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Loggings – February 2023


UNITED STATES WWCR Nashville, TN 0105-0111 heavy rock incl Ozzie Osborne “No More Tears”; 12/11 fair-good (Prodan-ME)


OPPOSITION/RESISTANCE Echo of Hope/VoH (From RoK; to/against DPRK) at 1130. Talk; W in Korean — Poor to Fair; CCI (Jamming) 12/13 (Barton-AZ)


CHINA Voice of the Strait 1315, M and W presenters, soft female vocal music — Fair to Good 12/15 (Barton-AZ)


UNITED STATES KSKO via WRMI, Miami, FL, 2243-0059* Dec 23, Paul Winter with special Christmas programming essentially taking his live Christmas special feed and relaying it on shortwave with many KSKO station IDs with mentions of relays by Bulgaria and WRMI. Jeff White closed session with WRMI station ID. Fair to good signal. (D’Angelo-PA)


UNITED STATES US Navy TTY, Andrews Air Force Base, MD 2317+ teletype; good 12/10 (Prodan-ME)


UNITED STATES WWV Fort Collins, CO – 1/1 2042 noted with UTC time check in English and time signals. SIO 333. (Bueneman-MO/HSTDX)


CUBA Radio Rebelde CMBA Bauta, Ciudad de la Habana – 1/1 2144 noted with commentary in Spanish. SIO 212, increasing to 323 after 2200. (Bueneman-MO/HSTDX)


UNITED STATES WRMI Okeechobee, FL – 12/20 0201 noted with pop/rock oldies, reading from Psalm 106, legal ID and “WRMI USA” jingle ID in English. SIO 434. (Bueneman-MO)


IRELAND Shannon VOLMET – 12/16 0153 noted with weather reports for various European airports, “This is Shannon VOLMET, Shannon VOLMET” ID in English at 0155. SIO 333 in USB mode. (Bueneman-MO)


PHILIPPINES BBC in KK to FE via Tinang. January 11, 2023, 1619 – 1625. SIO 555. Language Lesson, “What is your name?” “My name is . . .” KK / EE language lesson. Excellent signal, easy listening. OM and YL instructors. (Henley, WA)


PHILIPPINES BBC in KK via Tinang. January 14, 2023, 1541 – 1550. SIO 444. YL in talk and commentary. Target is FE. Language lesson at 1545. “My name is . . .” “His name is . . .” “Her name is . . .” OM and YL instructors. (Henley, WA)


SCOTLAND [non] WRMI UT Fri Jan 13 at 0230-0245, WRMI playing pop/rock/rap music, fill? instead of classical `Encore` still scheduled at 0200-0300. Notified Jeff White and Brice Avery: there was an error in the file name, repaired so further repeats will be OK (Glenn Hauser, OK)


BULGARIA KSKO via Space line, Sofia, 2243-0059* Dec 23, Paul Winter with special Christmas programming essentially taking his live Christmas special feed and relaying it on shortwave with many KSKO station IDs with mentions of relays by Bulgaria and WRMI. Fair to good signal. (D’Angelo-PA)


OPPOSITION/RESISTANCE National Unity Radio (to/against N Korea) 1145. National Unity Radio at 1145. Talk by M in Korean, some soft female vocal music — Fair to Good 12/30 (Barton-AZ)


ROMANIA Radio Romania Intl Romanian 0113-0116 music, f singer, electronic music; fair-good 12/11 (Prodan-ME)


CHINA China Radio Int’l (Huhhot) 1045, soft female vocal music, W presenter in Russian lang. — Fair to Good 12/13 (Barton-AZ)


VATICAN BBC – Santa Maria di Galeria, 0146-0159* Dec 31, two men announcers talking in the listed Dari language followed by a woman announcer. Closed with announcements and statin ID before carrier was terminated. Poor. (D’Angelo-PA)


OPPOSITION/RESISTANCE Shiokaze/Sea Breeze 1330, M, then W, in Korean, musical synthesized tones between segments, all very familiar. We last heard them earlier in the month on 6085. Some jamming heard at times, so Jong-Un and Yo Jong must know by now they have moved here. Stronger jamming near the close, which was the familiar piano music and off on-the-hour — Fair 12/30 (Barton-AZ)


UNITED STATES WWCR Nashville, TN 0116-19 guitar music & announcement about Sunday service, “4 hour pure bible teaching with music” very good 12/11 (Prodan-ME)


UNITED STATES WRMI Okeechobee, FL 2345-0000 Texas Radio Shortwave: songs about places in Texas, incl “El Paso” (but not Marty Robbins version); good 11/5 (Prodan-ME)


UNITED STATES WRMI Okeechobee, FL 0200-0300 Radio Stromso DX reminiscences and Finnish music; good 12/11 (Prodan-ME)


GERMANY Mighty KBC 0005-0200 music, starting with “Wild Wild Party Tonight” and at 0133 Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks “Canned Music”; good 12/11 (Prodan-ME)


GERMANY Mighty KBC 0130-0200 Giant Jukebox Erik van Willigan noted that in 2023 his and Dave Mason’s shows would be changing stations (to WRMI), frequency (to 5950), and time (to 2200-0000); fair 12/18 (Prodan-ME)


TURKEY Voice of Turkey English 2304-2314 f ann news incl Pope, US storm deaths, then analysis of challenges & opportunities for Turkey in area crises: Ukraine-Russia war, Russia-Turkey-Syria conflict, Iraq & PKK; fair 12/25 (Prodan-ME)


CHINA China Radio Int’l; in RR to Siberia. January 11, 2023, 1527 – 1533. SIO 444. Mixed announcers in RR. MX, talk, and commentary. Good signal easy listening. (Henley, WA)


ROMANIA Radio Romania Intl French 0204-56 f + m Ann folk songs about winter “Bonhomie de Neige,” Sta ID & off; very good 12/27 (Prodan-ME)


MALI Radio Mali French 2340-48 music, songs & instrumental; fair 12/25 (Prodan-ME)


ECUADOR HCJB 0206-10 Andean music, talk; poor-fair 12/18 (Prodan-ME)


CUBA Radio Habana Cuba Spanish 0210 2 m talking; fair 12/18 (Prodan-ME)


CANADA CFRX Toronto, ON – 1/1 2215 noted with local ads, “News/Talk 1010 Toronto” ID into talk on Wi-Fi in English. SIO 333. (Bueneman-MO/HSTDX)


CANADA CFRX Toronto 2348-0010 I-heart radio “stories behind the Christmas songs,” then Nat King Cole “The Christmas Song” (chestnuts roasting); news – BC bus crash, Canadian tourists stranded in Cancun, US storm deaths, Steelers retiring player number; then John & Yoko “So This Is Christmas”; fair 12/25-26 (Prodan-ME)


OPPOSITION/RESISTANCE Shiokaze/Sea Breeze (Japan to/against North Korea (DPRK). 1330 // 7345 Long monologues, usual sound effects. We are hearing the // here in AZ (in the past, not audible here). Both equal level at the moment. — Fair to Good — Poor 12/13 (Barton-AZ)


FRANCE NHK Radio Japan 0213-18 sounded like a family show, lots of questions to children, answering “hai” (yes); good 12/18 (Prodan-ME)


ALASKA KNLS 1430 (in progress at tune-in) Religious lecture, some pop music, really solid Rx here — Good 12/10 (Barton-AZ)


CHINA China National Radio 1 domestic broadcast in CC. January 11, 2023, 1544 – 1550. SIO 333. Domestic program with OM announcer. MX and CC commentary. Heavy QRN, flutter on signal, listenable. (Henley, WA)


AUSTRIA Radio Oesterreich Int’l Moosbrunn, man and woman announcers with the news in the German language. Good signal. (D’Angelo-PA)


UNITED STATES WBCQ Monticello, ME 0218-36 The Lumpy Gravy Show, mostly music, various genres incl Porter Wagoner, Hawaiian, soul “What You See Is What You Get,” numerous sta IDs & jingles; fair 12/18 (Prodan-ME


NIGERIA Voice of Nigeria – Abuja Lugbe (very tentative), 0634-0652 Dec 31, noted briefly in presumed Hausa language with talk segments but reception was very poor. Hoped to catch opening the next two nights but nothing heard in subsequent listening sessions. Disappointing! (D’Angelo-PA)


NIGERIA Voice of Nigeria, Jan 9 at 0741, VON on at S9/+10 but JBM (Glenn Hauser, OK)


UNITED STATES Vatican Radio – Greenville, 0112-0135 Dec 31, man announcer with talk in the Portuguese language followed by female group vocals and a man announcer with station ID and closing announcements, IS for several minutes before a man opened the Spanish language program with a woman announcer giving the news. Poor to fair. (D’Angelo-PA)


ROMANIA Radio Romania Int’l; via Tiganesti – 1/1 2147 noted with discussion on history in English. SIO 545. (Bueneman-MO/HSTDX)


ROMANIA Radio Romania Int’l; via Galbeni – 1/1 2149 noted with history discussion in English. SIO 333. (Bueneman-MO/HSTDX)


INDIA All India Radio – Bengaluru, *0059-0129* Jan 19, nice IS followed by man announcer with opening of the listed Sindhi language program. Plenty of talks and musical segments until carrier terminated mid-sentence. Good signal. (D’Angelo-PA)


INDIA All India Radio – Bengaluru, 0103-0129* Jan 10, Periodic vocals with several talks in the listed Sindhi language. Apparent speech by a man with applause heard during the talk. Fair to good signal. (D’Angelo-PA)


NEW ZEALAND RNZ Pacific in EE to Oceania. January 10, 2023, 1539 – 1556. SIO 555. Excellent signal, interview program with mixed OM / YL participants about chefs and other commercial kitchen staff. Discussion of the pressure to perform well as a chef. Mental stress and the problems caused by that stress. Coping with stress and the lack of a “personal life.” (Henley, WA)


NEW ZEALAND RNZI to Oceania. January 11, 2023, 1534 – 1540. SIO 555. Excellent signal. Discussion of Aborigines raised as “white people” not speaking their own native language or experiencing their own culture. Focus of the discussion was the preservation of native languages. Mixed OM / YL commentators. (Henley, WA)


ROMANIA Radio Romania Int’l; via Galbeni – 12/16 0200 noted with ID into news in French. SIO 545. (Bueneman-MO)


UNITED STATES WBCQ Monticello, ME 2338- old music, incl Johnny Dodds Trio; poor 12/3 (Prodan-ME


UNITED STATES WMLK Bethel, PA – 1/1 2044 noted with sermon mentioning Yahweh in English. SIO 545. (Bueneman-MO/HSTDX)


UNITED STATES WRMI Okeechobee, FL – 1/1 2208 noted with rock and roll oldie, talk on the war in Ukraine and ad in English. SIO 545. (Bueneman-MO/HSTDX)


NORTH KOREA Voice of Korea in FF to NAM. January 9, 2023, 1651 – 1657. SIO 333. YL announcer in FF between MX pieces. Choral MX with mixed choir. Heavy QRN, steep QSB with flutter. Off air at 1657. (Henley, WA)


ALGERIA Radio Algerienne – Bechar, 0052-0207 Jan 17, vocal selection until 0100 when a woman announcer spoke in the Arabic language before a man began Holy Koran until 0157 when the woman announcer returned briefly before a vocal selection. Fair signal. (D’Angelo-PA)


ALGERIA Radio Algerienne via Bechar – 12/17 0620 noted with Holy Quran broadcast in Arabic. SIO 434. (Bueneman-MO)


CHINA PBS Nei Menggu 0730. Mostly a lot of talk in Chinese, pips and ID at ToH, then W in Chinese, while getting pounded by over-the-horizon radar pulses for a time — Fair 12/3 (Barton-AZ)


ALASKA KNLS religious broadcast in CC to FE. January 9, 2023, 1646 – 1651. SIO 333. OM and YL in religious conversation. Heavy QRN, steep QSB to JBA. Noisy signal, but listenable. MX clips. (Henley, WA)


SPAIN Radio Exterior Espana , Jan 11 at 2305, token English from REE. Main feature by Hélena Rigobert is about a new modernized production of Purcell`s opera Dido & Aeneas opening Jan 17 in Madrid. Great music interspersed; 2318-2321 break for report from Lebanon correspondent about a church being completely vandalized by some Syrian. 2321-2330 fills with Act I of D&A, or part of it. VG S9+20/30 into Maryland SDR (Glenn Hauser, OK)


THAILAND Voice of America in Tibetan via Udon Thani. January 11, 2023, 1647 – 1653. SIO 333. OM / YL in talk. Target is FE. Noisy signal, but listenable. Conversation format. Heavy QRN, steep QSB with flutter. (Henley, WA)


UNITED ARAB EMIRATES BBC, Jan 19 at 0324, way off-frequency carrier with flutter, S4/S6, maybe trace of music. Vietnam comes to mind as a traditional skewed frequency, but EiBi & Aoki show that not on “9840“ until 1000-2400. At this hour 0300-0500, it has to be BBC in Arabic to ME via Al-Dhabbiya (Glenn Hauser, OK)


UNITED STATES KBS World via Greenville, NC – 12/16 0157 noted with feature on Korean pop


KOREA NORTH Voice of Korea, Jan 14 at 0722, S7/S9 of distorted music, very brief announcements, cannot recognize language, past 0732, something from ME. No, Aoki & EiBi agree it has to be VOK in Russian at 0700-0900 (Glenn Hauser, OK)


UNITED STATES WRMI Okeechobee, FL 0045-0100 and repeated 0130-0145 Mike’s Bluegrass Gospel incl Bayles Brothers “Only a Flower,” Lewis Family “City on the Hill”; poor+ 12/18 (Prodan-ME


UNITED STATES The Overcomer Ministry via WWCR Nashville, TN – 1/1 2059 noted w/archived sermon by Brother Stair in English. SIO 555. (Bueneman-MO/HSTDX) 1


MADAGASCAR Adventist World Radio 2040, M in (listed) Yoruba (Nigeria; W Africa), vocal music, excited sounding man who was both talking and singing. Very lively African music closing out the hour — Fair; Choppy 12/5 (Barton-AZ)


NORTHERN MARIANAS ISLANDS Voice of America – Agingan Pt, Saipan, 1443-1457* Jan 11, two men announcers in talk in the listed Korean language. Instrumental music at 1450 followed by another man talking until carrier terminated. Poor to fair. (D’Angelo-PA)


THAILAND Voice of America relay from here @0904 12/18/22, fair signal in Chinese.


SWAZILAND Trans World Radio 1630, M presenter, ethnic vocal music with steel drums, bx to Ethiopia. Music appeared to bridge segments. Listed quarter hour of Kamba and then to Hadiyya. Either closed or faded out at 1700, when my sked shows they should still be on, w/ Amharic programming — 12/30 (Barton-AZ)


MADAGASCAR R ERISAT 1820, talk, music, listed Tigrinya (Ethiopia) — Fair 12/2 (Barton-AZ)


UNITED STATES Voice of America Greenville, NC – 1/1 2114 noted with Country music, “VOA” ID in English. SIO 555. (Bueneman-MO/HSTDX)


BRASIL Radio Nacional da Amazônia Portuguese 2142-2200 music, some live concert; fair 12/11 (Prodan-ME)


KOREA (North) KBS World Radio – Kimjae, 0041-0123 Jan 12, a woman announcer with Spanish language talks with short instrumental music segments later joined by a man announcer as talks and musical segments continued. Poor. (D’Angelo-PA)


BRAZIL Radio Brasil Central – Goiânia, 0041-0134 Jan 18, man and woman talking in the Portuguese language followed by instrumental music at 0059, A man announcer with station ID at 0100 followed by several announcements before the man hosted a music program. Fair signal. (D’Angelo-PA)


BRAZIL Radio Brasil Central – Goiânia, 0041-0143 Jan 7, thanks to Paul Walker tip noted with Portuguese language talk segments by a man and woman announcing team with brief short instrumental music between segments. Nice station ID at 0104 some announcements followed by non-stop program of vocals including some English language tunes. Very Poor. (D’Angelo-PA)


TURKEY Voice of Turkey Turkish 1546-1600+ middle east/Turkish music, f Ann, news after 1600; fair 12/11 (Prodan-ME)


PHILIPPINES BBC WS 2315, px on stem cell research, news headlines at the BoH by man, leading with the death of legendary Pele the Brazilian football player — Very Good 12/29 (Barton-AZ)


ASCENSION ISLANDS BBC – English Bay, 0601-0618 Jan 2, man announcer with news in the English language. Station IDs and other news related features heard. Poor. (D’Angelo-PA)


UNITED STATES Radio Marti Greenville, NC Spanish 1521-30+ f ann lots of Central American news, sta ID; very good 12/22 //11930 very good (Prodan-ME)


PHILIPPINES Vatican Radio 2314. Opening with a long high-pitched tone and to familiar Vatican tuning signal at 2315 to woman, then man, in Vietnamese. Monologue with man in Vietnamese, then apparent recording of Catholic mass or service. Symphonic music near the end of the bx, then off at 2350. Really raising the bars on the SW8 S-meter — Good to Very Good 12/5 (Barton-AZ)


GERMANY Adventist World Radio in Tigrinya to East Africa via Nauen. January 10, 2023, 1634 – 1642. SIO 232. African MX, talk in Tigrinya. Noisy signal, co-channel QRM, heavy QRN and flutter. Poor listening. YL announcer with a long monologue. (Henley, WA)


MADAGASCAR MWV African Pathways Radio via Mahajanga – 1/1 2018 noted with story on the upbringing of Jesus in English. SIO 545. (Bueneman-MO/HSTDX)


SPAIN Radio Exterior Espana Spanish 1609-18 music then 2 f in disc; fair 12/11 //9690 and //11940 poor (Prodan-ME)


SPAIN Radio Exterior Espana in SS. January 8, 2023, 1743 – 1749. SIO 444. Target is I via Noblejas. Sports program with a broadcast and commentary on a soccer game. High energy sports announcers. (Henley, WA)


CHINA China Radio Int’l (Xianyang) 0040 M and W in Chinese, sounded like a discussion re: Taiwan — Very Good 12/4 (Barton-AZ)


UNITED STATES WEWN Vandiver, AL 1619-21 m & f preaching; fair-poor, echoey 12/11 (Prodan-ME)


PHILIPPINES FEBA/R Liangyou (via Iba) 2325, long monologues with M in Chinese — Fair 12/14 (Barton-AZ)


SINGAPORE BBC via Kranji in KK. January 8, 2023, 1737 – 1742. SIO 555. Excellent signal, clear, easy listening. OM / YL announcers alternating. Listed target is FE. YL with a long monologue followed by an OM with another monologue. (Henley, WA)


PHILIPPINES R Pilipinas 1800, mix of talk and music, way out in the mud and under CODAR. // 9925 can be heard, nothing on 15190 — Poor; Fair on peaks 12/13 (Barton-AZ)


MALI CGTN Radio via Bamako – 1/1 2032 noted with discussion in English. SIO 333. (Bueneman-MO/HSTDX)


MADAGASCAR R Feda 1900. Opening after the close of African Pathways Radio with ME male vocal music, male and woman in Arabic. “Contact at Radio Feda dot com” — Very Good 12/15 (Barton-AZ)


JAPAN NHK World Radio 2300 M and W in (listed) Thai back and forth, sounded like news update, Japanese pop vocal music, NHK tuning signal and a reopen in Vietnamese at the half hour mark — Fair 12/10 (Barton-AZ)


SAUDI ARABIA SBA Holy Quran Radio in AA. January 11, 2023, 1635 – 1642. SIO 444. OM chanting verses from the Quran. Target is North Africa. Long chant. Moderate QRN / QSB with some flutter. (Henley, WA)


THAILAND Voice of Thailand – Ban Dung, Udon Thani Province, 0046-0059* Jan 19, man and woman vocal selection followed by a man announcer talking in the Thai language. Instrumental music until carrier was terminated. Fair signal. (D’Angelo-PA)


SÃO TOMÉ E PRÍNCIPE Voice of America relay Pinheira – 1/1 2035 noted with news and commentary in Hausa. SIO 333. (Bueneman-MO/HSTDX)


THAILAND Voice of Thailand – Ban Dung, Udon Thani Prov, *0000-0022 Jan 1, English language news program hosted by a man and woman announcing team with frequent station IDs, promotional announcements and the usual array of news features. Poor. (D’Angelo-PA)


THAILAND Voice of Thailand – Ban Dung, Udon Thani Province, 0007-0035 Jan 12, man and woman announcers hosting the news in the English language with nice station ID at 0019 (“You are listening to Radio Thailand news.” and “You are listening to the morning news on Radio Thailand.”) closing with an interview. Closed English broadcast at 0028 but opened the Thai program at 0029 with station ID and news. Have they stopped IDing as “Voice of Thailand”? Fair. (D’Angelo-PA)


THAILAND Radio Thailand 1/9/23 fair signal, choppy propagation, interview with an expert in economics 0023-0030. Also tonight 1/10 @0012 with a better signal, news, music, and more interviews.


UNITED STATES Radio Martí via Greenville, NC – 1/1 2040 noted with discussion in Spanish. SIO 555. (Bueneman-MO/HSTDX)


UNITED STATES Radio Marti in SS to Cuba. January 8, 2023, 1730 – 1735. SIO 333. OM announcer with station ID followed by Latin MX. YL joins at 1732 with long monologue. (Henley, WA)


CANADA CHU Ottawa, ON – 1/1 2113 noted with time signals, “CHU Canada” ID in English, UTC time check in English and French at 2114. SIO 555. (Bueneman-MO/HSTDX)


ASCENSION ISLAND Voice of America 2130, mostly a lot of talk, listed all in Bambara language (spoken in areas of Mali), went off a few minutes bf 2200 — Fair 12/29 (Barton-AZ)


MALI China Radio Int’l; in Swahili via Bamako. January 8, 2023, 1715 – 1729. SIO 434. CRI in Swahili to East Africa. OM announcer / commentator. Moderate QRN, slow QSB. Listenable. African MX followed by commentary. (Henley, WA)


MALI China Radio Int’l, Jan 16 at 1606, music with very heavy bass beat, then Arabic announcement, S7/S9. It`s CRI via Bamako toward E Africa (Glenn Hauser, OK)


CUBA Radio Habana Cuba Spanish 1539-45 songs & f ann, sta ID at 1545; poor+ 12/11, but //15140 better, //13700 fair, //11760 good (Prodan-ME)


FRANCE Deutsche Welle in Amharic via Issoudun to East Africa. January 9, 2023, 1630 – 1640. SIO 444. OMs in conversation format. Audio clips. Minor QRN / QSB. (Henley, WA)


FRANCE Deutche Welle (Issoudun relay) 1600, going to what sounded to be magazine, in (listed) Amharic (Ethiopia) — Fair. 12/2 (Barton-AZ)


FRANCE Radio France Int’l; in FF via Issoudun. January 8, 2023, 1708 – 1713. SIO 233. Target is West Africa. OM / YL alternating. Noisy signal, heavy QRN, rapid flutter on signal. (Henley, WA)


MADAGASCAR AWR Africa via Talata Volondry – 1/1 2025 noted with Christian teaching, ID in French, off at 2026. SIO 545. (Bueneman-MO/HSTDX)


MADAGASCAR Adventist World Radio 1925. AWR noted closing out Hausa (Nigeria, et al; NW Africa) bx and going off at 1929, reopening on adjacent freq 15355 at 1930 in Igbo language (southeast Nigeria) — Good 12/29 (Barton-AZ)9275


ROMANIA Radio Romania Intl Romanian 1500-16 f Ann, ref to Romania, folk song then talk/discussion; good 12/11 (Prodan-ME)


SAO TOME E PRINCIPE Voice of America January 8, 2023, 1701 – 1707. SIO 444. Voice of America ID, announcer in Zimbabwe languages, target Zimbabwe. Moderate QRN / QSB, good signal, listenable. YL joins at 1704, OM and YL alternating thereafter. (Henley, WA)


GERMANY Adventist World Radio in Somali via Nauen. January 8, 2023, 1654 – 1700. SIO 333. OM announcer, African MX vocals with OM and YL singers. Noisy signal, but listenable. Off the air at 1700. (Henley, WA)


VATICAN CITY Radio Tamazuj 1516-34 Sudanese 1518 heard “Radio Tamazuj” then some music/singing, then m discussion; fair 12/18 (Prodan-ME)


FRANCE Radio Dabanga in Sudanese Arabic. Clandestine / opposition via Issoudun, target Sudan. January 8, 2023, 1645 – 1654. SIO 323. Noisy signal with strong flutter. Listenable with difficulty. (Henley, WA)


VATICAN STATE Radio Vatican in Swahili to East Africa via Santa Maria di Galeria. January 11, 2023, 1626 – 1634. SIO 333. Mixed announcers in Swahili, MX, choral singing. Interval MX at 1629 then a program / language switch to EE at 1630. OM with homily in EE beginning at 1630. (Henley, WA)


VATICAN CITY Vatican Radio Amharic 1535-39 music, m intoning; fair 12/11 (Prodan-ME)


VATICAN STATE Radio Vatican in EE via Santa Maria di Galeria. January 8, 2023, 1634 – 1640. SIO 333. Target is East Africa. Sermon and commentary with choral MX. OM and YL mixed announcers. (Henley, WA)


MADAGASCAR AWR, Jan 15 at 1555, S Asian songs are SSOB, S9/+10 but chopped off the air at 1558*, how rude! It`s AWR in MAL, which here means Malayalam, not Malgache or Malay, scheduled at 1530 (Glenn Hauser, OK)


NEW ZEALAND Radio New Zealand Int’l; – Rangitaiki, 0551-0558* Dec 20, two men in English language discussion until a female vocalist accompanied by guitar at 0555. A man announcer gave station ID and mentioned changing frequencies followed by bird chirping before carrier was terminated. Fair signal. (D’Angelo-PA)


UNITED STATES Gruss an Bord via WRMI, Miami, FL, 2017-2059* Dec 24, annual German language Christmas special but only WRMI frequency heard this year with short talks, a few vocals and applause from a live studio audience. Closed with Jeff White providing a WRMI station ID. Very good signal. (D’Angelo-PA)


UNITED STATES WRMI religious broadcast in EE to ENAM. January 8, 2023, 1627 – 1633. SIO 433. MX, Jazz, Gospel MX with OM soloist. Heavy QRN. MX continues with rapid QSB and flutter on the signal. (Henley, WA)


UNITED STATES WRMI Okeechobee, FL 1621-24 English-accented preacher “doing a humble work for god;” poor-fair 12/11 (Prodan-ME)


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