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Flashsheet #200, November 27, 2005

Editor: Ray Bauernhuber

I hope everyone had a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!

Next Deadline: Sunday, December 4, 2005 at 1700 UTC (1200 EST). All loggings to be sent to me at: or by ‘snail mail’ to: 151-64 18th Avenue Whitestone, NY 11357-3102 USA.

2310 AUSTRALIA, VL8A, Alice Springs 11/1/05 11/24/2005 – popular music, poor. (Herr,CA)

3220 PAPUA NEW GUINEA, R. Morobe 1018 11/24/2005. Definite audio but unable to make out. Poor (Herr CA)

3255 SOUTH AFRICA, BBC-Meyerton good @ 0314 with EG political cmnty; a quick check of R. Sondergrense-Meyerton on 3320 at the same time showed a remarkably strong signal as well (Ronda-OK, 11/24)

3290 PAPUA NEW GUINEA, R. Central Boroko 1021 11/24/2005. Unreadable with ute intereference. het USB from Guyana, and LSB from unknown. Poor (Herr – CA)

3291 GUYANA, GBC. Date: 11/24/05. Time: 0446-0503. OM in Indian EE with dramatic monolog. The monolog dealt with the Raj era of India. Ments of Mr. Nehru. At TOH there was an ID as “World Briefing” by BBC nx. Good. (Wood, TN)

3291.18 GUYANA, R. Guyana 0500 11/24/2005 Always a het here but this is first time I’ve had a readable signal in a while. Relay BBC world service news. EE Fair (Herr – CA)

3325 INDONESIA, RRI Palangkaraya 1026 11/24/2005. Muslim religious music just barely readable. Bahasa Indonesian, Poor (Herr – CA)

4000 CHINA, Nei Menggo PBS 1035 11/24/2005. Male and female. A regular here. Chinese, Fair (Herr – CA)

4810 MEXICO, XERTA fair-good @ 0007 with romantic SP ballads; sometimes peaking to good; a rare instance here when this freq has not been troubled by a nasty ute (Ronda-OK, 11/22)

4890 PAPUA NEW GUINEA, NBC Port Moresby, 1044-1105, Nov 24, English, Playing continous US pop tunes till toh when male announcer made a few breif announcements and then IS and female began with news items. S6 level with fading present. Poor reception of this one of late but fairly audable this check (Montgomery – PA)

4890 PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Port Moresby 1053 11/24/2005; ‘Do you believe in magic’. The most reliable tropical band .Pacific station here. EE fair (Herr – CA)

4919v ECUADOR, R. Quito poor-fair @ 0249 with woman in SP; then into quiet orchestral & vocal mx; ID @ 0259 and into faster paced mx. (Ronda-OK, 11/21)

4925 INDONESIA, RRI – Jambi 1047 11/24/2005; Indian sounding music. Poor (Herr,Ca)

4970 INDIA, AIR-Shillong, Nov 26, 1332-1504; ads, folk songs in English, sub-continent music and songs, 1430-1500 YL in English with music program “Golden Classics,” with songs by Elvis (“Hound Dog,” “Love Me Tender” and “Too Much”), Andy Williams (“Moon River” and “Spooky”), several IDs: “This is the North Eastern Service of All India Radio broadcasting from Shillong on 60.36 meters, corresponding to 4970 kHz.” ToH: “Listeners we welcome you to our program of Western instrumental music entitled Light Jazz.” Fair. Very pleasant listening. (Howard – CA)

5019.88 SOLOMON ISLANDS, SISB 1440 11/24/2005; relay BBC with Heather Payton. Fair (Herr,CA)

5930 CZECH REPUBLIC, Radio Prague. Date: 26 Nov 05. Time: 2111-2116. YL in EE with nx items on arrest of criminals. Ments of several health insurance companies being in financial difficulty due to health care fraud. Tk of foxes in Czech Republic. Email addys and ID. Fair. (Wood, TN)

5960 RUSSIA, R. Tikhiy Okean (R. Station Pacific Ocean), Nov 27, 0935-1000; slight change in their sign-on, which starts with: “Moscow Radio – Radio – Radio” (echo sound affect), followed by pop instrumental music, then into the usual “Govorit Vladivostok,” chimes IS and Russian programming, still with many IDs for Radiostantsiya Tikhiy Okean. Good (Howard – CA)

6139v COLOMBIA, R. Lider poor-fair @ 1025 with two male ancrs trading items; short mx bridges; 2 SP IDs and Time Check @ 1033 and into a prgm of “favorite songs” (Ronda-OK, 11/24)

6205 RUSSIA, Voice of Russia, 1237-1248, Nov 24, Unknown, Russian mx heard but weak. S 5 with lots of fades and high noise level. ID is tentive. as ID not heard. Mostly Russian pop tunes. Female announcer heard at 1240 in Russian language but difficult copy. Station faded down by 1248. (Montgomery, PA)

6205 RUSSIA, Voice of Russia, 1237-1248, Nov 24, Unknown, Russian mx heard but weak. S 5 with lots of fades and high noise level. ID is tentive. as ID not heard. Mostly Russian pop tunes. Female announcer heard at 1240 in Russian language but difficult copy. Station faded down by 1248. (Montgomery – PA)

6235 UNITED STATES, Voice of America, 2350-2359, Nov 23, English, Special EE broadcast with talks about President Cleveland. Then at 2350 comments on the use of silver in the US. Talks about the gold standard and the change over from the silver standard. S9 signal level with fades. Unable to find a listing on its broadcast location. Talks about Cleveland having cancer and how the surgery was performed. The operation was performed on a sail boat in NY harbor. 2357 female announcer with program info, “The making of a Nation”. Sudden off at 2359 (Montgomery – PA)

6285 NORTH KOREA, PBS Pyongyang, 1144-1220, Nov 24, Korean, No listing for this one but had someone translate for me. Definately N. Korea as male announcer talking about Comrade Kim Chong Ill. Fairly good copy at S7 level. Male announcer joined by female announcer with more praises. Female announcer provided id at 1230 in Korean language. Id by female announcer at 1247 as the voice of Korea in Korean language. (Montgomery – PA)

6285 NORTH KOREA, KCBS noted Nov. 11 in FR, ID and full schedule, // 9325. Fair; noted occasionally since, but always at lower level than their usual 6 250 outlet, which normally carries Korean (Jaar – QUEBEC)

6285 DPRK, Voice of Korea fair-good @ 1040 in EG with usual political cmnty; EG ID @ 1042 and into prgm about the revival of Korean musical theatre with songs right out of the Broadway tradition (Ronda-OK, 11/24)

6612 ZIMBABWE, ZBC Harare, 0125-0155, Nov 27, Shona/Ndebele/…, Slight het on base freq., 3306 but 2x 3306- 6612 audible at S5 with some fading. Some exceptional African music. Exceptionaly long tunes with male announcer finally at 0141 with breif announcements and back to more great mx. S6 at times with fades. (Montgomery – PA)

7110 ETHIOPIA, R. Ethiopia fair-poor with muffled audio @ 0336; woman ancr in Amharic; flute and unaccompanied vocal mx; presumed ID and into nx by woman ancr @ 0400; tough going in mounting QRN and poor audio (Ronda-OK, 11/23)

7110 GERMANY, IBC Tamil via Wertachel, 0026-0100* Nov 23, non-stop talk by man in Tamil language. Brief music segment at 0038 followed by a woman announcer with ID and London address. Discussion program followed with two men. Off with closing ID and announcements. Poor to fair. (D’Angelo-PA)

7125 GUINEA, RTV – Conakry at 0755 with West African music; M in FR at 0800, different announcements on local events. Weak to fair, QRN, Nov. 13 (Jaar – QUEBEC)

7190 UZBEKISTAN, Radio Tashkent International, *1200-1217 Nov 22, IS followed by opening of English program with ID (“This is Radio Tashkent International”) and announcements alternating with local folk music segments. A newscast followed. Fair signal but mixing with Chinese station. (D’Angelo-PA)

7250 VATICAN CITY, Radio Vatican. Date: 11/24/2005. Time: 0605-0630*. Interesting prgm with history of the Papacy. Followed by items about the Swiss Guard and poetry by Wilford Owen. Good. (Wood, TN)

7269.7 MALAYSIA, RTM Kuching, Sawarak 1057 11/24/2005 News. Bahasa Indonesian Fair (Herr – CA)

7269.7 MALAYSIA/SARAWAK, Wai FM (RTM), Nov 25, 1352-1435, pop music, 1401 start of a strong open carrier, *1427 Fire Dragon jamming, with assume Taiwan under it at 1430. Sarawak totally covered after 1401. In the past the open carrier didn’t start till closer to BoH. (Howard-CA)

7360 MOLDOVA, Family Radio. Date: 11/22/05. Time: 2141. 2 OM in EE with rx tk. Fair. (Wood, TN)

7415 USA, WBCQ. Date: 26 Nov 05. Time: 2126-2135. “This Week in Amateur Radio” prgm. Ancr Leo Leport (?) with requests for listeners to go the AARL webpage and take a survey. PSA by Patti Loveless about Ham operators during times of emergencies. Nx of some music CDs having copyright protection. Christmas mx by Alvin and the Chipmunks. An eclectic mix on this show! Good. (Wood, TN)

7415 USA, WBCQ (Monticello, Maine). Date: 11/22/05. Time: 2143. YL in EE with tk of home remedies. Specifically mentioned using cayenne pepper to stop bleeding. Gave website addy and telephone number. VG //9330. (Wood, TN)

7500 BULGARIA, Radio Bulgaria. Date: 11/22/05. Time: 2145. YL in FF with soft rock mx and ID. Fair. (Wood, TN)

7555 USA, WHRA. Date: 11/24/2005. Time: 0544-0601. “Power Hour” prgm with listener’s call-ins. ID ad addys at 0558. Fair. (Wood, TN)

9320 USA, WWCR (Music City). Date: 11/22/05. Time: 2151. Bro Stair with std fare. Poor. (Wood, TN)

9330 USA, WBCQ (Monticello, Maine). Date: 11/22/05. Time: 2143-2152. YL in EE with tk of home remedies. Specifically mentioned using cayenne pepper to stop bleeding. Gave website addy and telephone number. Fair. //7415. (Wood, TN)

9370 USA, WTJC (Newport, NC). Date: 11/22/05. Time: 2154. Southern Gospel mx in EE. VG (Wood. TN)

9410 CYPRUS, BBC relay. Date: 11/22/05. Time: 2158. Sports by OM in EE with ments of UK vs. Pakistan in cricket. Tk of Davis Cup and futbol. F-G. (Wood, TN)

9420 GREECE, Foni Tis Helladas. Date: 11/24/2005. Time: 0539. Nice prgm of swing and big band mx in EE and GG with OM ancr in GG. Good. (Wood, TN)

9425 INDIA, AIR-Bangalore National Channel poor @ 2236 with man in Hindi; several mentions of India and into distinctive sub-cont vocals; man speaking in EG @ 2252 and back to mx; EG ID @ 2257; chimes @ 2300. (11/20) Much clearer between 2157 and 2219 with similar programming on 11/21 (Ronda-OK)

9440 CHINA, CRI-Kunming poor @ 1138 with woman speaking in Chaozhau dialect [listed as such in NDXC] with choral mx between items (Ronda-OK, 11/21)

9445 INDIA, AIR (Bangalore). Date: 11/22/05. Time: 2159. YL in EE with ments of elections and cricket. TK of building a new airport. Fair to poor. (Wood, TN)

9525 POLAND, Radio Polonia, *1259-1315 Nov 22, IS alternating with “Radio Polonia” IDs until opening of English program at 1300 with ID, sign on announcements and news. Fair with //11850 also fair. (D’Angelo-PA)

9550 CUBA, Radio Habana Cuba. Date: 11/24/2005. Time: 0532-0536. NX with ancr Ed Newman concerning the US involvement in Iraq. VG. (Wood, TN)

9575 MOROCCO, Radio Medi Un. Date: 24 Nov 05. Time: 0527-0537. Prgm of pop and dance mx in EE and FF with YL ancr in FF. Good. (Wood, TN)

9595 JAPAN, R. Nikkei fair @ 1126 with long JJ talk by man; no ID at BOH; // 3925 poor in same time period (Ronda-OK, 11/24)

9660 FRENCH GUYANA, R. Japan; IS at 0228 then Portuguese program at 0230 Nov. 27. At 0310 recheck, M in Japanese, weak to fair. (Jaar – QUEBEC)

9675 SPAIN, REE. Date: 11/24/2005. Time: 0507-0600. Excellent prgm of opera and classical mx. OM ancr in SS with extended descriptions of the selections being bx. From my limited knowledge of SS, I think all of the mx had been recorded specifically for REE. // 6055. VG. (Wood, TN)

9770 CANADA, RCI. Date: 26 Nov 05. Time: 2100-2110. “Business Sense” prgm with nx of GM layoffs and plant closures followed by a detail analysis from a Canadian viewpoint. VG (Wood, TN)

9780 YEMEN, Rep. of Yemen Radio – San’á end of news in EN by man “from Sana’a”; ballad in English, at fair level. Better at 1913 recheck carrying news by woman in AR. Nov. 20 (Jaar – QUEBEC)

9965 ARMENIA, Voice of Armenia at 1940 UTC with English broadcast. YL gave ID then into commentary. At 1944 UTC they gave their web address then into classical music to 1946 UTC transmitter off. Fair but hard to copy with low modulation. (333 Nov 25/05 – Delmage – AB)

9990 EGYPT, Radio Cairo. Date: 26 Nov 05. Time: 2120. YL in EE with nx of Eygption elections interspursed with ME mx. Fair. (Wood, TN)

11550 SWEDEN, Radio Sweden International, 1335-1345, Nov 24, English, Interesting copy as had an echo at about 3/4 of a second apart. Both appear to be at same level. S 9 level with fades. Talks about start up of a new neuclear generator. Lots of protests. Echo makes for difficult copy even at this level. (Montgomery – PA)

11620 INDIA, AIR, IS at 1613 then Russian at 1615, good level. At first, both Hindi and Russian heard mixing for ID and frequencies, etc., then Russian alone by female speaker. Nov. 27 (Jaar – QUEBEC)

11665 JAPAN, R. Japan heard at 2245 in Japanese, traces only // good 11895 (Fr. Guiana relay) Nov. 18 (Jaar – QUEBEC)

11735 TANZANIA, R. Tanzania-Zanzibar fragments of talk and mx @ 1817 & 1948; poor but readable by 1950 with hi-life vocals; Swahili talk @ 1952 & 1959; time pips and talk @ 1959 and back to mx; not relaying Spice-FM in this time period (Ronda-OK, 11/21. I waited a long time for this one!

11735 DPRK, Voice of Korea fair-poor @ 0132 with EG prgm on the mx of Korea — interesting prgm but mind-numbing cmnty (Ronda-OK, 11/23)

11735 ZANZIBAR, RZ, Nov 25, 1733-1810, in language and English, 1745 & 1758 “Goooooooal” and mentions soccer Zanzibar, 1759 drums, into news in English (first the main stories, then the news in detail and main stories again), 1809 “end of the news.” Poor-fair, but could not make out much of the news. Back in 1983, when I received my QSL and hand written letter from Yusuf Omar Chunda (Director of the Department of Information at Zanzibar), he indicated: “Concerning the External Service in the English Language, things are in the pipe line. Will inform you when everything will be O.K.” Twenty-two years later we have it! (Howard – CA)

11735 ZANZIBAR, R. Tanzania-Zanzibar, Nov 25, 1802-1815, tuned in as man was reading news in English with each item preceded by dateline. News ended 1809 but signal way down. Into what sounded like Arabic programming of mostly talk with brief music bridges. Poor/fair level and difficult to understand much of English segment. (Herkimer, NY)

11760 CUBA, Radio Habana. Date: 26 Nov 05. Time: 2117-2120. Arnie Coro with ‘DXer Unlimited’ prgm. Discussion of merits of vacuum tube radios vs. solid state radios. It appears that Mr. Coro favors vacuum tube radios in some cases. Good. (Wood, TN)

11805 MADAGASCAR, WYFR via R. Nederland relay poor @ 1850 with conclusion of Swahili prgm; ID and off @ 1857 (Ronda-OK, 11/20)

11805 CUBA, R. Havana 1400 11/21/2005 ID with usual music TOH. Preceding show ‘Cucina de la Pacifica’. Apparently a new frequency, SS, good (Herr – CA)

11810 JORDAN, R. Jordan fair @ 1507 with woman ancr in AR; vocal-instrumental interludes; ancr mentioned Jordan several times; then into interesting mix of ME and Euro mx; sliding toward poor by 1525 (Ronda-OK, 11/22)

11810 JORDAN, Radio Jordan, 1412-1443 Nov 26, male vocal to 5+1 time pips at 1415 followed by ID by man and Arabic news with a woman announcer. End of news at 1425 followed by vocals. Fair. (D’Angelo-PA)

11815 BRAZIL, R. Brasil Central-Goiania poor @ 2323 with PT vocals and ancts; PT ID @2330 and back to vocals (Ronda-OK, 11/26)

11845 SOUTH AFRICA, AWR via Meyerton fair-good @ 2018 with FR religious prgm; FR ID @ 2027; EG ID @ 2028 and into prgm in Yoruba @ 2030 (Ronda-OK, 11/23)

11850 POLAND, R. Polonia, 1259-1310. IS followed by announcements and news in English by woman. Items from other reporters were included. Moderate signal with heavy high side interference. SINPO 32222. Parallel 9525 was noted with much weaker signal. First log of this station since 2001. (Jim Evans, TN, Nov 21)

11880 AUSTRALIA, Radio Australia. Date: 22 Nov 05. Time: 2007-2012. OM in EE with ments of surface international mail. Sports with tk of Rugby. ID at 2009 followed by nx with YL in Caribbean accent EE speaking about Oceania. F-G. (Wood, TN)

11900 CHINA, China Radio International, 1311-1318, Nov 24, English, News in EE heard at tune in. ID at 1314 as R. China International by male announcer in ee. S7 level with rapid fades. World news items. Talks about CRI on sat. broadcasts. Talks about bird flu at 1318. (Montgomery – PA)

11975 SAO TOME, VOA relay. Date: 22 Nov 05. Time: 2014-2019. ID, freqs, and TC as ‘African World’ prgm and “You’re listening to VOA.” OM in EE with tk of anti personnel mines in Africa and countries banning their use. Good. (Wood, TN)

11990 KUWAIT, R. Kuwait fair-poor @ 1547 with AR talk; AR mx @ 1548; peaking to fair by 1550; AR ID @ 1600 (Ronda-OK, 11/26)

12010 RUSSIA, VOR-Komsomolsk on Amur very poor @ 0232 with RR talk and RR choral mx of the kind made popular by the Red Army Chorus; signal getting stronger by 0245 with woman ancr and more choral mx; gone by 0318 recheck (Ronda-OK, 11/23)

12080 BOTSWANA, VOA relay. Date: 22 Nov 05. Time: 2020-2022. YL with FF service to Central Africa. MX in FF with ballads and MOR mx. Fair. (Wood, TN)

12095 ASCENSION ISLAND, BBC relay. Date: 22 Nov 05. Time: 2022. YL in EE with discussion of the finer aspects of a certain form of feeding new born babies. VG. (Wood, TN)

12160 USA, WWCR (Nashville). Date 22 Nov 05. Time: 2025. Interview of OM in EE about the Nation of Islam and listener’s call-ins. VG. (Wood, TN)

13615 USA, WEWN (Vandiver, Alabama). Date: 22 Nov 05. Time: 2029. 2 YL in EE with tk of excommunication and forgiveness re The Church of Rome. Poor. (Wood, TN)

13715 BOTSWANA, VOA relay. Date: 22 Nov 05. Time: 2048. Prgm “Sunny Side of Sports” with OM in EE ments of Zimbabwean soccer team playing in Egypt. YL with ments of American Music Assc awards prgm. VG. (Wood, TN)

13735 SAO TOME, VOA fair @ 1941 with Jerry Butler soul vocals; ancts in FR; ID and into VOA jazz prgm @ 2000; best in USB to defeat persistent het (Ronda-OK, 11/20)

13815 USA, KAIJ (Frisco, Texas). Date: 22 Nov 05. Time: 2052. The late Dr. Scott with tk from the Book of Isaiah. Poor. // 13845. (Wood, TN)

13845 USA, WWCR (Nashville, Tennessee). Date: 22 Nov 05. Time: 2054. The late Dr. Scott with tk from the Book of Isaiah. Fair. // 13815. (Wood, TN)

15220 FRANCE, R. Jamahiriyal-Libya via Issoudun Voice of Africa fair-good @ 1729 with full AR ID and into nx in AR; then upbeat Afro-pop vocals @ 1739 (Ronda-OK, 11/24)

15475 GABON, Africa No. 1, FR ID by W for FM outlet; West African song by group. [Personal note: Haitian music has a strong West African flavor to it; sometimes they both sound alike, as the Haitian people come mostly from West Africa.This reminds me of the years I spent in Haiti in the early to mid-sixties…] (Jaar – QUEBEC)

15700 BULGARIA, Radio Bulgaria. Date: 21 Nov 05. Time: 1450-1500. YL with ID in BB followed by mx featuring woodwind instruments and a definite ME flair. G-Vg. (Wood, TN)

15745 USA, WEWN (Vandiver, Alabama). Animated OM ancr in SS with ments of hombre and burro. Fair. (Wood, TN)

15825 USA, WWCR (Nashville). Date: 21 Nov 05. Time: 1445-1450. Tony Alamo prgm featuring Biblical readings in EE. Fair with echoes. (Wood, TN)

17515 FRANCE, RFI. Date: 21 Nov 05. Time: 1438-1444. YL in EE with FF language lessons. Bad echo. (Wood, TN)

17535 ISRAEL, KOL (Tel Aviv). Date: 21 Nov 05. Time: 1428-1435. OM in Unid LG with pop mx. Nx at BOH by YL with ments of New York and telephone numbers. Fair. (Wood, TN)

17620 FRANCE, RCI. Date: 20 Nov 05. Time: 1423. YL in FF with Afropop mx. Good. (Wood, TN)

17680 CHILE, Voz Cristiana. Date: 20 Nov 05. Time: 1418. OM in SS with Insp mx in both EE and SS. YL in SS with song dedications. Fair. (Wood, TN)

17820 CANADA, RCI (Sackville). Date 21 Nov 05. Time: 1410-1416. OM/YL in EE discussing differences in the Olympic rules and Italian laws dealing with athletes using various substances to enhance performances and what the effects on the athletes could be. VG (Wood, TN)

21600 FRENCH GUYANA. Radio Japan relay. Date: 25 Nov 05. Time: 1720. YL in JJ with ments of Tokyo and general nx. Good. (Wood, TN)

21610 Spain, REE. Date: 25 Nov 05. Time: 1718. YL in AA with nx. Several ments of Iraq and Washington. VG. (Wood, TN)

21680 ASCENSION ISLAND, WYFR relay. Date: 25 Nov 05. Time: 1710-1717. OM in EE with listener’s call ins. Discussion of the actual date of Christ’s birth. Fair with some static. (Wood, TN)

unID’s, Clandestine, Pirates, TENTatives, Utes:

3985 (UNID) 1033 11/24/2005 Probably clandestine ‘ R. Echo of Hope’, Kimpo ROK. Male and Female talking. Fair (Herr – CA)

5990 (TENT) BRAZIL, R. Senado fair-poor @ 0950 with soft PT vocals and guitar mx; PT talk with two mentions of Senado and Brasilia @ 1000; then into what sounded like a phone interview between two men; quickly slipping beneath the QRN by 1010; barely audible by 1015 & gone at 1045 recheck (Ronda-OK, 11/27) [Ray: R. Senado has not been reported in The Journal since March 2005 when Scott Barbour heard it at roughly the same time period as I did. His programming details fit what I heard as well. I think my log still ought to be listed as TENT but it is a pretty strong TENT with those mentions of Senado and Brasilia. – Jim]

6214.1 (TENT) ARGENTINA, Radio Baluarte, 2250-2340, Nov 26, Spanish, R. Balauarte Tentative as in PT with lots of pop mx and adverts. Mostly PT tunes but a few EE tunes. S5 with some slight fades. 2312. Heard SS several times but never had an id. ID is strickly tentive. Started to fade dwon by 2330 making it difficult to anything from the announcer comments. Mx came thru nicely. Swithing from PT to SS on several occasions during the broadcast. ID finally heard at 2352 as R. Armonia by male announcer. Second ID at 2357 by same male annoucner. (Montgomery – PA)

6925 (PIRATE), Radio Cobaine, Date: 26 Nov 05. Time: 2227-2338*. Id as Radio Cobaine at 2232. Mx by Nirvana and Alice Cooper. Also several IDs as Radio Metallica Worldwide. Also heard IDs as Radio Bingo, Radio Tornado, and others. Some of the mx played was similar to what has been heard on United Patriot Militia Bingo. The bx faded in and out throughout the listening period. It was either strength 4 or gone. G-VG. (Wood, TN)

[Longest pirate reception in a very long while. It sounded like a montage of old shows. I am not really sure how it should be reported since I heard three or four different IDs. I don’t think the reception was of different stations.]

6955 (PIRATE), WMPR. Date: 11/28/05. Time: 1742-1805. Electronic new age mx with IDs at 1753 and 1802. Weak signal for WMPR. (Wood, TN)

6955 **usb (PIRATE) Voice of the Cat. Date: 27 Nov 05. Time: 0037-0047. This is my first log of this station. The station was playing reggae type music and had an OM announcer named “Kit Kat Marley.” At 0041*, I heard an ID as “This is the Voice of the Cat broadcasting from the island of Jamaica.” After the ID, the announcer gave the mailing address as “POB 28413, Providence, Rhode Island 02908 USA.” The announcer also mentioned to include appropriate return postage for any QSL requests. He also mentioned having eaten too much over the Thanksgiving holiday. At 0043, the announcer gave sign off announcements and played “Stray Cat Strut” by Brian Seltzer and the Stray Cats. After the song an interval signal of a cat meowing was heard until 0047, when the signal was lost. F-G. Thank to Bob Montgomery for the tip! (Wood, TN)

9630 (UNID) Date: 11/22/05. Time: 2210-2240. VG reception with OM in SS or PT with long rambles between songs. Mx was a mixture of ME, gaucho, and Gypsy. Very strong signal, but no hint to what station or country mentioned. (Wood, TN)

13630 (TENT) MALI, China Radio Intl. Date: 22 Nov 05. Time: 2037. YL/OM in EE with tk of Chinese interests in the business world. Hvy QRN. (Wood, TN)

Contributor/Editor Comments:

Ye Editor:

“On our unID’s in the Flashsheet ~ if anyone can help with them please do so by e-mailing me and I’ll include them in the next Flashsheet.

Rich D’Angelo:

“Where do 200 issues go? It seems like it was only yesterday that the Executive Council began talking about launching an electronic Flashsheet to keep members up on the latest loggings, news and information in the shortwave broadcast world. First thanks to Sheryl and now Ray we have had two excellent editors doing the editing chores for our weekly news source. To Sheryl and Ray and all the contributors – THANKS!” [Thank you Rich for the kind words. You and the membership are very welcome, it’s a pleasure -ed]


Bob Montgomery, Levittown, PA, NRD535db, T2FD

Mick Delmage, Sherwood Park, AB, Canada, Collins HF2050, KLM 7-30 MHz Log Periodic

Victor Jaar, Québec, Canada, No equipment listed

George Herr, California, R8B + 50′ longwire w/RF Systems ‘magnetic” balun

John Herkimer Caledonia, NY, NRD-535D + 100 ft. longwire

Jim Ronda, Tulsa, OK, NRD-545; R-75 + Eavesdropper

Jim Evans, Germantown, TN, RX-340, 30 meter wire, R8B, AN-LP1

Ron Howard, Monterey, CA, RX340 + T2FD antenna

Joe Wood, 5620 Evergreen Farms Lane, Greenback TN 37742 – USA, DX-390

Rich D’Angelo, 2216 Burkey Drive, Wyomissing, PA 19610, U.S.A., Equipment: Ten-Tec RX-340, Drake R-8B, Lowe HF-150, Alpha Delta DX Sloper, RF Systems Mini-Windom, Datong FL3, JPS ANC-4

I thank all of this week’s reporters for their really great logs and support. Until next week my friends I wish you all good health and,

73 de DX de NY, Ray

“Here, outside in the night air, all was quiet. Silence — and yet one felt the mystery of these invisible waves, the miracle of the hidden voices, sweeping out through the night.”

Journalist Leslie Baily ~ 1925

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