out that he is talking about how Christianity and Christian practices are not what God wants. 0237 I left the room a while. 0307 signal up with ID, frequency, talk about water, off at 0309. Very poor to poor. Glad to hear YHWH at all. – 7475, 0301, 3.19.23. Josiah talking about a disagreement with someone and concluding the importance of his “following Yahweh and what he thinks doesn’t matter.” Rambling monologue quoting Bible, talk of inheriting the land, etc. 0322 off. Signal faded in and out, however in quiet conditions at peak the signal was audible. (Taylor – WI)

7500 THAILAND. VOA, Udon Thani, 2215, 3/14. VOA in Chinese, according to the WRTH, and I heard a few VOA sound effects. (Renfrew-NY)

7520 PHILIPPINES. BBC, Tinang, 2216, 3/14. English. Transmitter site as indicated in WRTH. (Renfrew-NY)

7780 U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 2181 monitoring: confirmed UT Monday March 13 at 0030 on WRMI 7780, S9/+15 into Louisiana SDR. Also confirmed UT Monday March 13 at shifted time of 0300 UT on WBCQ Area 51, S9+10 on 6160- into Maryland SDR. [] – 7780, WORLD OF RADIO 2182 monitoring: confirmed UT Sunday March 19 at 0035 the 0030 on WRMI 7780, S7/S9 into Maryland SDR. Also confirmed UT Sunday March 19 at 0356, about 6 minutes into, so started circa 0350 = 35 minutes after nominal 0315 per DST timing, on WA0RCR, 1860 AM, Wentzville MO, VG S9+20 into nearby Warrenton SDR. [] (Hauser, OK)

9275 PHILIPPINES. FEBC i-Radio Liangyou, Bocaue heard at 1307 on 3/13. two women talking and conversing (including some hearty laughter) in Mandarin. Mostly fair. (Brosssell, WI).

9275 PHILIPPINES. FEBC – Bocau, Radio Liangyou in CC, March 14, 2023, 1514 – 1522. SIO 333. MX and mixed OM / YL announcers in CC. Moderate QRN, shallow QSB. (Henley, WA)

9305 TAJIKISTAN. Radio Free Asia via Tajikistan heard at 1310 on 3/13 . talks by a man in listed Tibetan. Firedrake jamming heard in the background. Poor-fair. (Brossell, WI).

9395 U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 2181 monitoring: Confirmed Tuesday March 14 at 2330 ex-2430 on WRMI 9395, S9+10 direct, S9+20 into Virginia SDR. Also confirmed Wednesday March 15 at 2127 on WBCQ 7490-, JBA S2/S3 direct vs S2 noise level: I can barely recognize it`s my voice. Away from computer I remote-recorded a sample of the 2100 start via webcast, confirming it is #2181. Now an hour further into the dayside tnx to stupid DST, and seasonally gaining even more absorption week by week until Solstice, reduces and reduces the reach of this broadcast. [*] (Hauser, OK)

9435 NORTH KOREA. Voice of Korea heard at 1313 on 3/13. a commentary on the supposed military “provocations” carried out by South Korea. Poor-fair. (Brossell, WI).

9439.995 EGYPT. March 14 at 2206+, R. Cairo tries and fails yet again to English at 2115-2245: signature offset into UTwente at S9+30/40 but JBM with big humbuzz, totally unreadable talk, cannot even be positive its English. Somethings always egregious in Egypt (Hauser, OK)

9455 U S A. 9425-9485, March 19 at 0714, WRMI-5, 9455 is splattering out to +/- 30 kHz, as has happened before; now during legacy Spanish hour of Fámily Radio (Hauser, OK)

9490 CUBA. March 19 at 0716, S7 pulse jamming against nothing, long after Radio República via RMI via France is finished. A night or two ago, no such overrun was heard. HFCC A23 shows: RMI Spanish at 01-02 daily, extended to 03 on Mon/Tue/Wed, to 04 on Sun/Thu/Fri/Sat; yet NHK via France 9490 daily at 03-05: something`s got to give. Lhasa also on 9490 02-10 daily (Hauser, OK)

9500 ALGERIA. Radio Algerienne – Bechar, 0322, 3.15.23 in Arabic. Western style tune into man and woman announcers with items and sometimes speaking to one another. Fair. – 0129, 3.16.23 in Arabic. Qur’an chant. (Taylor – WI)

9500 ALGERIA. March 17 at 0633, S9+20/30 of Quran, certainly not TOMBS via Bulgaria as has been here. Presumably NF for one of the Algerian sites: I vaguely recall theyve been on 5900 before, but cant find a report. Soon YL talk in Arabic before more music. Scan of all bands upward to 13 MHz does not find another one to make //. Not on 9500, so I wonder if accidentally they reversed the digits? We shall hear if this recur. But 9500 supposedly at 00-06 only. [*] - 9500, March 18 at 0402, S9/+15 into Maryland SDR, sounds like a national anthem; then at 0405, series of IDs twice in something, English as ``Holy Quran Radio, Algeria`, French, Arabic. Maybe the only/best time for such ID? Meanwhile I was also checking 5900 and heard nothing but TOMBS via Bulgaria. 9500 still on with HQ at 0615. So it appears last nights HQ on 5900 was a mistake, digits reversed (Hauser, OK)

9550 ALASKA. KNLS religious broadcast in RR to FE, March 14, 2023, 1522 – 1538. SIO 444. POP MX in EE. OM announcer in RR. Minor QRN / QSB, otherwise a good signal. YL joins at 1534 with choral MX and mixed choir. – KNLS religious broadcast in CC. March 15, 2023, 1620 – 1628. SIO 444. YL with homily. Choral singing, with YL chorus. Target is FE. Moderate QRN, shallow QSB. OM joins at 1625. (Henley, WA)

9550 CHINA. CRI – Beijing heard at 1316 on 3/13. talks by a man and woman in listed Vietnamese. Mostly poor. (Brossell, WI).

9690 TAIWAN. “Furusato no Kaze” clandestine to North Korea (tentative), March 18, 2023, 1629 – 1630. SIO 333. Likely broadcast from Tanshui, Taiwan. JJ MX, YL singer. Off the air at 1630. (Henley, WA)

9700 CUBA. March 13 at 0352, RHC music on new frequency, S9+30/40 direct, not // 6000 English so presumed Spanish service. Was about to match it to 6165 when that went off. 6060 is dead air at 0354, warmup? At 0357, 9700 closing RHC Spanish, mixing with VOTurkey IS and IDs in English! Then off, clear for Turkey. (Hauser, OK)

9700 TURKEY. March 13 at 0357, TRT IS with IDs in English, audible under RHC on new frequency, but its finished by 0358, clear for Turkey, opening in Turkish as scheduled from 0400 timesignal, not English. Meanwhile real English from VOT on 6125 but missing from 7285, one of the few frequencies they still announce at s/on/off. Somethings always erroneous at Emirler (Hauser, OK)

9705 OPPOSITION. Furusato no Kaze – Paochung, TAIWAN, 1349, 3.14.23 in Korean. Woman chorus singing a hymn, YL few words, Furusato no Kaze theme bumper, another hymn.

9820 CHINA. Beibu Bay Radio, Nanning, at 1210, 3.19.23. in mix with CNR-2 but Beibu Bay R dominating fqy this morning with Chinese pop ballads presented by OM deejay. CNR-2 /Voice of the Economy presenting nx at this time and spoken word easily differentiated from stronger mx by BBR. (Perry, Il.)

9900 EGYPT. Radio Cairo – Abis (P), 2059, 3.14.23 in French. Man and woman interacting in a likely radio play. Easily understandable with only mild modulation problems.

9900 GUAM. KTWR religious broadcast in KK, March 14, 2023, 1541 – 1548. SIO 333. KTWR via Agana. Mixed OM / YL announcers in talk / discussion. Relay station for Trans World Radio. Moderate QRN / QSB. Listenable. (Henley, WA)

9940 THAILAND. Radio Thailand, Udon Thani heard at 1333 on 3/13. a woman speaking in listed Thai. Mostly poor. (Brossell, WI).

9955 U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 2152 monitoring: confirmed what is now the first weekly airing on WRMI: Friday March 17 at 1430, ex-1530, on 9955, but direct is S7/S9 vs noise level and undermodulated although no jamming audible. Later find it better into Maryland SDR, but not making it to Bonaire or Brasília where its aimed. Stayed on at 1459 with a bit ofIn the Bleak Midwinter` a few days before Spring, and gospel huxter after 1500, but off by next check 1519. [*] (Hauser, OK)

9975 U S A. UT Fri Mar 17 at 0346, quick 2-second check confirms something on here and has to be KVOH. Program sked has been updated as of Mar 12 for DST, also showing expansion to 4 nights per week, instead of only 3, making up for lost time? i.e. UT Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon: So that gives them four chances to fail instead of three, maybe more favorable odds? Still totally gospel-huxtering tho some shows are disguised as secular music; except for two DX programs, AWR Wavescan UT Monday 0000, and Frecuencia al Día, UT Sunday 0000. They had a chance to carry WOR but blew it (Hauser, OK)

11665 MALAYSIA. Wai FM – Kajang (P), 1248, 3.15.23 in Malay. Program of Malay pop music with a man announcer. Poor.

11665 MALAYSIA. RTM Wai FM via Kajang, 3.19.23. as reported by Ron [Howard], good signal at 1220 noted with YL ancr in Malay and mellow instl mx. Signal represents a magnitude of improvement so must reflect them having done something to fix their xmtr. Ballad by OM 1223. (Perry, Il.)

11670 CUBA. March 18 at 0656, RHC in English, S9+10 direct, undermodulated, and nowhere else on 5, 6, 10, 11 MHz bands. Something`s always wrong at RHC 11710 NORTH KOREA. Voice of Korea in EE to NAM, March 15, 2023, 1540 – 1555. SIO 333. Choral MX, YL chorus. Heavy QRN, steep QSB to JBA. OM announcer. Noisy signal, but listenable. (Henley, WA)

11745 SAUDI ARABIA. Al-Azm Radio via Jeddah heard at 1344 on 3/13. all-male group singing to a woman speaking in Arabic at 1345. Poor-fair. (Brossell, WI).

11749.875 BRAZIL. March 13 at 0649, presumed RVM, VP S4/S6 measured direct. [*] (Hauser, OK)

11760 CUBA. March 19 at 1520, Sunday-only Esperanto from RHC is S9/+10 but just barely modulated; while // 15140 is S8/9+10 but merely undermodulated. Something`s always wrong at RHC (Hauser, OK)

11780 BRAZIL. Radio Nacional da Amazonia in PP domestic program, March 16, 2023, 2223 – 2332. SIO 555. Excellent signal, PP POP MX, OM singers. Great signal, good MX, easy listening. Minor QRN. (Henley, WA)

11815 JAPAN. NHK Radio Japan in JJ to SEA, March 15, 2023, 1532 – 1538. SIO 444. Classical piano MX, OM announcer in JJ with commentary. Multiple OMs in conversation. Good signal, minor QRN / QSB. – March 18, 2023, 1613 – 1620. SIO 444. Mixed OM / YL announcers in conversation. Minor QRN, shallow QSB. (Henley, WA)

11820 ROMANIA. Radio Romania International – Galbeni, 2052-2057*, Mar 16. Romanian popular music selection followed by a man announcer with closing station ID and announcements in the Romanian language. Carrier terminated at 2057. Fair to good signal. (D’Angelo-PA)

11855 SAIPAN. Radio Free Asia heard at 1342 on 3/13. two women conversing in listed Tibetan with Firedrake heard clearly underneath. Poor-fair. (Brossell, WI).

11860 SAUDI ARABIA. Radio Sana’a in AA from Yemen via Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Tentative. March 13, 2023, 1451 – 1501. SIO 233. Arabic MX, noisy signal, heavy QRN. (Henley, WA)

11930 UNITED STATES. Radio Marti in SS to Cuba, March 16, 2023, 2319 – 2322. SIO 444. Multiple OMs in talk / conversation. Good signal. (Henley, WA)

11945 PHILIPPINES. VOA – Tinang, 0030, 3-16-23. Man and woman in listed Chinese with talk and occasional laughter. Fair with QRN, discussion continues with laughter then at 0030 TP’s and man with announcements. Fair. (Cichorek-NJ)

12030, 9690, 11940, 11685 SPAIN. Friday March 17 at 2304, token English from SNR, all four on into Virginia SDR. 12030 ME is slightly better than 9690 NAm, while 11685 Af faces usual RTTY QRM. Justin Coe`s feature is an interview at a Madrid gallery about the painter Lucian Freud. Totally invisible on the radio! So I look on the web. They admit he was grandson of Sigmund but supposedly not influenced by him. Gallery online shows he specialized in portraits, and all of them UGLY! Enough of that. Turkey fails to broadcast today so I have no choice but listening to Spain. BTW, A-23 channels will again be 17855, 15520, 17715, 11670 respectively. Cuba registered 15520 and might collide until 2100, but Spainglés will then be at 2200 M/W/F (Hauser, OK)

12055 NORTHERN MARIANAS. Radio Free Asia via Tinian, heard at 1335 on 3/13. a woman speaking in listed Burmese. Mostly poor. (Brossell, WI).

12075 ARMENIA. Trans World Radio India heard at 1338 on 3/13. sub-continental music to a man speaking in listed Khmer at 1339. Poor-fair. (Brossell, WI).

12095 SINGAPORE. BBC relay heard at 1559 on 3/15. IS, ID and time pips followed by presumed news in Korean at 1600. Mostly poor. (Brossell, WI).

12095 SINGAPORE. BBC – Kranji, 0002, 3-16-23. Man in English with presumed news joined by second man at 0004. Difficult to understand due to QRN. At 0006, female with “BBC World Service” ID then more talk but poor. Best in SSB. (Cichorek-NJ)

12120 PHILIPPINES. VOA – Tinang relay heard at 1413 on 3/14. a man speaking in Mandarin while instrumental music plays in the background. Mostly fair. (Brossell, WI).

13650 CUBA. China Radio International in PP to SAM, March 16, 2023, 2306 – 2318. SIO 333. CC MX, heavy QRN, broadcast is via Bauta, Cuba. A noisy signal with poor listening. (Henley, WA)

13680 CUBA. Sunday March 12 at 2144, RHC on here in Spanish, // much stronger 11760. Not Esperanto. Unknown yet when and where the third airing may really be. Something`s always wrong at RHC (Hauser, OK)

13680 CUBA. Radio Havana Cuba in SS to SAM, March 16, 2023, 2244 – 2257. SIO 333. OM announcers with commentary, target SAM. Noisy signal, steep QSB, heavy QRN. (Henley, WA)

13705 JAPAN. NHK Radio Japan, March 16, 2023, 2258 – 2305. SIO 333. Interval signal then Thai to SEA. Mixed OM / YL announcers in Thai. Moderate QRN / QSB, but increasingly noisy signal. (Henley, WA)

13750 THAILAND. Radio Thailand – Udon Thani, 2357-0029, Mar 16. open carrier followed by time pips, group vocals and a man announcer with opening in the English language announcing programs was from the Public Relations Department. After station ID the English language news program commenced. Off mid-sentence. Poor to fair signal. (D’Angelo-PA)

13820 UNITED STATES. Radio Marti in SS to Cuba via Greenville, NC. March 15, 2023, 1524 – 1530. SIO 333. Mixed OM and YL commentators. MX clips mixed with talk. Long dialogues. Listenable. (Henley, WA)

13845 UNITED STATES. WWCR 3 religious broadcast in EE, March 16, 2023, 2238 – 2243. SIO 333. YL preacher with sermon. Noisy signal, but listenable. (Henley, WA)

13870 PHILIPPINES. FEBCambodia, The Voice of Love, Phnom Penh studio xmsn via Bocaue, 3.17.23. fair signal 1210 with OM and YL in Khmer. Sked here daily 1100-1300.

15030 INDIA. AIR via Bengaluru, 3.16.23. fair and fluttery signal 1227 check with OM in Swahili tlks. (Perry, Il.)

15140 CUBA. March 16 at 1905, RHC English on with poor signal, chopped off air at 1930* in middle of the hour, just as happened on first day of EDT March 12, and just as in the ITU-registered A23 schedule without specifying language; but surely they did not intend to broadcast a semi-English. Something`s always wrong at RHC (Hauser, OK)

15150 MADAGASCAR. Radio Tamazuj heard at 1544 on 3/15. a man and woman discussion in listed Sudanese Arabic. Mostly poor. (Brossell, WI).

15195 FRANCE. Deutsche Welle in Hausa to West Africa via Issoudun, March 18, 2023, 1550 – 1600. SIO 333. OMs in animated discussion. Moderate QRN / QSB. (Henley, WA)

15230 CUBA. March 12 at 2239, RHC is suptorted = modulation suppressed and distorted; think its Spanish but not positive. Somethings always wrong at RHC (Hauser, OK)

15390 TURKEY. Voice of Turkey, Emirler heard at 1352 on 3/13. a woman speaking in listed Urdu and followed by a song at 1354. Poor-fair. (Brossell, WI).

15430 GUAM. Adventist World Radio via Agat heard at 1348 on 3/13. a two-man discussion in listed Khasi. Poor-fair. (Brossell, WI).

15474.97 ANTARCTICA. Wolfgang Bueschel just reported March 14: 15474.971 kHz (!) UNIDentified mx program, likely Argentine Antarctic 5 kW tiny LRA36 sce? rather strong S=7 at 2330 UT. Who says its 5 kW? March 15 at 0030 I also have it approx. 15475; 15474.97 into the one Argentine KiwiSDR working online. Only rock music so far, rather weak, on both LSB and USB but louder on USB, and a reduced carrier if sidetuned. Surprise Tuesday broadcast without any advance publicity? Maybe its the new transmitter no longer circa 15476. As soon as I press Send, RAE Argentina To The World ID at 0033, more music, rather distorted. Glenn, at 0036. […] Not rechecked Arg SDR until 0113, off but: Something strange circa 15472/73, intermittent bits of electronic music or talk, very hard to pin down exact frequency, which seems to fluxuate with modulation (like a spur), circa 0116. Then nothing to 0123. […] Its on again with music from 1600 tune-in Wed Mar 15, 1608 RAE multi-lang ID, 15475 USB not LSB, only S3 into BsAs SDR. Is becoming so common now? 1618 phone tones, ``comunicad`` promo. Later chex: still at 1647; 1804 S5, 1820. [*] - 15475.98 RC USB, Sat Mar 18 at 2226, LRA36 is on talking about Antártida, 2245 music, 2248 RAE multi-lingual IDs, then LRA36, RNASG ID as ``15476``; 2250 seems live ID, then attributes LRA36 to province of Tierra del Fuego; contact info, ``Uniendo Voces``, acknowledging listeners. S7/S9 into Uruguay SDR. At 2335 I have a trace direct, S5 = noise level. At least two guys keep chatting, also mention Radio Club Quilmes -- thats at the national university in greater BsAs, somehow involved in these produxions. Manuel Méndez, Spain says it started at *2059; will this be for another six hours? Still going past 2400+. But back on original frequency instead of recent 15474.98, presumably different transmitters (Hauser, OK)

15530 MADAGASCAR. Adventist World Radio heard at 1403 on 3/14. talks by a woman in listed Sinhalese. Poor with lots of noise present. (Brossell, WI).

15555 USA. WJHR Radio International, 1705, 3/14. strong signal, but horrible quality, like the sound of a blown speaker, preacher, ID break at 1705, “You’re listening to WJHR Radio International …”, then more of the same preacher. No helpful information, like who the preacher is, where he is preaching at, and what’s it all about! (Renfrew-NY)

15690 GERMANY. Radio Farda – Lampertheim relay heard at 1408 on 3/14. two men conversing in listed Farsi. Mostly poor. (Brossell, WI).

15770 UNITED STATES. Radio Taiwan International in SS to ENAM via WYFR, Okeechobee, March 16, 2023, 2218 – 2224. SIO 444 . CC MX, talk in SS. (Henley, WA)

17460.000+ OPPOSITION. March 17 at 1825, a speech, in Turkish? Maybe its Recep. S9+45 into UTwente, with some roaring in background. No het and no other signals in the area now. After long speech, 1842 songs start. Still going past 1900, but now with a fast rippling SAH from an understation several Hz off, not 250 Hz off as previously from Tashkent. As reported March 15, Dengê Welat started using 17470- via Uzbekistan, hit by jamming March 16, and earlier today was playing cat-and-mouse with Turkish jammer jumping around 10 kHz intervals. Jose Jacob, India, also reported AWR in Hindi on unlisted 17460 until 1545 switch to another language - wonder if that were a mistake at Tashkent? - 17460, March 19 at 1517, S8/9+10, two clashing with fast SAH, at least one with music, nothing on 17470 or 17480, so presumed Turkey jammer and Dengê Welat both here now. Wolfgang Büschel agreed much earlier on WOR iog at 0940 and thinx DW now via ARMENIA, apparently because its even .000, not way-off-frequency-minus as with Uzbekistan, while jammer was 17460.014. Seems to me both Armenia and Emirler are too close to Kurdistan on 17+ MHz, skipping over target. Theoretically, if DW were at an optimum skip distance, the higher band would be advantageous over the domestic-site jammer (Hauser, OK)

17469.700 OPPOSITION. [] At 1636, music & Kurdish? talk, S9/+10 into Cyprus SDR at -300 Hz = 17469.700. However, needs calibration. Same SDR with timesignal on 10000 displays as -29v Hz (RWM CW IDs audible on side from 9996 at 1639). Also tried Kuwait SDR S5/S7 showing -246 Hz but at 1706 best into Qatar SDR S9+15 showing -248 Hz, so really 17469.753 or so, typical offfrequenciness of Tashkent site. Still going chex: 1802 S7/S9; 1822 S9+15/20; 1905 drift to -252 Hz. [] (Hauser, OK)

17600 ALGERIA. Radio Algierienne, Bechar heard at 1551 on 3/15. continuous Koran recitations and one very brief announcement in Arabic at 1553. Poor-fair. (Brossell, WI).

17600 ALGERIA. R Algerienne via Bechar, 3.16.23. Holy Quran channel, good signal at 1222 with OM Islamic chant. (Perry, Il.)

17790 UNITED STATES. Pan American Broadcasting, religious program, March 16, 2023, 2226 – 2235. SIO 444. Mixed YL / OM preachers, “Back to the Bible” follows. Heavy, gospel style congregation participation. AMEN! Many. Many AMENS! (Henley, WA)

26110 NB FM U S A. Tnx to tip from Harold Frodge, MI, at 1614 March 13 on the WOR iog, the KOVR Stockton CA auxiliary is on the air, chit-chatty morning talk show. I soon have it loud and clear, S7 into Missouri SDR at 1623. Off at 1628 after some sitcom theme. 1630 back on, so dont give up if not there at first. Many more interruptions. After a bit of dead air, transmitter autoturns off, it seems. And cuts back on abruptly. Why dont they just let it run? By the way, NBFM is lo-fi, nothing like hi-fi WBFM. Rough times of breaks included: 1628-1630, 1639-1641, 1649-1652, 1656-1658, 1727-1730, 1741-1744, 1754-1757. Mostly hyper hosts with fluff, including 1738 remote about the art of drumming; 1744 gushing about fashions at AcadAwards. Hour before and after 17 UT is Good Day, local show not from KOVR 13 itself but CW31 on their 13.3 subchannel; see sked at 10-11 am PDT so for another hour: Good Day on & off lasted until 1800. Back on at 1803 with obviously off-mike, not on air talk, then meteorologist Tracy Humphrey rehearsing? Or doing more than one take of segment recording for later on CBS13, try it again. Heavy snowfall at higher elevations, then flooding expected. For during the CBS13 Noon News at 1900-1930, when 26110 may be back on. Also audible direct at S7/S8 until another stop at 1811* and during lunch I dont monitor further. Still off at 1843+, and never back on after 1900. The substation audio of13.3heard before 1800 was KMAX-TV = CW 31 really on RF 24 per, but which shows KOVR 13-3 carrying Dabl instead. A few times both remotedly and directedly I scanned 25.8-26.5 MHz without encountering any other such activity [*] Meanwhile I am monitoring continuously via Missouri SDR. Nothing until *1617 in an interview, about 3.14 day, at the ``I Love Pi[e] Shop``, off at 1626*, briefly back 1629, off and nothing more past 1750. [*] [*] Later: Its on now at 1622 March 15, W&W discussion of dietary options, steady S7 into Missouri SDR. Off for ads at 1650-1652, not much heard later but not monitoring continuously, competition from Kurdistan and Antarctica. At this hour its KMAX programming, not KOVR. [*] - 26110 NBFM, March 16 at 1631 UT,CW-31KMAX-TVGood Dayshow studio feed via KMK282, Sacramento CA, steady S7 talk into Missouri SDR. 1704 local news, about accidents on I-80; sporadically on weekdays at 16-18 UT. Also heard direct at 1909, during noon news of KOVR,CBS 13 - 26110 NBFM, March 17 at 1526 UT, KMK282 with 8:26 timecheck, S7 into Missouri SDR. Despite NBFM mode, in SAM tuning displays carrier minus 54 Hz, = 26109.946 kHz. Fluff show IDs at 1530 as ``This is Good Day``; as on the multi-channel CBS Sacramento sked at: which shows on weekdays its four hours at 7-11 am PDT = 14-18 UT! I let it run but pay no further attention, and Squelch avoids noise during the breaks. Earlier I mis-read alignment on the program sked. This show is not on 13.3, which carries Dabl, but on 31.1, i.e. CW31 = KMAX, not KOVR at all. But the previous hours on 31.1 at 1130-14 UT do carry CBS13 News // 13.1. So KMK282 could be in use intermittently anytime during those long hours whether ionospherically propagating or not (Hauser, OK)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [*] See Glenn’s daily reports available via: GLENN HAUSER LOGS WEEKLY ROUNDUPS into one alfabetical file, posted early UT Thursdays; [ED.] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Bob Brossell, Pewaukee, Wi. Equipment: JRC NRD-545 (Grove Flex antenna); ETON E1; SONY ICF 6800W; SONY ICF SW77.

Rich D’Angelo, 2216 Burkey Drive, Wyomissing, PA 19610, U.S.A. Equipment: Ten-Tec RX-340, Drake R-8B, Eton E1, Eton E5, Alpha Delta DX Sloper, RF Systems Mini-Windom, Datong FL3, JPS ANC-4

Ed Cichorek-Somerset, NJ. Equipment: R5000, IC-R75, SW8, ICF2010; Autek QF-1A, Sloper, Signa Loop

Glenn Hauser Enid, Oklahoma. Equipment: NRD 545, IC-R75, DX-398/ATS-909, YB-400, ICF SW07, Tecsun PL 880, random wires

Vince Henley, Anacortes, WA, U. S. A. Equipment in use: WiNRADiO G39DDCe SDR, ICOM IC-R8600, Ten-Tec RX-340, SDRPLAY RSPdx, TECSUN H-501, other portables. Antennas: whip on H-501 and other portables. Alpha-Delta DX-Ultra installed broadside east – west at 30 feet for all others. New experiments with the MLA-30+ loop antenna, Eton Elite Traveler, Eton Executive Satellit, and C Crane CC Skywave SSB.

Bill Montney, S.E. Lower MI. Equipment: WinRadio G33DDC, Icom IC R-8600; 60 ft random.

Ralph Perry, Wheaton, Ill. Equipment: Drake R8B, Icom IC-7300, Dentron Super – Tuner, Ameco Preamp, Horizontal Delta Superloop, Quad Loop, Wellbrook ALA-1530

Jim Renfrew, Clarendon NY. Equipment. Drake R8B, 600 foot longwire aimed west.

Mark Taylor, Madison, Wi. Equipment: Perseus, Elad FDM-SW2, Airspy HF+ Dual & Discovery, Eton E1, various portables; W6LVP loop, 42 M. dipole, T2FD.

Robert Wilkner – Fl , Pompano Beach, South Florida

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Here, outside in the night air, all was quiet. Silence — and yet one felt the mystery of these invisible waves, the miracle of the hidden voices, sweeping out through the night.”

~ Journalist Leslie Baily ~ 1925

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