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Listener’s Notebook, September 1998



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Radio Voice of Shari-ah: Since the takeover of Radio Afghanistan by Taleban forces in late September 1996, the station has identified itself as Radio Voice of Shari’ah.

0030-1840 Pashto/Dari 7200v

Shortwave only active “part of the day” (BBCM doesn’t specify which “part”-AQ](BBCM) 7199.5v, Radio Voice of Sharia, 0218-0232, Mostly M singing without musical accompaniment, 0230 news in Dari or Pushto–poor (12-Aug/Timofeyev-RUS/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert-TWN) 7200.2v Radio Voice of Sharia, 1504-1840*, Mostly in Dari or Pushtu with 3 distorted time pips at 1530, 1730 and 1830 and ID’s as “…(some unknown words)…Afghanistan, Kabul, Radio Sedoye Sharia,” also simple ID’s as “Inja Afghanistan…” or “Radio Afghanistan,” many mentions such as Taliban, Rabbani or Mazari Sharif and long M songs without any musical accompaniments, also in some other languages: 1600-1630 in Urdu (tentative), 1630-1645 in Hindi (tentative), 1645-1700 in ENGLISH (with opening two ID’s as “This is Radio Voice of Sharia, Kabul, Afghanistan,” then–“Newsdesk” and news comments mostly about Taliban’s victory in the northern part of the country and final “Goodnight everebody” slogan), 1700-1715 in Arabic–mostly poor, but sometimes fair and even almost good as on 7197.6v between 1543 and 1711. (12-Aug/Timofeyev-RUS/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert-TWN)

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Presumed RTV Sqiptar 2nd home service noted at 1015 varying around 7150.2, playing nonstop a terrible selection of commercial dance and pop music from some five years ago. (10-Aug/Ludwig-GER/EDXP/Padula-AUS)

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15476 LRA36 Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel, is operating still now with 1 KW power and according to my friend there, only in the next year the station probably will be equiped with a new transmitter. Currently the station is on air at 1230-1430 on Mon, Wed & Fri. The technical operator of LRA36 also has tasks in the power station of the Base Esperanza, the heart of Base Esperanza, and his job also is to give support when some group to go to patrol, etc, etc, because this also some days the programs of LRA36 not are on the air. (22-Aug/Barrera-ARG)

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15635 Australian Defense Forces Radio, Belconnen, 0410-0421 & 0500*, MOR vocals, M annoucer introducing ‘American Dance’ at 0421. Off mid-sentence without any form of ID a few seconds past 0500. Quite strong here, although some slop from very strong Kol Israel on 15640 at 0455+. Weak-fair on // 14790 which also suffered some ute QRM. Seemingly neither channel on the air next evening when checked at 0355. Both frequencies USB and power presumably 10 kW. (3-Aug/Clark-ONT/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert-TWN)

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Additional info re Belarus regionals in August LN:

Novoye Radio Mahiliou is also called Mogilev Radio. Radio Hrodna is also called Grodno Radio. “Presumed Brest” is indeed Brest Radio.

(Voice of Russia/BBCM)

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BBS, Thimpu, good level on 5030 with English news 1315-1330, dominant over co-channel Kuching. News items about the King’s actvities and tourist information about the Kingdom. (22 Jul/Padula-SEAsia/EDXP)

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Bolivian survey of activity by Tony Jones, Paraguay: active AM = 1000-1300; active PM = 2200-0200

3391v R. Camargo, active PM (Mon-Fri)
4408.8 R. Eco, active PM
4450.0 R. Frontera, active AM & PM
4472v R. Movima, active AM & PM
4549.4v R. Tropico, active AM & PM
4599.3 R. Villa Montes, active AM
4600.0 R. Perla del Acre, active AM (Mon-Sat), active PM (Mon-Sat)
4649.0 R. Santa Ana, active AM & PM
4682v R. Paititi, active AM & PM
4702.2 R. Eco (San Borja), active PM
4719.8 R. Abaroa, active AM & PM
4732.2 R. La Palabra, active AM & PM
4777.8 R. ANDES, active AM & PM
4845.0 R. Fides, active AM, active PM irreg. (Sun only-?)
4855.0 R. Centenario, active AM & PM
4875.0 R. La Cruz del Sur, active AM & PM (Mon-Fri)
4885.6 R. Sararenda, active AM (Mon-Fri)
4900.6 R. San Ignacio, active AM
4926v R. San Miguel, active AM & PM
4939.3 R. Norte, active AM & PM (Mon-Sat)
4945.0 R. Illimani, active AM & PM
4965.0 R. Juan Veintitres, active AM & PM (Mon-Sat)
4991.0 R. Animas, active AM (Mon-Fri), active PM (Mon-Fri, irreg. Sat)
5927.0 R. Mineria, active AM & PM
5952v R. Pio Doce, active AM & PM (Mon-Sat)
5964.7 R. Nacional Huanuni, active AM
5994v R. Loyola, active AM
6025.0 R. Illimani, active AM & PM
6085v R. San Gabriel, active AM & PM
6105v R. Panamericana, active AM & PM
6135.0 R. Santa Cruz, active AM & PM
6155.0 R. Fides, active AM & PM
6194v R. Carlos Palenque, active AM
9624.8 R. Fides, active AM, irreg. PM (Sunday only?)

No trace was found of the following stations: 3200-R. 9 de Abril (not heard in years), 3475v-R. Padilla, 4530.3-R. Hitachi, 4864.4-R. 16 de Marzo, 5153v-R. Galaxia, 5504v-R. 2 de Febrero, 5580.2-R. San Jose, 6014.8-R. El Mundo, 9717-R. La Plata, nor any others. (Jones-PAR/NU/EDXP/Padula-AUS)

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On Fridays, Radio Varna 9774.8v relays national service Horizont, and from 2115-0100 runs its own program, “Hello Sea,” the latter incognito of the Bulgarian National Radio. The transmitter is put together from old former jammer parts, with an estimated output power of 100 kW. (28-Jul/Pankov-BUL/BCDX/EDXP/Padula-AUS)

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I have been hearing National Voice of Cambodia daily from around 1230 to sign off at 1310v on 11940 with some pretty good signals. I have to date not been able to hear much EE as they only seem to fade in at (as I mentioned) 1230. Asian language programming (mostly music) sign on with IDs that mention Kampuchea. (19-Aug/Delmage-AB/Review of International Broadcasting/Hauser-OK)

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CANADA [non]

R. Voice of Canada sked per their web pages:

0000-0200 Tamil 9560
0200-0400 Tamil 9700
1300-1400 Tamil 11720 15510
1400-1430 English 11720 15510 Mo-Fr
1400-1600 Tamil 11720 15510 Sa/Su
1600-1630 English 15510 Sa/Su
1630-1700 English 11720
1800-2000 Tamil 15210 Sa/Su
2000-2200 Tamil 15560
2200-2400 Tamil 11975

(RAC webpage)

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Radiodiffusion-Television Centrafricaine noted with very weak signal on July 31 at 1626-1631* on 7221.3v, on August 1 at 1604-1628* on 7221.5v and on August 11 at 1602-1629* on 7221.4v (Timofeyev-RUS/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert-TWN)

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You might still be scratching your head about the listing under CHILE in last month’s LN. What I mistakenly printed was my scratchpad frequencies for Voz Christiana, with no information whatsoever! Sorry about that. I’ve culled monitoring info from as many sources as possible for this frequency lineup:

6070 noted around 1100 20-Aug
9535 not heard 25-Jul or since
11890.07 noted around 0830 end of July, but not since
15374.8 noted from 1145-1300 on 8 Aug
17860 noted from 1500-1640 on 15-Aug
21549.96 noted from 1500-1640 on 15-Aug

These guys have been testing now for several months. I dare say it’s high time they quit jumping around, publish a schedule and stick with it…AQ

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From my reception location in the far north of Thailand, on the Laos/Myanmar borders, there were many interesting signals, and this summary may be of interest:

4735 Urumqi, Xinjiang. Uighur Network *2300, audible to past 0000
4750 Lhasa, Tibet. *2300 CC audible to 0200+, fade-in 1030 to past 1300
4815 CRI-Huhhot. Mongolian 1200-1230
4820 Lhasa, Tibet. *2300 Tibetan network, good signals
4865 Lanzhou, Gansu. CC 2200-2300; also 1200-1300
4900 Fuzhou, Fujian. Haixia-2 CC 1300-1330, separable from Colombo
4902 4950 Shanghai, V. of Pujiang. CC 1235-1300 // 9705
4975 Fuzhou, Fujian. CC 1200-1300
4975 Fuzhou, Fujian. Language Lessons in CC 1220-1230
4980 Urumqi, Xinjiang. Mongolian network 1200-1315
4990 Hengyang, Hunan. Satellite Network, CC, 2200-0000 and 1215-1300 but co-channel AIR Gangtok from 1250
5020 Nanchang, Jiangxi. CC 1215-1300
5030 CNR2, Beijing. CC 1215-1300 QRMing co-channel Kuching
5040 Fuzhou, Fujian. CC 1000-1200
5050 Nanning, Guangxi. Vietnamese program 1000-1200, *2300-0130+; CC segment 1200-1300. QRM to co-channel AIR-Aizawl after 1200+
5060 Urumqi, Xinjiang. Mongolian network 1220-1300
5075 CNR2, Beijing. CC 1245-1300
5915 CNR1, Changchun. CC 2330-2345
5920 Nanning, Guangxi. Network-3, CC 1005-1030, also 2300-0000
5935 Urumqi, Xinjiang. CC network, excellent 1000-1200; also at *2300-0100
5995 Lhasa, Tibet. Tibetan network 1000-1100; also 0100-0130
6010 CRI, Xian. *0900-1100 CC
6025 Bayanhot, Alxa. CC network 2240-2245 (rare!)
6035 Kunming, Yunnan. Vietnamese network, fade-in 0945 (4.45pm). No sign of a local morning service, listed some sources *2230-0130*
6060 Chengdu, Sichuan. Language Lessons in CC 0715-0730
6115 Fuzhou, Fujian. Haixia-1, CC 1000-1200
6200 Urumqi, Xinjiang. Tibetan network //5995 0100-0200
6937 Kunming, Yunnan. Local dialects 2315-0000
7170 Lhasa, Tibet. CC network, 0500-0530, strong signals, local noon, co-channel Singapore not audible!
7160 CRI-Xian. SS 0000-0050 strong signals
7190 CRI-Beijing. JJ *0930-1530*
7245 CRI-Kunming. Vietnamese *1100-1200* QRMing co-channel RVTM-Kuala Lumpur
7275 Guiyang, Guizhou. CC network 0500-0530 strong. Audible 0205-0700
7290 CNR2-Beijing. *1200-1230 CC
9500 CNR-1, Xian, excellent strength 0815 // 11610 CC
9705 Shanghai, V. of Pujiang. CC 1235-1300 // 4950
9781 Xining, Qinghai. CC network, carrying EE pop songs (!) 0515-0530
9810 CNR-1, Xian. Audible 0300-0700 (10am local!) CC
11952 Lhasa, Tibet. Tibetan network, very strong 0500-0530


Nei Menggu Peoples’ Broadcasting Station, Hohhot recently expanded its Chinese and Mongolian services from new transmitters. Latest sked is:

0120-0550 Mongolian 9750 7270
0120-0550 Chinese 9520 7105
0950-1515 Chinese 6045 4620 4000
0950-1515 Mongolian 6195 4785 4525
2150-0105 Mongolian 6195 4785 4525
2150-0105 Chinese 6045 4620 4000


CNR4 (Minorities Network) has rearranged its services, with a reduction of 27 mins daily in Mongolian programming. New sked is:

0000-0027 Tibetan 15670 12080 11740 11710 11375 9500
0030-0057 Uighur 15670 11630 11375 10260
0100-0127 Kazakh 15670 11630 11375 10260
0500-0527 Mongolian 9920 8566
0530-0557 Tibetan 15670 15570 12080 11740 11375 9500
0600-0627 Uighur 15670 11630 11375 10260
0630-0657 Kazakh 15670 11630 11375 10260
1000-1057 Korean 9920 8566
1100-1127 Tibetan 15670 15570 12080 11740 11375 9500
1100-1157 Uighur 15670 11630 11375 10260
1200-1227 Kazakh 15670 11630 11375 10260
1230-1257 Mongolian 5420 4190
1300-1327 Tibetan 15670 15570 12080 11740 11375 9500
1330-1357 Uighur 15670 11630 11375 10260
1400-1427 Kazakh 15670 11630 11375 10260
2130-2227 Korean 5420 4190
2430-1457 Mongolian 15670 11630 11375 10260

Some of the above channels are also used for CNR1 and CNR2 programs. (NDXC/Padula/EDXP/Padula-AUS)

5559.98 China Southeast Broadcasting Company, Fuzhou, 1553-1600*, Traditional Beijing Opera until 1558 lady with ID “Zhong-guo Dong-nan Guangbo Gongsi,” address (only copied the zip code: 350001) for comments and suggestions, then one minute of music and off at exactly 1600. Heard again on Aug 22 around 1430. Very weak signal and not even sure if this is an official channel for them, a spur, harmonic, mixing product or what else you can think of. They’re listed in the WRTH 98 under “China–Broadcasts to Taiwan–Station no. 5” on page 187 (21-Aug/van den Boogert-TWN/DSWCI DX-Window)

(also see MALI)

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monitored station summary:

6040 CBS Cantonese network 0900-1200 jammed
6085 CBS News Network, CC, 0900-1200 heavily jammed*
6180 CBS Variety Network, CC, 1000-1100 jammed
7105 CBS Variety Network, CC, 1000-1200 jammed
7130 R. Taipei International, well heard with Amoy 1030-1100
7285 RTI Hakka, 0900-0930


*x-6078 now moved back up to 6084 for the past few weeks in latest cat-and-mouse move against Chinese jamming. Signs on 1000, always clear ID just before 1030 ‘CBS Taibei Guoji Zhi Sheng Xinwen Guangbo Wang’ (CBS, Internat VoTaipei Nx Network) into sports nx. (6-Aug/Davies-MLY)

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(from Lithuania to China): Radio Free Tibet of the Overseas Chinese. I asked my wife, who is fluent in Chinese, to listen to a recording of this one. The exact station announcement is “Ziyou Xizang Huayi Diantai,” meaning “Radio Free Tibet of the Overseas Chinese.” The whole program from 1301-1332 UT was in Standard Chinese rather than in any kind of Tibetan dialect. Announced schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays at 1900 Lhasa time, 2100 Beijing time (=1300 UT). No address was given. They also announced something for Tuesdays and Thursdays; so may be in Standard Chinese on Mondays/Wednesdays, Tibetan on Tuesdays/Thursdays? Or are the transmissions on Tuesdays/Thursdays repeats of the ones on Mondays/Wednesdays? This one needs more research. I will pass on a recording to some Chinese friends for further analysis. (Kuhl-GER/Clandestine Radio Watch/Schoech-GER) Radio Free Tibet, Sitkunai, 9710, 1302 Tibetan tune, M and W speakers with presumed station ID, beginning talks with a mention of the Dalai Lama. (28-Jul/Schaay-HOL)

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5985, Radio Congo, Brazzaville, 2140-2200, French about “la Festival du Congo.” Free channel until 2200 with “musique Congolaise.” Fair (15-Aug/Krone/DSWCI DX-Window/van den BoogertTWN)

9610 RTV Congolaise, Brazzaville, 1510-1530, Vernacular. M with talk program, Brazzaville mentioned many times. A station announcement was made at 1530. Better in USB. (11-Aug/Clemitson/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert-TWN)

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RTV Nationale Congolaise, Kinshasa, 15244.5, 1805 M Afro speaker in French with presumed news, talk, at 1829 W announcement, African songs, talks again. (27-Jul/Schaay-HOL)

That reminds me–thanks a LOT, Radio Asia Canada, for moving onto Congo’s only high frequency, 15245v! (Hauser-OK)

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Despite the announced and published sked for RFPI above, while it has only one transmitter opeational (10 or 30 kW?), RFPI seems to be switching from 15049 to 6975 around 0300, and then stays on until about 1200. 0300 seems about the right time to switch as 15049 is beginning to fade and 6975 has darkness to most of NAm (17-Aug/Hauser/Review of International Broadcasting/Hauser-OK) [Checking on 23-Aug revealed 15049 already off, 6975 on its own by 0205-AQ]

TIFC, Lighthouse of the Caribbean, is 24h on 5055 plus AM and FM; English at 0300-0400, 1600-1745. Will soon add French. 31mb was off but hoped to have 9645 back soon. Reports welcome to P.O. Box 2710, 1000 San Jose (HCJB/WDXC Contact/Review of International Broadcasting/Hauser-OK)

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5025 Radio Reloj, Bauta 0848 noted with talk in Spanish over time pips, frequent “Radio Reloj” IDs. Change in nets, ex-Radio Rebelde. (5-Aug/Bueneman-MO)

Radio Havana Cuba now using 13720 (ex-13715) for 1930-2000 Esperanto (Su only), 2000-2030 French, and 2030-2200 English; transmitter is 50 kw plate modulated AM with a 17 dB gain curtain array. (Coro-RHC)

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4019.93H, LV de Su Amigo, Esmeraldas, 3 x 1340, 0205 to 0500*, as heard by Rodriguez August 8; tropical uptempo selections and “Billie Jean,” mentions of “Programa La Fiesta” and “Su Amigo” by M DJ, S7 signal, entertaining mx, and great audio, despite QRN. Signed off with full ID mentioning 1340 and 96.3 “FM Digital,” and vocal version of Ecuadorian NA. (23-Aug/Novello-NC)

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Program schedule Radio Fana, P.O.Box 30702, Addis Ababa:

0330-0530 Amharic/Oromiffa 6120 6940 (8335)
0530-0730 Amharic/Oromiffa 6120 6940 (8335) Sa/Su
0900-1100 Amharic/Oromiffa 6120 6940 (8335)
1200-1500 Oromiffa 6120 6940 (8335) Sa/Su
1500-1700 Amharic 6120 6940 (8335) Mo-Fr
1500-1800 Amharic 6210 6940 (8335) Sa/Su
1800-2000 Oromiffa 6120 6940 (8335) Mo-Fr

(8-Aug/Lippert/Ludwig-Ger/WWDXC TopNews/Bueschel-GER)

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Voice of Hope in English via Juelich noted at 1940 on 6015, strong with slight splatter from neighboring channels. According Glenn Hauser, this replaces 12125 from Georgia and is on air 1800-2159. I doubt that the Georgians will find new foreign clients for their bad-shaped Dusheti transmitters. Maybe they rent airtime for a good price, but other companies offer much higher technical standards. (8-Aug/Ludwig-GER)

Suddeutscher Rundfunk (SDR 6030 kHz) and Sudwestfunk (SWF 7265 kHz) have merged as of 29 August. The new entity is called Sudwestrundfunk (SWR), and both frequencies are supposedly simulcasting the 24h pop music service called “SWF 3.” (Ludwig-GER)

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3289.90 GBC 0700 NOT noted 17 August and last ten days absent from this frequency and not noted 5950v during the same period of time, 0800 to 1000 (Wilkner/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert-TWN)

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There is an error in the printed edition of “Budapest International,” for Radio Budapest English schedules. An incorrect freq of 15685 is shown for the service to NAm 0100-0200: this should be 11685. The complete English sked is:

0100-0130 9580 11685
0230-0300 9840 11910
1900-1930 3975 7170
2100-2130 3975 11700

Regrettably, the error is being publshed without editorial correction in some electronic DX bulletins. [As if editors have time to cross-check all schedules!-AQ] (12-Aug/Padula/EDXP/Padula-AUS)

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Summary of observations from Southeast Asia:

3223 Shimla 1450-1500+
3245 Lucknow 1445-1500+
3315 Bhopal 1230-1500+
3390 Gangtok 1200-1300
4760 Port Blauir 1030-1400+; also *2315-0300*
4775 Imphal 1040-1400+; also *0030-0130 (some days *2330)
4790 Chennai *0000-0045* Tamil to Sri Lanka (External Service)
4800 Hyderabad 1200-1400+; also *0025-0100
4820 Calcutta 1200-1400, QRMing co-channel Lhasa
4840 Mumbai 1200-1400
4850 Kohima 1040-1400+; also *0030-0200
4860 Delhi 1200-1400 (EE nx 1230)
4880 Lucknow 1200-1400+; also *0030-0100, QRMing co-channel Dhaka
4895 Kurseong QRM co-channel Kuchung 1200-1400
4910 Jaipur 1215-1400
4920 Chennai 1215-1400; also *2330-0130, with EE nx 0035
4940 Gauhati 1215-1400; *0030-0130
4970 Shillong 1215-1300+; also *0030-0130
4990 Itanagar *0025-0130; also 1000-1400+
5050 Aizawl *0030-0100, with EE nx 0035; also 1200-1400+
6065 Kohima very strong with local songs 0700-0900, EE nx 0710
6110 Srinagar fade-in 1010-1100(rare)
6155 Delhi (Kingsway) Urdu to Pakistan 0015-0130;
7105 Lucknow fade-in 0850-0900
7115 Port Blair *0700-0850* with EE nx 0830
7125 Delhi (Bangalore) Sindhi to Pakistan 0100-0200
7130 Shillong *0658 with EE program “Top Hits;” also 0100-0115
7140 Hyderabad fade-in 0715-0900
7150 Imphal 0500-0845*, also 0300-0400 (varied sked on Sundays) (*0700 some days)
7160 Chennai 0950-1030*
7180 Bhopal 0800-0900
7210 Calcutta 0845-0900
7230 Kurseong *0630-1030*
7230 Kurseong 0700-1015
7240 Mumbai (=Bombay) 0845-0900
7280 Gauhati *0600-1200
7295 Aizawl *0700-0930*
9595 Delhi (Kingsway) Nepali *0700-0800* // 11850
11850 Delhi (Kingsway) Nepali *0700-0800* // 9595

Actual sites are as advised by AIR of some months ago, and I understand that there has been a minor rationalisation of Regions since, which may affect the accuracy of some of the data. (Padula-SEAsia/EDXP)

Official sked of AIR Jeypore is: 0000-0400 & 1030-1830 on 5040 and 0700-1000 on 6040.

AIR Gangtok scheduled for local midday broadcast oon 6085 has yet to be started. (16-Aug/das Gupta-IND/EDXP/Padula-AUS)

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3325.0 RRI Palangkaraya, 2205-2250, Warta Berita into own prgram 2210. Fade out around 2250. Before that fair (15-Aug/Krone-DEN/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert-TWN)
3395.1 RRI Tanjung Karang, 2205-2305, Best ard 2300 Warta Berita; also //3325 at 2205 (15-Aug/Krone-DEN/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert-TWN)
4606.4 RRI Serui, 0959, Choir singing and into news in Bahasa Indonesia. Weak to fair. (7-Aug/Norrie/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert-TWN)
4845.2v RRI Ambon, 1100-1136*, Local news, ID, 1103 NA + choir, 1104 ID, international music, INS pop music, abrupt S/off, no Love Ambon. 33443 (2-Aug/Schulze-PHL/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert-TWN)

Latest official sked for RRI Ujung Pandang:

2490 2 kW 0800-2100 Network 2
4753 20 kW 2100-0000, 0800-1600 Network 1 (extended sked some days 1900-2100)
9552 7.5 kW 0000-0400, 0500-0830 (extended sked some days 0400-0500)


RRI Biak is still inactive on shortwave. (Yamada-JPN)

The evening program of RRI Serui on 4606.4kHz reactivated after about a month’s absece. (Yamada-JPN)

According to Akbar Indra Gunawan, a staff of Indonesian DX Club, the commercial stations (Radio Swasta) have not relayed RRI Jakarta news on the hour except at 2300, 0600, and 1300 since one or two months ago. When I visited Indonesia from August 6 to 14, I confirmed this change at Jakarta and Ujung Pandang. But at Jayapura, the commercial stations still relayed the news on the hour. (Yamada-JPN)

RRI Tual left shortwave on April 1, 1996, and has no plans to return. RPDTk2 Maluku Tenggara has replaced the service that RRI Tual was serving on shortwave. (Kusalik-AB/Yamada-JPN)

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Vientiane noted on 6130 from *0930-1530*, also from *2200-0800*. Louang Prabang listed for 6975 UNHEARD duiring evening period 1000-1400 and possibly inactive. (Padula-SEAsia/EDXP)

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Radio Madagasikara heard back on 5009.68 with distinct IS @0258. Poor, faded rapidly after open. (6-Aug/Quaglieri-NY)

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The “mystery” broadcast on 6025 from Kuala Lumpur, first noted in EDXP some weeks ago as monitored from Sarawak, does in fact include relays of the Domestic FM Network from Kuala Lumpur “Radio Lapan” (= “Radio 8”). Monitoring from Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, in Thailand, confirms that this service operates *0300-1300*. The transmitter then reopens at 1400 with the External Service “Voice of Islam” in Malay, when parallel to other External Service freqs of 6175 and 9750. There is a relay of the RTVM national network news in Malay 0500-0510, which may be heard on 5965 as well. As I had suggested, language on 6025 is not Malay, but rather indigenous, with extensive telephone call-in segments. A report in BCDX from Alan Davies, Malaysia, advises that the service includes segments intended for the Orang Ulus, which is the collective given to the 21 groups of upriver people living in Malaysia’s interior, particularly in Sarawak State, predominantly the Kayans, Kenyahs and Kelabits. When I first came across this new service, I thought that it was some sort of “external” program for Sarawak, originating in KL, as language heard in the period 0800-1000 was very similar to the daytime Kayan and Kenyah transmissions from Kuching on 4895 and 7270. The 6025 outlet fades in here in Melbourne at around 0900, often with strong signals, when not clobbered by co-channel R. Illimani, La Paz. (12-Aug/Padula/EDXP/Padula-AUS)

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China Radio International has introduced several new frequencies for its Mali relay; entire sked is:

0100-0157 Spanish 9665
0200-0257 Chinese 9665
1730-1757 Hausa 11970 15125
1800-1827 Hausa 11970 15125
1830-1937 Arabic 13685 15530
1930-1957 Portuguese 11975 15500
2000-2057 English 11975 15500
2100-2127 English 11975 15500
2130-2227 French 11975 15500
2230-2257 Chinese 11975 15500
2300-2357 Chinese 11975


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Observed sked for Radio Myanmar:

7185 0030-0230 (EE 0130-0230)
5985 1000-1600 (EE 1430-1600)
9730 0330-0830 (EE 0700-0830)
4725 0900-1600 (Indigenous languages)

Military Station – Myawddy Radio. Observed on 5973 at sign-on at 1030, sign-off variable between 1200-1400. Carries extensive reviews of military and political events, Thai and local languages.

Defence Forces Broadcasting Unit. Listed for 6570 but not heard in evenings 1300-1400. Possibly operating at other times to variable sked. (Padula-SEAsia/EDXP)

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Radio New Zealand International:

0459-0705 11905
0706-1015 9700
1206-1650 6100 occasional sporting broadcasts
1650-1751 6145 Mo-Fr
1752-1951 11675 Su-Th
1752-1958 11675 Fr-Sa
1952-0458 17675 Su-Th
1959-0458 17675 Fr-Sa


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R. Miskut, 5770 new transmitter running with full authorized power [previously given as 500 watts] to new dipole antenna. Future plans include the possibility of additional power. New towers are currently under construction for new SW and FM antennas. SW broadcasts currently run from 1200 to 0430. (3-Aug/Freeman, Tech Systems/Review of International Broadcasting/Hauser-OK/EDXP/Padula-AUS)

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6049.9, Radio Nigeria-Ibadan, 2145-2200, Nice Nigerian songs, Vernacular/English comments. Free until 2200 when Radio Japan blasted in. (15-Aug/Krone-DEN/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert-TWN)

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After a brief stay on 11795, Radio Pakistan has moved to 11975 (to avoid DW in German on 11795) at 0045-0215 Urdu and 0230-0245 in English. (16-Aug/das Gupta-IND/EDXP/Padula-AUS)

4790 Azad Kashmir Radio noted with extended broadcast time on every Saturday, S/off is at 2010 instead of usual 1810 UTC. (28-Jul/Pankov-BUL/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert-TWN)

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KHBN now scheduled on new 15725 (ex-13840) 0700-1100. (17-Aug/German/EDXP/Padula-AUS)

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3250.78 Radio Comas, Lima, signing on at 0954, with weak signal. Canned ID at 0958. (15-Aug/TIN-JPN/Relampago DX) Radio TV Comas, Gran Lima, 1037, local music and music “chicha,” ann. and ID (2-Aug/Slaen/EDXP/Padula-AUS)
3339.96 R. Altura, Cerro de Pasco, 0959-1007 s/on with the following opening announcement: “Desde este momento, la senal de Radio Altura reviene al Peru entero para darinicio a su programacion del dia de hoy. Radio Altura Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada es una empresa de radio legalmente constituida con autorizacion del Ministerio de Transportes, Comunicaciones y Vivienda del Peru, con resolucion No. 052-95-MTC-1517, opera comercialmente con los preceptos legales contemplados tanto en la Ley General de Radio y Telecomunicaciones como en sus reglamentos vigentes con sujecion a las demas ley es de la Republica del Peru. Radio Altura transmite a nivel nacional y interna cional a traves de los 750 kHz onda media, 3340 kHz onda corta tropical, banda internacional de 90 metros y 99.9 MHz frecuencia modulada estereo….” Then into the morning folklore show. (15-Aug/TIN-JPN/Relampago DX)
4886.71 Radio Virgen del Carmen “RVC,” in the clear at s/off 0300. Signal is undermodulated. Announces 4875, 1580, 105.3, so they seem to have taken over all of R. Villa Rica’s channels. (8-Aug/Klemetz/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert-TWN) 1100, Firm ID at top of the hour, monitored from 1008, they seemed to play the same song (a jingle) every so often with a young boy’s voice through Andean music but distinctly like “steel band music” typical of the Carribean, mention of huancavelica and patriotica. (11-Aug/Norrie/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert-TWN)
4890.13 R. Chota, Chota, Cajamarca, 0205, multiple selections in extremely exotic Andean style, crazy echoey W vocals with drum accompaniment and occasional flutes, a few communicados by M announcer with ID in passing 0220, some QRM from SSB comms. (2-Aug/Novello-NC)
4905.0 R. La Oruya, La Oruya, good signals at s/on 1009, long anthem and ID, (1-Aug/Padula/EDXP/Padula-AUS)
5175.46 R. Master, Moyobamba, noted 1109-1114. Huaynos and M talk. Many thanks Henrik Klemetz for tip via Dateline Bogota. (15-Aug/TIN-JPN/Relampago DX)
5305.0 R. La Inmaculada, 0139-0145. Announcer with music and time checks. Strong utility QRM. (1-Aug/Escoto)
5500.6 Radio Regional, Celendin, 2329, Program “Folklore via satelite,” reading letter from Rafael Rodriguez and postcard from yours truly, which was sent as an enclosure to RRR’s report. The reports were said to be read once more on Aug 8, at the same time. (7-Aug/Klemetz/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert-TWN)
5678.2 Radio Ilucan, Cutervo, 0154-0216. Bits of audio with Andean music, time check and a religious program. Signal has a strong het. (1-Aug/Escoto/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert-TWN)
5699.93 R. Frecencia San Ignacio, San Ignacio, Cajamarca, 0050, pretty Andean mx, M and W vocals, comunicados, ID by M announcer; killer signal this evening. (23-Aug/Novello-NC)
5981.42 R. Chaski, Cusco, 1112 fair, hymn in Quechua. (15-Aug/TIN-JPN/Relampago DX)
6479.78 R. Altura, Huarmaca, 1105-1200 poor signal. The morning program was entitled as “Amanecer Andino” with OA folklore. At 1105 ID was given as “6 y 5 en los estudios de Radio Altura.” and also at 1145 “…Radio Altura desde Huarmaca en Departamento de Piura…” (16-Aug/TIN-JPN/Relampago DX) Noted 1137-1200 poor w/ute QRM, playing rustic OA huaynos and carnavalitos. ID was given at 1142 as “Ud. esta en la sintonia de Altura Radio. La musica folklorica que domina esta manana, de la tocamos en su emisora favorita Radio Altura desde Huarmaca…” (1-Aug/TIN-JPN/EDXP/Padula-AUS)
6725.54 R. Satelite, Santa Cruz has seemingly started early morning operation on shortwave. It was first noticed at 1114-1200. Fair signal. As the electricity was formerly supplied in the local evening, in the Province of Santa Cruz, Radio Satelite had operated only at 2300-0300. Therefore, I assume that they have now electricity for 24 hours a day. According to announcement, the morning programming “Saludos Musicales” is broadcast at 1100-1300, and it was announced as “6 de la manana, 6 de la manana con 24 minutos. Buen os dias, buenos dias, hoy es sabado, 15 de agosto. Radio Satelite ingresando al hogar en estos momentos. Esta transmitiendo desde nuestra cabina dos, esta r ealizando por estos momentos…Buenos dias, buenos dias. Saludos para quie nes estan sintonizando a Radio Satelite. Saludos para cada uno de Uds. los vec inos. Estamos transmitiendo desde nuestra cabina dos Estamos transmitiendo des de la cabina dos. Esperamos cualquier comunicacion para pasarles SALUDOS MUSIC ALES en horario de 6 a 8 de la manana.” At 1126 ID was given as “6 con 26, mus ica folklorica a traves de Radio Satelite desde la Provincia de Santa Cruz.” At 1130 ID “Es Radio Satelite que transmite desde la Provincia de Santa Cruz……” (15-Aug/TIN-JPN/Relampago DX)
6811.73 R. Ondas del Rio Mayo, Nueva Cajamarca 1130-1136 fair. Canned ID “Transmite Radio Ondas del Rio Mayo…ciudad de Nueva Cajamarca, Departamento de San Martin. Transmite en la banda internacional de 6804 kHz.” (1-Aug/TIN-JPN/Relampago DX)
6895.24 Radio San Miguel de El Faique, Piura, noted at *1058-1143 s/on with long opening announcement including station identification, but it was difficult to copy the complete text due to heavy echo. Then into chicha show. (15-Aug/TIN-JPN/Relampago DX) 0125 w/bouncy accordian and horn-led local instrumental and vocal music, W announcer with lots of mentions of “El Faique,” M announcer liked to shout over musical selections with mentions of “San Miguel.” A couple of ads and a few comunicados, but mostly music. Signal peaking at an amazing S8. M shouted full ID over top of song 0158. 0224 man with informal signoff announcement, then NA to 0228*. (8-Aug/Novello-NC/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert-TWN)
7003.4 R. La Voz de Huarinjas reactivated. Immediately, when tuning in, 0148, there was an unexpected greeting to yours truly, Shoji Yamada in Japan, and an unnamed listener in South Africa (Vashek Korinek). (7-Aug/Klemetz/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert-TWN)
7040.6 R. San Ignacio is reactivated, 0125, with good signal and audio. Recently reported address, Jr. Victoria 277, confirmed on the air. (7-Aug/Klemetz/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert-TWN)

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FEBC Philippines sked:

0000-0200 English 15450
0115-0130 Maru 15465 Mo-We
0115-0130 Atsi 15465 Th-Sa
0115-0130 Lushai 15465 Su
0130-0145 Meithei 15465 Mo-Th
0130-0145 Kuki 15465 Fr-Su
0145-0200 Naga-ao 15465 Sa/Su
0200-0215 Lushai 15465 Sa
0500-0900 Mandarin 15450
0800-0830 Sasak 12005
0830-0900 Javanese 12005 Su/Tu/Th/Sa
0830-0900 Sundanese 12005 Mo/We/Fr
0900-1000 Indonesian 12005
0900-1600 Mandarin 9405
0915-0945 Komering 15095 Mo/We/Fr
0915-0945 Ogan 15095
0930-1100 English 11635
0945-1015 Toba Batak 15095
1000-1030 Amoy 9475
1000-1030 Minangkabau 12005
1015-1045 Malay 15095
1030-1045 Mien 11610
1030-1100 Swatow 9475
1045-1100 Khmu 11610
1045-1115 Aceh 15095
1100-1130 White Hmong 11610 Su-We/Fr
1100-1130 Blue Hmong 11610 Th/Sa
1100-1230 Cantonese 9475
1115-1130 Nung 9795 Mo
1115-1130 Katu 9795 Tu
1115-1130 Muong 9795 Th
1115-1130 Stieng 9795 Sa/Su
1115-1130 Eastern Cham 9795 We
1115-1145 Bahnar 9795 Fr
1130-1145 Bru 9795 Tu
1130-1145 Chru 9795 We
1130-1145 Mon 15095
1130-1145 Jeh 9795 Th
1130-1145 Black Tai 9795 Mo/Sa
1130-1200 Lao 11610
1130-1200 Chrau 9795 Su
1145-1200 Tho 9795 Tu
1145-1200 Karen-sgaw 15095
1145-1200 Rengao 9795 Th
1145-1200 Roglai 9795 We
1145-1200 Sedang 9795 Sa
1145-1200 White Tai 9795 Mo/Sa
1200-1215 Rawang 15095
1200-1300 Vietnamese 9795
1200-1300 Khmer 11610
1215-1230 Lisu 15095
1230-1345 Burmese 15095
1230-1600 Mandarin 9475
1300-1315 Koho 9795 Mo
1300-1330 Rade 9795 We/Sa
1300-1330 Jarai 9795 Fr
1300-1330 Koho 9795 Su/Th
1300-1330 Hre 9795 Tu
1300-1430 Cantonese 1458
1300-1500 English 11995
1315-1330 Mnong 9795 Mo
1330-1345 Jingpo 9795
1345-1400 Mien 9795
1345-1400 Daai Chin 15095
1400-1415 Karen-pwo 15095 Sa/Su
1400-1415 Pale Palaung 15095 Mo-Fr
1415-1430 Chin-haka 15095 Mo-We
1415-1430 Lushai 15095 Su
1415-1430 Chin-tidim 15095 Th-Sa
2200-2400 Mandarin 9405
2230-2300 Lao 9810
2230-2315 Khmer 9495
2230-2330 Indonesian 9780
2300-2315 Akha 11650 Sa/Su
2300-2330 White Hmong 9875 Su-We/Fr
2300-2330 Blue Hmong 9875 Th/Sa
2315-0015 Vietnamese 9495
2315-2330 Lahu 11635
2330-0115 Burmese 15465
2330-2345 Wa 11650
2345-0030 Shan 15520

(FEBC web page + subsequent corrections)

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Romania Actualitati home service noted at 2320 on 5990, Galbeni 120 kW, modulation reminds heavily to Radio Cairo…This is not to be confused with possible Radio Romania International outlets for North America from the Tiganesti transmitters later at night. (3-Augb/Ludwig-GER)

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Voice of Russia is booming in on new 7180 0100-0500 (ex 9665). 11675 continues to provide good afternoon reception 1800-2100. (4-Aug/Grishin-ONT/World of Radio/Hauser/EDXP/Padula-AUS)

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(OR NOT) Note attached to a Radio San Marino International QSL reads: “Due to excessive reaction of the San marino Government and Postal Authority, RSMI is forced to stop its broadcasts until further notice. We hope to return to the air every year, same month, same week-end (in 1998, Dec. 19-20), same freq. (7580/11410 kHz). Thanks for your interest.” (Buer-FL) [I still think this plainly-unauthorized transmission comes from elsewhere.-AQ]

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Observed sked for Singapore Broadcasting Corporation shows former outlets of 6155 and 6160 deleted, in favor of 6150. (DS=Domestic Service, RSI=Radio Singapore International External Service)

6000 CC DS 2300-1100
CC RSI 1100-1400
CC DS 1400-1600
6015 EE RSI 1100-1400
6070 ML RSI 1100-1400
6120 CC RSI 1100-1400
6150 EE DS 2300-1100
EE RSI 1100-1400
EE DS 1400-1600
7170 Indian langs DS 2300-1600
7245 ML DS 0000-1100
ML RSI 1100-1400
ML DS 1400-1600
7260 ML DS 2300-0000


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R. Exterior de Espana broadcasts to Europe 2000 to 2100 Monday to Friday are on 9590 (ex-9855) and 11830. (3-Aug/Howship/British DX Club/Review of International Broadcasting/Hauser-OK)

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SLBC noted *2330-0100 on 4870 with Sinhala-B, 4902*2300-0100 with Sinhala-A. Also from around 1215 on 4870. (Padula-SEAsia/EDXP)

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5050.05 Radio Tanzania noted in EE @0259 dance mx, 0300 6 tp’s (5 lo/1 hi), M ID, brief newscast, back to mx 0302. Fair in summer QRN. (6-Aug/Quaglieri-NY)

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R. Thailand, Bangkok, observed sked for 4830 6070 7115 is 2200-1730. All three channels audible throughout Northern Thailand. On some days, there is a break in transmission from 0100-0200. 4830 was subject to fade-out at times during local midday period (0500-0600).

Or Sor, Bangkok, 6149.9, observed 0900-1000 with typical Thai vocals, QRMing Singapore BC 6150 EE service. (Padula-SEAsia/EDXP)

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I heard Radio Ukraine International back at their usual time and freqs, UT 0000 on 9550 & 12040 with excellent reception on both. (30-Jul/Grishin-ON/World of Radio/Hauser-OK). Following your reports on RUI I checked out the 2100 transmission on July 25. I heard them on 6020 7180 7240 7380 7410 and 13590. They had the DX program at 2145. At the end, the presenter announced that 12040 and 9550 had been off the air since late June. They were broadcast from Mykolayiv to NAm. Transmissions on these frequencies had ceased due to the failure of the National Radio Company to pay rental fees. Announced sked at the end for English was:

0000 5905 5915 6020 7240
0400 5905 6020 7410
2100 7380
2100 5905 6020 7240 7410 9560 13590

Presenter also said 7150 and 12050 at 0400-1600 had ceased.

(26-Jul/Barraclough-UK/World of Radio/Hauser-OK) R.I.B.)

Radio Ukraine observed with German service (= European program stream) at 2310 varying around 5937. Seemingly this is the nominal 5940 outlet, a 100 kW transmitter at Brovary, 2300-0500. The shape of the faulty transmitter at Kharkov seems also to worse more and more, I found him at the same time on 5905 to have it’s unmistakable growl very loud and bothering. (3-Aug/Ludwig-GER)

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Merlin Network One is a service of Merlin Communications International Ltd., the privatized UK-based transmission company which carries BBC World Service and other international broadcasters.

0000-0100 English-RRN 13690 11985 9645 Th
1700-1900 English-RC 15200 We
1900-2100 English-MZ 15565 13690 We
2100-2200 English-HC 13690 11985 11915 We
2200-2300 English-HC 13690 11985 11915 9780 9645 We
2300-0000 English-RRN 13690 11985 9780 9645 We

HC=Hard Country MZ=Media Zoo RC=Radio Caroline RRN=Rock Radio Network (BBCM)

It would appear that BBC has finally shaken the ute on 12095 [12098?] that has plagued this frequency for so many years. I have not heard the interference for a week now. It is interesting to note that only recently, Worldservice has started using 12095 for the Americas after 2000 UT [via Ascension]. I wonder if this had anything to do with it. (Reid-ON/Review of International Broadcasting/Hauser-OK)

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The last few weeks the DX-ing world has been all hyped about finding that AFN/AFRTS is broadcasting on shortwave, for the first time since the station left shortwave in 1986. Now it turns out to be more of a special US Navy utility transmitting, than regular shortwave broadcasting. After all excitement the AFRTS broadcast center in California explained this: “The U.S. Navy is relaying the AFRTS signal from their Key West, Florida transmitters,” said to Charles P. Barker, Armed Forces Radio and Television Service Broadcast Center. Why? According to Larry van Horn, speaking with “contacts” within the US Navy, the reason is loss of a transmitting satellite, forcing the Navy to “replace that service with HF for West lant ships.” The transmissions can be head on 4278.5, 6458.5 and 12689.5 kHz. Reception reports could possibly be addressed to: Armed Forces Radio and Television Service Broadcast Center

Affiliate Relations Customer Service
1363 Z St. Bldg 2730
March ARB CA 92518-2017, USA

(Nordic Shortwave Center)

[12 MHz outlet only one heard here all weekend (22-23 August)-AQ]

KTBN, Salt Lake City, Utah

0000-1500 English 7510
1500-0000 English 15590


7415 WBCQ, Monticello, Maine, tuned in at 0122 UTC, to a rock solid signal and test program of rock and roll, with frequent test announcements. Test ran until 0208, when off with a test tone. Absolutely perfect audio. Announced this was the first day of testing for the station. Gave address for reports:

97 High St.
Kennebunk, ME 04043

(21-Aug/Bishop-FL/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert)

A revised schedule on George Jacobs’ web site shows that WBCQ in Maine is authorized to use 7415 between 22 and 06 UTC, effective September 1. (Moats-OH/World of Radio/Hauser)

WGTG-2 planned to resume testing 10 Aug from around 1500 on 9505, and continue the rest of the week; with 340-degree rhombic. This unit is about to go into regular service. Dave Frantz tells me that yet another FCC surprise inspection took place a month ago, and everything was OK. WGTG continues to be harrassed, perhaps by land-development interests in the neighborhood. He is gathering evidence that other stations pose a far greater risk of RF radiation, such as WSB-750 whose tower is in the middle of a shopping center it owns; and WWBS Macon GA is likely to have even more severe risks and problems transmitting from downtown rather than a rural area. (8-Aug/Hauser/Review of International Broadcasting/EDXP/Padula-AUS)

World Harvest Radio WHRI/WHRA/KWHR:

Angel 1 (WHRI–South Bend, Indiana)

0000-1000 English/SS 7315
1000-1300 English/SS 9495
1300-1800 English/SS 15105
1800-0000 English/SS 9495

Angel 2 (WHRI–South Bend, Indiana)

0000-1000 English 5745
1000-1500 English 6040
1500-2100 English 13760
2100-0000 English 5745

Angel 3 (KWHR–Hawaii)

0000-0400 English 17510
0400-1000 English 17780
1000-1800 English 9930
1800-2000 English 13625
2000-2200 English 15405
2200-0000 English 17510

Angel 4 (KWHR–Hawaii)

0700-1600 English 11565

Angel 5 (WHRA–Greenbush, Maine)

0300-0500 English 9400
0500-0800 English 11565
1800-2000 English 17655
2000-2200 English 15460
2200-0000 English 13760


WSHB change as from 1 Sep: NF 18910 (ex 18930) 1600-1900. (13-Aug/German/EDXP/Padula-AUS)

WMLK Upgrade plans announced in the July 1998 “The Sacred Name Broadcaster:”

  1. Improve the original 50 kw (converted MW) transmitter, and construct a new antenna capable of higher power.
  2. Convert their second 50 kw (MW) transmitter to 100 kw SW.
  3. Recondition original transmitter, and upgrade it to 100 kw.
  4. Then combine the two for 200 kw of power.

They say they’ve “cut back on some of the broadcast time in order to begin work on improving the transmitter.” (12-Aug/Russell-MI/WOR/Hauser-OK)

The US Congress has authorised an expansion of US international broadcasting to China. This includes 24 hours of transmissions each day in Mandarin. The VOA and RFA, both US government funded stations based in Washington, will each transmit 12 hours a day in Mandarin. But until RFA can hire some more staff they are transmitting 11 hours a day in that language and VOA 13 hours. On 25 Jul VOA added 3 new hours in Mandarin from 0200-0300 and 0700-0900. On 2 Aug RFA added Mandarin transmissions at 0500 to 0700, frequencies include 17615 and 17880 via KHBI in Saipan. There is an agreement that VOA and the US surrogate international stations, RFE, RL and RFA will not broadcast in the same language at the same time. But both VOA and RFA are broadcasting in Mandarin at 0400-0500. Neither station wants to give up the spot. Eventually the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which supervises all US international broadcasting will decide who gets this hour. (15-Aug/Communications World/DX Partyline/Ogrizek/EDXP/Padula-AUS)

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Uzbek Radio, based on monitoring observations and information published by the broadcaster.

First Program “Uzbekistan”

0000-2200 Uzbek 5995

Second Program “Mashal”

0400-1300 Uzbek 4850 15165 15200
1300-1400 Uzbek 4850 9545 15165 15200
1400-1799 Uzbek 4850 9545
2100-2300 Uzbek 4850 9540


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After Paraguay, I found an open carrier on 9540, and expected this R. Nacional to have even lower modulation; it was a bit low, but improved over previous situation. Weaker signal made it hard to copy. Promptly at 1100 began IS of about 16 treble notes repeated a few times, sounded like steel drum. ID and address as Apartado Postal 30-7-9(?), Caracas 1050, Venezuela; and introduced program personnel by name. Tough copy with fading. (7-Aug/Hauser-OK) Correct address for station is:

Radio Nacional de Venezuela
Director de la Onda Corta Sr. Miguel Angel Cariel
Apartado Postal 3.979
Caracas 1010-A Venezuela

(18-Aug/Monges-VEN/Review of International Broadcasting/Hauser-OK)

R. Barquisimeto, 690, plans to reactivate SW 9510 starting in October in order to broadcast 98-99 season Lara Cardinals baseball games to Venezuela and abroad; will also have website and RealAudio, per Aug 14 stories in three local newspapers (Brandt-VEN/World of Radio/Hauser) Same station previously publicized 9510 reactivation plans which never happened; maybe this time? (Hauser-OK)

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V. of Vietnam, Hanoi, observed sked 2200-1600 on 4960 12035 (Network 2) and 5925 10060 (Network 1). Both channels audible in Northern Thailand for entire broadcast period.

Hmong Service: is not on the air continuously, and sked seems variable. However, evening service noted at *1200-1400 on 6165, announcing “Hmong Radio Station“–phonetically this is heard as “Humoong” (with the “oo” heard like “oo” in the English word “room”). Also noted 0500-0600. Listed 5030 not heard at all at any time and possibly inactive.

Lao Cai on 5597 noted at fade-in at 1005 with local songs. Also noted on 4681 (formerly heard on 4677) in period 1000-1300.

Radio Son La 4740 noted throughout the day with local programs, 0300-1400. Sign-on appears to be 0300.

Bac Thai noted on 7153 from fade-in 0930 to past 1300, also 0300-0600*. Good steady signal during day in Northern Thailand. (Padula-SEAsia/EDXP)

5597.50, Lao Cai, active at 1320-1330*, but not //6696. (29-Jul/Schulze-PHL/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert-TWN)

6386.40, Lai Chau 1 (p), S/on around 1015-1031*, again S/on around 1210-1300*, S/off varying. Vietnamese + dialects, Vietnamese pop music, native music, political talks. 35432. 1215 IS gongs, a piece of Vietnamese music, mention on “Lai Chau…,” 1228 flute intervals, “Yen Bai…” mentioned. S/off at 1225 on Aug 2. (2-Aug/Schulze-PHL/DSWCI DX-Window/van den Boogert-TWN)

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