Mystery Radio

      PIRATE (Euro).  6220, Mystery Radio, special live broadcast for DSWCI 50th anniversary, heard from 2250 tune-in May 6, and still on as I type this at 2340.  Unusually good signal, even for them.  Rock music ("Private Eyes," "Physical"), talk in Italian, requests for reports to, responded over the air to my e-mail in a matter of minutes.  Seems to be relaying some prgmng from another station, not sure.  Also heard calls to John Herkimer, George Maroti, Chris Lobdell.  Said they would be on until 0500.
Jerry Berg
Lexington MA

      Mystery Radio 6220 00:04 (May 7, 2006 UTC) - Readable at my noisy Qth.  Just heard them read my name!  Thanks for the tip Jerry!
John Fisher
North Chelmsford, MA

      Mystery Radio - Blasting in here on 6220 kHz 0328-0342 UTC with American & British rock and same recorded ID between songs.  Thanks for the tip.  Where are they located?
Marc DeLorenzo
South Dennis, MA

      From what I have read, best guess seems to be Italy. - John Fisher

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