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Listener’s Notebook, March 1996

WELL, although we’re still in DX season, the column’s a bit short this month. Problem is, those long, involved schedules for the big international broadcasters? Got ’em, did ’em. Some latecomers are still straggling in, but I’m sure as heck not wasting space on items good for only three weeks of listening and reference. And it’s still a wee to early to start seeing the new spring and summer skeds. So we’ll just have to muddle through with what we have. Which, in its own, all-killah-no-fillah way, ain’t too shabby.

Thanks, as always, to our erstwhile, erudite and enthusiastic contributors.


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Voice of the Resistance of the Black Cockerel (VORGAN). All programs in Portuguese or local languages except for English 1835-1900 on Tuesdays and Thursdays (irregular).

0450-0900 9755
1050-1430 11830
1650-2100 7090




4702 R. Eco, according to recent station announcements, continues to offer a station poster to reporters, although no one has yet reported seeing one. (30-Dec/Klemetz/Dateline Bogota)
4854.95 R. Centenario w Palabras followed by chimes at 2358, then TC “ocho de la noche en punto” at 2359. Ute started 2359.30. Quite weak signal. (6-Feb/Ekwall/Cumbre)
4965 Radio Juan XXIII 0953 SS, presume this one here but heard consistent ID’s for “Radio Quatro y Tres” or something like it. End of rel pgm, into full ID at 0955 “Desde San Ignacio de Velasco, Radio Quatro y Tres” 1000 W anncr tlk, interview and ‘carnival’ style mx in between. (6-Feb/Mohrmann/Cumbre)
6025 Radio Illimani, La Paz, has reactivated here // 4945 kHz. (Tony Jones in Numero Uno #1350) the listed sked is 1000-0400, except Sun 1100-0400. (Clark/2 96/ODXA WRR)
6142 Radio Mauro Nuñez reactivated with better audio than ever before. First logged Jan. 6th at 0040. Now also active in the morning, from 1000 sign on. (H. Klemetz, Dateline Bogota, 01-15-96)

I was curious as to just who Mauro Nuñez was as I had never heard of him and did not find a mention of the guy in some Bolivian history materials that I consulted. I posted a question to the Bolivian usenet group. It turns out that he was a very famous charango player–a “painter and sculptor on the charango” as one person put it. Apparently passed away, since only refered to in the past tense. One reply mentioned having seen him perform, however. As you might guess, he was from Sucre where the station is located. (Don Moore)



Radio Botswana has returned to 4820 kHz, after a move 7 years ago to 4830 kHz. (BBCM)



The 1995 WRTH still lists the “A Voz do Brasil” program as being mandatory on all Brazilian broadcasters from 2200-2300. This program goes back to the Getulio Vargas dictatorship of 1930-1945 (maybe the longest running SW program now that Happy Station is gone?). I posted a query to the Brazilian group and got two replies back, both stating that it is indeed still required and still carried by all stations. Both replies were from Brazilians in the USA, so I’m not sure how up-to-date they are. One did note that the program can be heard on Radio Nacional Amazonia on 11780 everyday at that time. It would be interesting to check for //s on other Brazilians, but it’s tough to get Brazilians that early in Iowa at this time of year. The guy who listens to it on 11780 said that while it is sometimes interesting, maybe the requirement is “why car radios with shortwave are so popular in Brazil.” An interesting comment. I also asked about the “Projeto Minerva” that used to be listed in the WRTH for 2300-2330 but is no longer. Only one of my two replies responded to that and he said he had never heard of the program. (Don Moore)



R. Esperanza, 6090, noted with an English religious program, @0734 Hawaiian mx introduces “Comfort and [Cheer?],” religious pgm on tape from Toccoa, Georgia, USA, to 0805, then back into SS. Would be xlnt if not for Brasilian. Noted 14-Feb (ed.)



New relay for CRI? Beijing introduced new 17690 for daily EE to Australia and Oceania on 1 February, 0800-1000. Super strong in Melbourne. A note from the English section of CRI asks for reception reports of this new outlet. Excellent modulation, site unknown, possibly a relay somewhere! (10-Feb/ARDXC DX Press/Padula)



CIS Radio Denge Medya, the Kurdish-language station which used to broadcast from a shortwave transmitter in Russia, has not been heard since last December. (BBCM)

Radio Roks, Miensk is operating via military tx on USB mode v5025 kHz ± 5 kHz. Mayak relays in usb mode via military txs 4855, 5032, 5262 kHz, all located in Belarus. 5032 kHz at 1300-1500 UTC. (Pavel Mikhailov Radio Rossii DX Klub via BCDX). In addition, there is one more frequency in use for relays via military tx. That is 3376 kHz. Usually uses in local evenings time. On Feb 18th heard at 1620 UTC with B.A. Radio relays (B.A.stands for Belarus-Amerika. It’s a joint venture with WYFR which relays religious programmes in Russian in Minsk daily for 1-2 hours on 104.6 FM. Other times is filled th pop-mx prog.) At 1645 UTC B.A. relay was interrupted for communications purposes. Male voice ID itself as “Galop 03 calling and standing by…” In a few moments B.A. relays was continued. (Nikolai E. Pashkevich Moscow RUS, Feb.18/via Bueschel/BCDX)

Last month’s LN carried an item by Pavel Mikhailov guessing the VORussia was testing a new, high-powered transmitter. Following up, Russian expert Kevin Hecht writes that ITU registrations show 6030, 6085 and 12030 as registered to the Russians via Simferopol, Ukraine, with 1000 kW. “This is interesting because both myself and others were under the impression that since Dec. 1994 (or earlier), there were no relays of Russian programs over Ukrainian sites. Sked of these three frequencies appears to be:

6030 0200-0600 Golos Rossii
6085 1600?-2100 Golos Rossii
12030 1100-1500 Golos Rossii

“So the big news is there do once again appear to be relays of Russian programming over Ukrainian transmitters.”

Re last month’s item about VORussia denying involvement with the VOVietnam relay, Hechy says, “It’s not surprising that they deny Vietnamese relays from Russia, as the Techincal Department at VOR knows nothing about broadcasts other than those originating from VOR. Joe Adamov explained this for me over Moscow Mailbag: the VORussia actually owns no transmitters–it rents them from the Ministry of Communications, and therefore they only have access to information on transmitters that they use. The best way to find out CIS transmitter data is either from the station using the transmitter, or from Mr. A.T. Titov, Chief of the Main Centre for Control of Broadcasting Networks, ul. Nikolskaya 7, 103012 Moskva, Russia (fax 095-956-75 46). Expect a long wait by letter, and Mr. Titov rarely supplies transmitter sites.

R. Georgia in English to Europe was observed on 11910.1 at 0830-0900 (not at 0800-0830 as listed). (21-Feb/Koutamanis – Netherlands)



Voice of Oromo Liberation, operating from a Ukrainian transmitter, announces broadcasts every Wednesday, Saturday and Monday at 1600-1700 on 5960 kHz. (BBCM)



Echo of Hope broadcasts to North Korea from transmitters in South Korea. All broadcasts in Korean:

0300-0600 6348
0800-1800 3985
2000-2300 3985


Radio of the Provisional Government of National Union and National Salvation of Cambodia supports the Khmer Rouge. It adopted its present name on 11th July 1994; prior to then it had called itself Voice of the Great National Union Front of Cambodia (VGNUFC). Sked os 1130-1330 and 2330-0130 on 5407-v, all in Cambodian. (BBCM)

Voice of Kashmir Freedom, opposed to Indian control of part of Kashmir, noted 0230-0330 UTC in Urdu on 5300 kHz, 1530-1730 UTC Kashmiri on 4119.8v (irr.) and 5300 kHz. (Michael Ford in WDXC Contact/Bueschel)



Radio Message of Freedom, the opposition station which supports the Islamic Party (Hezb-e Eslami) of Afghanistan led by Golboddin Hekmatyar, continues to be observed using two shortwave transmitters. One of these, which had been heard in December and early January on around 6235, has now reverted to 6145 kHz. This was the frequency used when the station’s second transmitter was first heard in March 1995. Another transmitter continues to operate in parallel around 7090 kHz. (BBCM)

On Jan 19th simultaneously break down in the broadcasts 0500-0505 of VoKurdistan Iraq 4070 kHz, and VoIranian Kurdistan (Voice of the Kordestan Democratic Party of Iran–KDPI–0330-0500 UTC 3945, 4190 /v4185 kHz). Both radio stations are operating from same electricity circuit? (19-Jan/Bueschel – Germany/BCDX)



CARACOL from Santa Fe de Bogota on the air again on 5076.7 kHz (x5075.1). (23 Jan/Mueller/Bueschel – Germany/BCDX)



Radio Casino, Puerto Limon, 5953.6, is celebrating their 50th anniversary in 1996. Heard when CARACOL Villavicencio is not covering the frequency. (H. Klemetz, Dateline Bogota, 01-15-96)



Radio del Buen Pastor, 4830.2, noted 0053 to 0103 sign off when Radio Tachira not blocking the frequency on Jan. 11th. (H. Klemetz, Dateline Bogota 01-15-96)

Anker Peterson of DSWCI recently visited Radio Baha’i, 4949.8 kHz. Their new transmission schedule is: Quichua 0900-1200 and Spanish 1200-1900. They appreciate reception reports which should include a photo of the listener and his family.

New La Voz de Chinchipe in Zumba close to the Peruvian border was heard with weak signals in northern Ecuador on 3570.2 kHz from sign on 1130-1215 and again at 2348-0100 sign off. (28-Jan/ARDXC DX Press/Padula)

As of Feb 1st HCJB Quito ceased program in Russian towards Far East 1030-1130 UTC on 9415. (Nikolai E. Pashkevich RUS, Feb 18/Bueschel)



GEC-Marconi Communications has contracted to supply a 500-kW shortwave radio broadcasting transmitter to Egypt. (BBCM)



Voice of the Broad Masses of Eritrea now uses 7085 kHz as an alternate to its usual 7020 kHz. These frequencies carry the station’s service in Tigrigna and other languages in parallel with 5000. The station continues to operate a second service in Afar and Arabic on 4000 and 7390 kHz. (BBCM)



Ethiopia’s president, Dr. Negaso Gidada, has offered to lease Radio Ethiopia‘s transmitters to Deutsche Welle for relay of DW broadcasts. (BBCM)



ERT Thessaloniki regional to CeEUR at 0600-0800 UTC now on 6245 kHz (x7429.8), and usual 9934.7 & 11595.2 kHz, all in Greek. (27-Jan/Bueschel -Germany/BCDX)



AIR Itanagar 4990 is still not officially commissioned due to a shortage of trained staff. (Guha/WRR/Clark/Cumbre) Heard testing irregularly at 1100-1630 s/off on assigned 4990 kHz. (Kular via DXPL/Clark/ODXA WRR)

The Indian government has approved a plan for setting up 17 All India Radio (AIR) stations in the northeast region. AIR also recently inaugurated a new site at Diphu [no frequencies/bands given] and laid the foundation for a new AIR station at Dhubri, near the border with Bangladesh. (BBCM)

AIR Gangtok (Sikkim) has been heard testing at 1030-1430 on assigned 3390 kHz by Jose Jacob here in India. Reports are welcomed by the Station Engineer. (Manosij Guha) / Also reported testing 1300-1630 (Kular, India, via DXPL/Clark/ODXA WRR)

AIR Aizawl-5050 kHz has not been heard either here in New Delhi or in Central India by Jose Jacob for quite some time. I will be in Bangladesh in February to cover the elections and will give a good listen for it then, as well as for other NE region outlets which are rather difficult for us to hear. (Manosij Guha) Manosij is a TV producer by profession, as well as a part-time monitor for the VOA in New Delhi. He writes that he was recently in Kashmir “where I spent a few scary days with some militants”. (Clark/ODXA WRR)



3222.8 RRI-Mataram Tlk, Islamic mx at 1130 then local mx. ID at 1149 “Radio Republik Indonesia Mataram”. RPK at 1159. Jakarta nx relay at 1200. Poor, but the signal strength improved recently. (28-Jan/Yamada/Cumbre)
3264.6 RRI-Gorontalo Drama at 1247. S/off at 1258. Poor. Moved from 3266.4. (28 Jan/Yamada/Cumbre)
3295.3 RRI-Samarinda Local pops at 1217. Poor. I picked up it after an interval of 2 months. (31-Jan/Yamada/Cumbre)
3325.0 RRI Palangkaraya, good with only slight fading, heard @1245 with fast moving local pop songs, @1258 had prg info, then coconut song. 1300 T/pips, followed by news from Jakarta and talk on economy, which sounded weak. [the talk, the economy, or the station? -ed.] (4-Feb/Kecskes/Cumbre)
3904.8 RRI Banda Aceh 2208 Very soft-voiced man in Indonesian till 2215, when into typical Indo pop music with plenty of bass. Decent carrier but very low speech audio. ID assumed. (Hill, Feb. 18)
3905 RRI Merauke, 1108 on Feb.9, mixing with New Ireland, then much stronger with M talking in crisp Indonesian, clear mention of “Merauke, Indonesia” at 1113, choral NA at 1119, W talk past 1133, PNG underneath the whole time. (9 Feb/Murray)
3996.13 RRI Kendari 1550-1557+; pgm of Middle-East mx, with anmnts and clear ID by M at 1552. (30-Jan/Martin/Cumbre)
4789 RRI-Fak–special ENGLISH segment 1015-1030, with tourist news and travel nratv, Gamn mx 1030-1035. Unsure as to wheter this is daily, weekly, or other. (30-Jan/Padula/Cumbre)
4874.6 RRI Sorong has been off the air since Dec 1st. (Kito Asian/DX Forum/WRR/Clark)
4925 RRI Jambi 2151 Nonstop Qur’an recitation till 2200:30, when man in Indonesian spoke briefly, then turned mike over to woman for talk past 2203. Somewhat choppy but fair overall. (Hill, Feb. 7)



VOKenya, 6150 kHz, noted mixing w/NHK EE between 0505 t/in to precipitous drop around 0525, peaking around 0515, with lively EAf mx, W ancr, and a produced ad/PSA or two. QRM de BBC Ascension/6155. (14-Feb/ed.)



Jamahiriyah reactivated on 6155, with sometimes-parallels of 9655, 9705, 11770 and 11815. (Noel Green/28-Jan/ARDXC DX Press/Padula)



3380 Malawi BC Corp. 2124 This one is back with a vengeance–and probably with a new transmitter, too. Booming in with hard rock (e.g., Deep Purple) hosted by DJ calling himself Mighty Dog. Even stronger than usual 90-meter champ Ghana/3366. (Hill, Feb. 18)



Following up on last month’s conjecture in these pages, Voice of the Mediterranean, a joint Maltese-Libyan external radio service which broadcast from studios in Valetta via the Deutsche Welle (DW) relay station on Malta, has gone off the air following the closure of DW’s transmitters on the island. (BBCM)



Sign on for 9730 channel seems to be 0330, audible in Australia to past 0630. (28-Jan/ARDXC DX Press/Padula)



Radio Nepal sked:

0015-0615 Nepali 7165-(summer) 5005 3230-(winter)
0615-0715 Nepali 7165-(summer) 5005 3230-(winter) Sa
0715-1715 Nepali 7165-(summer) 5005 3230-(winter)




4895.8 Pakistan BC Corp. 2056 Uninterrupted Qur’an chants till 2130, when into talk in presumed Urdu. Still at it past 2200 but gone at 2220 recheck. Echoey speech audio a la Brazil; // 4790.6 slightly weaker but with extremely low audio. Neither one there next day. (Hill, Feb. 18)



Radio North Solomons has re-activated a 10 kw transmitter on 3325 kHz, heard until 1300Z s/off (15-Feb/Cushen/RN Media Network/Walker)



3397.8 Radio Internacional del Peru 0934 SS, audible between UTE transmissions. Andean mx, 1032 ID ” 3395…Radio Internacional ” UTE, het and USB QRM. My head hurts. (7-Feb/Mohrmann/Cumbre)
4000.09 LV de su Amigo (pres.), 1047-1118, Soft campo mx, then M anncr w/UTC -5 TCs. (7-Feb/Valko/Cumbre)
4012 R. Frecuencia Popular-Rioja, raided and closed by the government for operating without a permit. (H. Klemetz, Dateline Bogota 1-15-96)
4154.12 Radio Naylamp, Lambayeque; 1200 w/ad for local event, several “Radio Naylamp” mentions. Not heard here for a while. pr-fr (McVicar Feb 6)
4182.56v Radio La Voz de Sayapullo (Sayapullo); 1204 w/folk mx, TC and many IDs and saludos, talk of the power situation, mention Huacapampa and other places in listening area during the many greetings given. Sayapullo is located in southern Cajabamba province at the south end of Cajamarca Department, near the border with La Libertad Dept. (6-Feb/McVicar/Cumbre)
4187.87 R. Selva Superior, 1209-1252 w/folk mx program, which included one Ecuadorian “Pasillo.” (McVicar/Cumbre)
4300.1 LV de Naranjos-Naranjos, noted signing on at 2350 giving frequency of 4310 with an announced power of .5 kw. (H. Klemetz, Dateline Bogota, 12-30-95) Station was raided and closed by the goverment as well. (H. Klemetz, Dateline Bogota, 01 15-96)
4505.1 Radio Horizonte, has reactivated 4505.1 kHz in November and uses the slogan “La emisora del pueblo”. (H. Klemetz, Dateline Bogota, 12-30-95)
5264.75 Radio 5264 (Chiriaco); 0135 w/Ecuadorian folk mx, M anncr w/ID and QTH. Choppy audio and poor signals overall. First time heard in a couple of months. Per Henrik Klemetz’s Oct 15 Dateline Bogota, address is Jiron Ricardo Palma s/n, Chiriaco, Depto. de Amazonas. (“s/n” means without number, and is writen “s/n” on the envelope.) Interesting that a number of Peruvian pirates are suddenly back, along with some new ones, especially in light of the recent busts reported by BBCMS a few weeks ago. (7-Feb/McVicar/Cumbre)
5277 R. Paccha, noted a sign on at 1105, December 11th, 1995 giving the address as Mariscal Castilla, Paccha. (H. Klemetz, Dateline Bogota, 12-30-95)
5458.71 UNID, Radio La Voz de ___?____. 2252 UTC w/program of Ecuadorian pasillos called “Pasillos de Recuerdo”. TC giving fqy of 5460 kcs, 60 metros, ID as “Radio La Voz de (something kind of like “Triofoy”), la frecuencia de su corazon.” (“The frequency of your heart.”) ID and time check at 2259 UTC mentioning what sounded like “Conocoto.” Gave address but too weak to get more than something that sounded a bit like “Jiron Juan Cobran ” Feb.3. There’s a Conocoto just outside of Quito, but I’m sure this one is much further away. (McVicar)
5498 Radio Lajas uses the following address. Jiron Rosendo Mendivil 589, Lajas, Prov. de Chota, Cajamarca, Peru. Slogan used is “la frecuencia de la amistad”. The station appears to sign on just before 0000 utc and has been heard in the USA and Europe. Henrik heard them reading a letter from TIN in Japan. (H. Klemetz, Dateline Bogota, 12-30-95)
5766.8 Estacion Soritor, 5766.8, has extended its shortwave transmissions past 0100. One advertiser is Laboratorio Laser, an FM-SW transmitter builder. (H. Klemetz, Dateline Bogota, 12-30-95)
6803v Radio Ondas del Rio Mayo, 6803v, one of the “emisoras piratas” was raided in early January. This is one of nine stations closed down. (H. Klemetz, Dateline Bogota, 01-15-96) Recent monitoring shows them back on the air in early Feb. (CL)
9720.5 Radio Victoria-Lima, 9720.5, has been off the air since mid-December. (H. Klemetz, Dateline Bogota, 01-15-96)



Radio Maryja is a private station owned by the Catholic Church. It operates a domestic service on VHF/FM within Poland. Some programs are also broadcast on shortwave. Sked:

0700-0930 Polish 7285-(to 0825) 5900
1100-1430 Polish 5970




FEBA noted on new 9455 with Farsi 1815-1845*, replacing 9420. (10-Feb/ARDXC DX Press/Padula) Also on new 11695 with Arabic, 0410, ex 11675. Change probably to avoid super strong Kuwait on 11675. (Padula, 16 Feb/Cumbre)



Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service (SLBS) shortwave sked is erratic. Programming includes relays of the BBC African service in English. Programs are multilingual, with English news from 0700-0710, 0800-0810, 2000-2015 and 2200-2215.

0600-0830 3316
0830-1700 5980
1700-2300 3316




From 1 February, Radio Singapore is using 6015 kHz for English from 1100-1400 UTC. (Kecskes/Cumbre)



From 2 February, Radio Uganda increased its daily broadcast output by 45 minutes, now closing down only from 1234-1300 UTC weekdays (no break in transmission on Saturday or Sunday). (BBCM)

On 12 February, Radio Uganda began tests on 3340 kHz, a channel they used in the 1960’s and 1970’s. It said 3340 kHz would be used as the evening (from 1300) and early morning (until 0600) shortwave frequency for the station’s Red Channel, replacing 4976 kHz. The Red Channel’s daytime frequency (7195 kHz) will be unaffected. (BBCM)



WGTG (With Glory To God) is sked in English:

0000-0100 9475 Sa-Mo
0200-0400 9475 Sa-Mo
1300-2100 9475 Fri-Su


They noted they would switch to 9370 starting on 27-March. (Crawford)

On their Wednesday evening [7th February] WVHA broadcast, Prophecy Countdown’s Pastor John Osborne announced he has a claim to 162 acres in Hawaii to build another shortwave station to broadcast the Three Angels message to Asia and the Pacific, depending of course on the success of WVHA. (Hauser/WOR/BBCM)

WWCR‘s fourth transmitter is now up an running on this schedule:

1800-2200 9400
2200-0600 7435


KAIJ, 9815.1 @1222 w/Gene Scott junk, incredibly buzzy modulation and unstable frequency, off at 1300* It’s an embarrassment having an SWBC signal this crappy originating from the U.S. (18-Feb/ed.)



Radio Frontera-San Antonio, 4761, noted reactivated around 1500 on Jan. 15th with live coverage from the Centro Civico. (H. Klemetz, Dateline Bogota, 01-15-96)



It seems that 6165 is the only ZNBC shortwave outlet still on the air, and even that is very irregular. We believe that the other outlets (4911, 6060, 7220, 7235) are off the air to allow the ZNBC to install their new Chinese transmitters. (Greenway/BBCM 13 Feb)



3208.8 OK carrier, vy lo mod w/traces of mx. (18-Feb/ed.)
3877.85 @0833 mx, some talk, way down there; is this a PNG? (15-Feb/ed.)
4593.6 Latin American, very weak from 0920-0953+. (14-Feb/ed.)
5965 from 0545 w/2x rooster crowing, M ancr in accented EE hosting pgm of mx (U.S. pops/oldies) and ads, possible nx 0601-0606, back into mx. QRM de Norway from *0559, but still audible @0625 recheck. Listened to the tape several times, but no ID noted. SABC not sked this period, maybe R. Plateau back on local mornings? (14-Feb/ed.)
9727.75 @1217, some mx here, vy low modulation, Vietnam to Asia? (18-Feb./ed.)

I hate to end things on a sad note, but I just heard from Jeff White that my DX buddy George Neff recently passed away at home in Florida. He was an enthusiastic, friendly and personable member of the hobby, and will be missed.

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