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International Logs, September 1998

5915 ISRAEL Kol Israel in AR 1759, mx, ID, tlk, lcl songs, ancmts, QRM splat (Serra ITALY 7/20)
5985 TANZANIA R Tanzania in SH 0310, native mx, excited tlk by YL, //50501 (Clark ONT 7/24)
59933 MALAWI MBCC in lang 0432, native vcl, tlk by OM, heavy adjacent chan QRM (Clark 7/18)
5995 UZBEKISTAN Uzbek R in lang 1840, lcl instrml mx, chants, QRM UK relay (Serra ITALY 7/20)

6005 SEYCHELLES BBC relay in EG 2200*, cmntry on World Cup, African svce (Sgrulletta NY 7/11)
6060 BRAZIL R Universo in PT 0937, long speech, weak sig in the clear, //9565 (Ziolkowski NY 7/13)
6065 ZAMBIA R Christian Voice Lusaka in EG 0445, inspirational songs, ID, fqy, IS (Clark ONT 7/18)
61351 BRAZIL R Aparecida in PT 2152, tlk, jingle, pop songs, nx, TC, ads, ID (Serra ITALY 7/20)
6160 CANADA CKZU Vancouver in EG 0505, CBC nx, wx rpt, long tlks, classical mx (Clark 7/18)
6165 ZAMBIA ZNBC Radio 2 Lusaka 2205*, tuned in just in time to hear NA*, g (Novello NC 8/6)
6165 CHAD Rdf Nationale N’Djamana *0427, just a snippet of IS under SRI, alt to 49045 (Clark 7/24)
64797 PERU R Altura in SP 1137, rustic huaynos & caravalitos, ID, p w/ute QRM (Nozaki JAPAN 8/1)
68117v PERU R Ondas del Rio Mayo in SP 1130, canned ID ment Nueva Cajamarca (Nozaki JAPAN 8/1)
68952 PERU R San Miguel in SP 0125, accordian mx, vcls, ads, shouted ID over the mx (Novello NC 8/8)
7250 RUSSIA V of Vietnam relay Armavir in EG 0100, lcl & intnl nx, ID, interview, g (Barker PA 7/6)
7260nf? THAILAND R Thailand WS in EG *1100, bells, gave fqy as 7265 but definitly 7260 (Barker 7/26)
7285 GERMANY D Welle Wertachtal in EG 0242, ID, “Insight” re Vietnam, TC, fqys (Krause OH 7/15)
7375 BOTSWANA VOA relay in EG 2215, U.S. nx, sports update, g, //7340 (Ross ONT 7/10)
9022 IRAN VOIRI Teheran in EG 0030, Holy Qu’ran, soccer nx, stringed mx, exc (Robinson TN 7/9)
9200 SUDAN R Omdurman in EG 1802, nx, ID, pop mx, cmntry, rtty QRM, f-p (Serra ITALY 7/14)
9275 ICELAND Rikisutvarpid in IC 2316, rpts and interviews, ments Reykjavik, f-g (Clar NY 7/7)
9445 TURKEY VoT Ankara in GM 1836, nx, ID, pop mx, cmntry re TK history, f (Serra ITALY 7/14) in TK 0130, great traditional mx and vcls, ID’s, exc (Robinson TN 7/18)
9450 RUSSIA Deut Welle relay Novosibirsk? in CH * 0955, Russian style test tones, D Welle IS 0959, excerpt from Beethoven’s 9th, tlk in CH, p (Ziolkowski NY 8/8) ED: LN Nov 97 lists xmtr site on page 29 as Novosibirsk though Dan rpts Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky as listed site??? Recent change?
94898 ABKHAZIA Rep of Abkhzaia R in lang? 0332, nx, tlks, mx bks, repl 94947 fqy (Clark ONT 7/14)
9500 SWAZILAND TWR Manzini in EG 0515, relig pgm, recommending TWR Web site (Barker PA)
9510 SOUTH AFRICA TWR relay in EG 1920, story re violence against women, mx, g (Humenyk ONT)
9540 VENEZUELA R Nacional in SP 0200, pgm accenting Paraguay, exc (Robinson TN 7/9)
9565 INDONESIA RRI Jakarta in IN 0922, Doris Day song, male vcl, SCI song, p (Ziolkowski NY 7/13)
9580 BOSNIA R Yugoslavia relay in Serb 0030, IS, nx re Macedonia, sports, exc (Robinson TN 8/1)
9585 BRAZIL R Globo Sao Paulo in PT 2109, canned tlk & ID, Brazilian mx, p (Serra ITALY 7/19)
9595 JAPAN R Tampa Tokyo in JP 0902, sports rpt, excerpts from games, f, //6055 (Ziolkowski 8/10)
9615 BRAZIL R Cultura in PT 0921, male vcl, tlk, weak sig but clear, //6170 (Ziolkowski NY 7/16)
9615 ALASKA KNLS Anchor Point in EG 0810, Sinatra tribute, features, ID (Barker PA 7/11) in RS 0921, female vcls, ID in RS twice, QTH, p w/co-chan QRM from R Cultura (Ziolkowski NY 8/10)
9645 BRAZIL R Bandeirantes Sao Paulo in PT 0025, acoustic ballads, samba mx, ad for shopping center, //119251, exc (Novello NC 8/7) in PT 0952, YL tlk, very weak sig, //11925 (Ziolkkowski 7/16)
9675 BRAZIL R Cancao Nova in PT 2042, tlk re Brazil, pop song, TC, ID’s, fqy (Serra ITALY 7/19)
9705 MEXICO RMI Mexico City in SP 1200, ID, QTH, fqy, nx, tlk re World Cup, promo (Clar NY 7/10)
9730 FRENCH GUIANA China R Int relay in EG 0404, world nx, ID, //9560 (Serra ITALY 7/4)
9735 PARAGUAY R Nacional in SP 0130, romantic ballads, nx, tlk, g (Robinson TN 7/9)
97416 INDONESIA RRI Sorong in IN 1115-1221*, ezl mx, long tlk, Jakarta nx, NA, p (Clark ONT 7/15)
9750 MALAYSIA VoM Kajang in Bahasa Malaysia 1802, lcl pop song, anmts, tlk, ID (Serra ITALY 7/5)
9840 HUNGARY R Budapest in EG 0243, DX World pgm, vg, //11910 also vg (Ross ONT 7/2)
9855 GERMANY R Vilnius , Lithuania relay Julich in EG 0030, ID, sports items, vg (Ross ONT 8/11)
9870 AUSTRIA RAI Vienna in GM 0217, cmntry re rock group, OM w/voice over (Humenyk ONT)
9935 NORWAY R Norway Int in EG 2306, “Norway Now”, TC, f (Ross ONT 8/2) ED: in EG Suns only
9945 CHINA CRI Xi’an in EG 1344, CH song, ID, tlk re China, //11660, 11675 (Serra ITALY 7/19)
9950 INDIA AIR Delhi in EG 2121, “India Calling”, QTH, ID, lcl song, //7150, 7410, 11620 (Serra 7/20)
9965 ARMENIA VoArmenia in EG 2041, ID’s, ancmts, fqy info, OC until 2046*, f-p (Ross ONT 7/23)
11600 CZECH REPUBLIC R Prague in EG 2245, OM reading listeners’ mail, vg (Ross ONT 7/24)
11645 GREECE VoGreece in EG 0130, nx, sports rpt, ID “This is Athens”, g (Ross ONT 7/31)
11675 CHINA China R Int Urumqui in EG 1238, ID, “Welcome to Focus on China”, f (Ross 7/30)
11685 HUNGARY R Budapest in EG 0109, tlk re hotels & tourist sites in Hungary, exc (Krause OH 7/6)
11710 JAPAN R France Int relay in FR 1102, tlks, ID, signal poor w/co-chan QRM (Ziolkowski NY 7/25)
117166 ALGERIA R Algiers Int in EG 2010, nx, ID, into contemp AR lang, pop mx, g (Novello NC 8/13)
11735nf? SOUTH AFRICA TWR relay Meyerton in EG 0605, rept on TWR’s HD svce, into preaching and hymns (Barker PA 7/22) ED: Both Meyerton Website & PWBR list this xmsn on 11730.
11815 BRAZIL R Brasil Central in PT 1012, ID, tlk, mx (Ziolkowski NY) 2115 soccer live (Serra ITALY)
11830 INDIA AIR Delhi in lang *0125, IS, nx(p), TC, tlk w/ments of Pakistan, f (Ziolkowski NY 8/2)
11850 THAILAND R Thailand in Mandarin 1315, ID in EG 1316, then into Mandarin, f (Ross ONT 7/18)
11890 PHILIPPINES R Pilipinas in lang 1821, nx?, World Cup championship cmtry (Serra ITALY 7/14)
11925 SINGAPORE R Roma relay in IT 1035, interview, tlks, vcl, //15240-Rome direct (Ziolkowski 8/2)
119257v BRAZIL R Bandeirantes Sao Paulo in PT 0705, “Copa Mundial Franca 98” cmnty (Nozaki JP 7/11)
11940 ROMANIA RRI Bucharest in EG 0250, sports rpt, contest ancmt, ID, TC, fqy (Krause OH 7/14)
11965 SRI LANKA D Welle relay in EG 0157, IS, ID, “Week in Review”, sports nx, //7285 (Ross ONT)
12040 UKRAINE RUI in EG 0015, back on this fqy, nx, interviews, “Close Up”, vg (Ross ONT 7/30)
12080 SAO TOME VOA relay in FR 2123-2130*, some nx clips in EG, ID, signal flutter (Ross 7/23)
126895u USA Armed Forces Radio – Key West, FL in EG 1050, relay NPR pgm, PSA re servicemen’s rights under 1951 agreement, //42785 (Sgrulletta NY 7/31) also hrd at 2050 with, mx, Armed Forces Radio ID, features, PSA’s (Ross ONT 7/28) ED: These AFN SW xmsns are expected to continue until Nov as repls for lost satellite coverage to Atlantic ships participating in maneuvers (per CUMBRE DX)
14790u AUSTRALIA Armed Forces Defense Radio in EG 0315, DJ w/pop rx, //15635 (Costello NJ 7/23)
15095 PHILIPPINES FEBC in Burmese Tribal 1415, excited sermon, 1430* w/ID in EG, IS (Treibel WA)
15120 NIGERIA VoN in EG 0640, nx re polit turmoil (Barker PA) in EG 2000, drums, ID, nx (Ross ONT)
15170 GUAM KSDA in EG 1044, relig tlk, ID as “AWR”, QTH, into lang 1100, p (Ziolkowski NY 7/11)
15170 FRENCH POLYNESIA RFO Tahiti in FR/TT 0300, back on the air again, ID, relig pgm, Tahitian songs, tlks, QRM from WYFR *0400, g (Sgrulletta NY 8/2, Costello NJ 8/12, Clark ONT 7/24)
15205 UNITED KINGDOM VOA relay in EG 1645, nx re publishing industry, f-g (Ross ONT 7/24)
15295 MALAYSIA VoM Kajang in lang 1810, domestic mx, fair but choppy signal (Clark ONT 8/8)
153749v CHILE Voz Cristiana Santiago in SP 1145, canned ID, ancd //6070, f (Nozaki JAPAN 8/8)
15395 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES R Dubai in EG 1600, tlk on ancient libraries in the Arab world, req recep rpts, exc (Barker PA) in EG 1629, pgm details, 5 pips, world nx, f (Ross ONT 7/24)
15395 THAILAND RT in EG 0030, ID, pgm notes, “Sound of Thai Mx”, nx, good w/flutter (Clar NY 7/7)
15400 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES R Dubai in EG 0337, nx, ID, QTH, tlk re writers, vg (Krause OH 7/4)
15415 SRI LANKA D Welle relay in IN *1400-1425*, nx to 1410, peppy SEA mx, fqys, ID (Treibel 7/26)
15425 SRI LANKA SLBC in EG 1313, western pop mx, anmts, pips, ID, QRM, f-p (Serra ITALY 7/19)
15445 SEYCHELLES FEBA Radio in Bengali 1437, relig sermon, oriental song, QTH, fqy, IS, ID, relig choral chant, f (Serra ITALY 7/5)
15475 GABON Africa #1 in FR 1748, Afro pop mx, anmts, promos, jingles, TC, ID, nx, g (Clar NY 7/7)
15485 PAKISTAN R Pakistan in Urdu(p) 0106, chanting, f (Ross ONT 8/6) in EG 0230, dictation speed nx, exc signal w/250 ft wire aimed at Pakistan in remote Michigan DX site (Lare MI 8/2)
15615 ISRAEL Kol Israel in HB 1830, song “Yum Yum”, Julio Iglesia “Crazy”, g (Robinson TN 7/18)
15635u AUSTRALIA Australian Defense Forces Radio in EG 0410-0500*, MOR vcls, “American Dance” pgm, s/off in mid-sentence w/o ID, //14790, xmtr power 10 kw(p) (Clark ONT 8/3)
15650 ISRAEL Kol Israel in EG 1405, nx re 8 yr old boy killed in bike accident (Humenyk, Ross ONT)
15705nf? NORWAY R Norway Int in NO 1915, phone interview, bridge mx, //15220 (Humenyk ONT 7/12)
15710 CHINA CPBS Taiwan Service in CH 1100, //’s 11100, 11935. Best fqy 11100 (Treibel WA 8/3)
15755nf? GERMANY The Overcomer Ministry relay in EG 0835, Brother Stair pgm, f-p (Bueneman MO 8/5)
17585nf? BULGARIA R Bulgaria in lang 1008, tlk, piano mx, ID, into hosted pgm, f (Ziolkowski NY 7/19)
17675 SOUTH AFRICA Channel Africa in EG 1406, tlk re aircraft, interviews, ID, mx (Serra ITALY 7/5)
17675 NEW ZEALAND RNZI in EG 0046, ID’s, “World Watch”, Maori nx, g (Clar NY 7/7) in EG 0400, 6 pips, nx, jazz pgm (Sgrulletta NY 8/2) in EG 2135, ID, QTH, agriculture tlk (Serra ITALY 7/7)
17715 AUSTRALIA RA in EG 0443, cmntry on human rights, ID 0500, //15240 (Costello NJ 7/31)
17775 UZBEKISTAN R Tashkent in EG 1330, ID’s, fqys, TC, nx w/mx bridges, “Partnership in the name of Peace”, tlk re relations w/ Pakistan, f (Clar NY 7/5)
17780nf HAWAII KWHR Naalehu in EG 0840, “Life in the World”, ID, relig pgm, f-g (Bueneman MO 8/5)
17840 ANTIGUA BBC relay in EG 1655, World Cup soccer 98 results, vg (Ross ONT 7/4)
17895 MOROCCO VOA relay in EG 1700, “News Now”, //11975 Sao Tome (Humenyk ONT, Ross ONT)
21605 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES R Dubai in EG 1633, world nx, ID, lcl wx rpt (Krause OH 7/9)
21695 RWANDA Deut Welle relay in EG 1626, tlk on World Cup finals, ID, Africa rpt (Krause 7/9)
21725 AUSTRALIA RA in EG 0435, nx features, pgm notes, cmntry (Costello NJ 8/12, Sgrulletta NY 8/2)

Clandestine, Tentatives, Presumed, or Unknown

5970 BRAZIL R Itatiaia (p) in PT 0915, tlk by OM, jingle, back to tlk, f-p (Ziolkowski NY 7/28)
7125 GUINEA R Conakry (p) in lang 2345, hi-life mx, covered by V of Russia 2358 (Sgrulleta NY 8/5)
9365 CLANDESTINE R Free Asia in Lao 0050, pop tune, YL vcl, ID in EG 0058 (Ziolkowski NY 7/12)
95688 SAUDI ARABIA (?) VO Iraqi People in AR 2253-2303*, wailing in AR, f-g (Ross ONT 7/3)
11935 CHINA CNR Taiwan Service (p) in CH 1040, tlks, occasional mx, weak but clear (Ziolkowski 8/2)
15510nf CLANDESTINE R Free Asia in Mandarin 1530, tlks, // 9445, 9905, 11520 and 11945. All of these fqys bothered by the same Chinese? jamming xmtrs underneath with normal? CH programing. 11520 strongest RFA outlet (Delano CA?). The 15510 outlet was logged at this QTH on 15515 in July (also Delano presumably). 11945 has been reported as being based on Saipan. (Treibel WA 8/17)
15565 CLANDESTINE R Free Asia Delano CA relay in Mandarin/EG 0100, IS, ID, g (Ross ONT 6/27)

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