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Pirate Radio Report, June 1998

MV Electra Going To St. Kitts?

As many of our regular readers know, we at THE PIRATE RADIO REPORT had been keeping an eye on the latest radio ship, the MV Electra which was being outfitted in East Boston, MA.

Well, the ship left Boston sometime in March. Allan Weiner has finished his part of the project and the rest of the project is being overseen by disbarred lawyer, Dr. Scott Becker.

Thanks to our friend, Anita McCormick, we have learned that the Electra is currently in Savanna, GA undergoing some last minute repairs. It was reported in one of Glenn Hauser’s radio programs that the destination is to be St. Kitts. Ms. McCormick knows the destination, but has been instructed to keep it under wraps for the time being. As soon as we know anything more, it will be published here.

Pirate Radio Publications

It has been a while since I’ve had the chance to publish a list of various newsletters dealing with pirate radio, so here’s an updated list.

The ACE [Association Of Clandestine Radio Enthusiasts] is a monthly publication specializing in pirate radio. It is published in a booklet format. Loggings are edited by Joe Filipkowski, QSLs by John T. Arthur and clandestine information is by George Zeller. The bulletin is published by president Pat Murphy along with the help of Steve Rogovitch.

Current subscription rates in the USA are $21.00. Write to Box 12112, Norfolk, VA 23541-0112.

The FREE RADIO WEEKLY, is an email only publication specializing in North American pirate radio, co-edited by yours truly and Toronto DXer Niel Wolfish. The cost is free to active participants. For a sample issue, email to

The PIRATE PAGES, is a bi-weekly publication that is edited by Andy Yoder. Most of the information contained in it comes from the Free Radio Weekly. It is distributed free by email or by mail to subscribers. Write to Box 109, Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214.


I want to thank our faithful contributors William Wilkins of MO and Dave Krause of OH for another batch of fine logs. Remember that if the frequency isn’t mentioned, it is 6955 kHz USB.

FREE HOPE EXPERIENCE was heard on April 19th at 0327 UTC hosted by Major Spook, featuring rock music, UFO information, parody Ads. Another show was heard on April 25th at 0242 UTC with greetings to many listeners. [Wilkins-MO]

WACK is another new station to pop up. They were heard on May 11th at 0153 UTC. It was a live show in which they announced a toll free 888 number to call in and leave reception reports. Although they don’t have a maildrop, reception reports can be emailed to: [Krause-OH]

WREC-RADIO FREE EAST COAST, was heard with their Fifth Anniversary broadcast on the 2nd of May at 2350 UTC. The program featured parody Ads and rock music hosted by P.J. Sparx.

Don’t forget to vote for your three favorite pirates! Until next month, Happy Pirate DX!

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