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By Steve Byan
      Welcome to the Boston Area DXers (BADX), the Boston area chapter of NASWA.   BADX is an association of shortwave, mediumwave, and longwave DXers, and shortwave radio listeners.   Membership is open to all; NASWA membership is not required.
      We are a group of Massachusetts and New Hampshire SWLs and DXers who meet informally once a month to talk about stations we have heard, shortwave listening, and DXing in general.   Sometimes we have talks on particular topics by members or guests.   Subjects we always want to discuss include receivers, antenna construction, Indonesian DXing, African DXing, international mediumwave DX, and QSL collecting.   Most of the discussion centers on shortwave and mediumwave broadcasting stations.   Past guests have included Jonathan Marks of Radio Netherlands, Rich McVicar formerly of HCJB DX Partyline, Chuck Roswell formerly of TransWorld Radio-Bonaire, Vasily Strelnikov formerly of Radio Moscow, and John Bryant - Editor of the Proceedings series of shortwave books.
      Members have also gone on DXpeditions to locations in northern New England, Newfoundland, and the Pacific coast.   Usually, however, we just meet to discuss current doings on shortwave and what we have heard.
      BADX meetings are friendly, informal, and usually non-technical, with 10 - 15 people usually present.   All are welcome, whether NASWA members or not, and we always welcome new participants.   Whether you are new to the hobby or a long time listener, if you would like to talk with others about shortwave listening, this is a great way to do it.   BADX also operates a closed e-mail list for its members.   The purpose of the list is to facilitate the dissemination of local SWL and DX news and logs, discussion on SWL and DX topics, and information about BADX meetings and other club business.   Between meetings, BADXers exchange messages and tips via this BADX e-mail reflector.

The BADX Quiz
By Andy Wallace
      Learn more about the club.  Take the BADX Quiz.

2016 BADX Pasta Dinner Party


2014 BADX Pasta Dinner Party

      (February 21, 2014) - Once a year, a very select group gathers at an undisclosed location. Wine and cheese gives way to pots of pasta and brownies, not to mention more wine or some beer. We discuss the problems of the world. Late at night we go our separate ways. - Eric Cottrell

L'Ultimos Dxistos (clockwise): John Fisher, Ross Comeau, Gary Thorburn KD1TE, Paul Graveline K1YUB, Chris Lobdell, Eric Cottrell, Steve Byan, Paul Pellegrini K1VK, Tom Walsh K1TW, Mark Carlsen, Andy Wallace, Bruce Conti.

Monthly meeting returns to Stoneham

(2013) - Monthly meetings are back at Northeast Manufacturing in Stoneham, Massachusetts. BADX meets on the third Friday of the month at 7:30 p.m. Thanks to Chris Lobdell for hosting our meetings again.

Meetings moved to Bedford in 2007

"The BAD Guys" attending the final Friday function at Northeast Manufacturing, and Chris with the Marconi oil.

      (May 18, 2007) - BADX celebrated its last monthly meeting at Northeast Manufacturing in Stoneham, Massachusetts, before moving to St. Michael's Parish Hall on Route 62 in Bedford, with the meeting room reserved by Treasurer Paul Graveline. BADX later returned to Stoneham with Chris Lobdell and Northeast Manufacturing once again providing the meeting space.

2009 DX Clams Report
      Terminated broadband loop antennas were deployed by all DXers and a number of CAARA members came to witness the event.  Click here for reports and photos.

Cape Area DXers (CADX) 2007 GTG
aka BADX South, hosted by Chris Black N1CP, November 10, 2007.  Click here for narratives, photos, and MW DX logs.

2007 DX Clams Report
      Full coverage of the DXpedition with logs, photos, and observations.  Click here.

Jerry Berg featured writer in 2006 WRTH
Pens shortwave history for 60th anniversary edition
      Esteemed colleague and BADXer Jerry Berg has joined the World Radio TV Handbook in celebrating its 60th anniversary with his personal account of "50 Years DXing," featured in the opening pages of the 2006 WRTH.
      "There have been many changes in shortwave broadcasting and shortwave listening during my nearly 50 years at the dials," writes Berg.  "Whether positive or negative, nearly all have been the result of advances in technology and changes in international politics."
      Read all about it in the 2006 World Radio TV Handbook.

Jerry Berg reprise in 2014 WRTH
      With the September 2013 publication of his latest book, The Early Shortwave Stations: A Broadcasting History through 1945 (, BADXer Jerry Berg is once again a feature writer in the opening pages of WRTH. "The History of Shortwave Broadcasting in a Nutshell" examines the rise and fall of the medium. Read Jerry's account in the 2014 WRTH.

Mystery Radio
Received by BADXers
      PIRATE (Euro).  6220, Mystery Radio, special live broadcast for DSWCI 50th anniversary.  Read more...

2006 DX Clams Report
      Logs, photos, and observations.  Read all about it...

The "DX Clams" DXpedition
An essay written by Gary Thorburn, KD1TE, on DXing with Mark Connelly and Bruce Conti
      I joined Bruce Conti and Mark Connelly on a "DX Clams" outing, in search of seafood and transatlantic MW DX.  You've probably read Mark Connelly's report; Now it's time to hear from the junior member of the expedition.  Read more...

The Origin of the BAD Guys
By Chris Lobdell and John Callarman
      I thought you might want to know how the term BAD Guys came about, coming from one of the original BAD Guys, John Callarman.  Read more...

Dr. Richard E. Wood
      BADXer Richard Wood dies at 67.  Report by Bruce Conti...

The Antenna Farm

ICE Matching Transformer
A review of the ICE Model 180 longwire matching unit
By John Doty
      The key to minimizing noise pickup with an end fed antenna is to feed it with coaxial cable whose shield is well grounded.  Unfortunately, coaxial cable is a poor impedance match to a wire antenna, except perhaps at a few special "resonant" frequencies.  A matching transformer at the base of the antenna can smooth out the fluctuations in antenna system efficiency...  Read more...

Supplying B+ remotely to an antenna amp
      Gary Thorburn and Mark Connelly discuss how to obtain RF isolation using chokes.  Read more...

Grounding is key to good reception
By John Doty
      With grounds the most common experience is "the more the merrier."  As you add more, however, you usually reach a diminishing returns (no pun intended) situation where there is no *observable* improvement: that's usually a good place to stop.  Read more...



     Every 3rd Friday of the month (when a special event isn't scheduled), 7:45 p.m. at Northeast Manufacturing, Stoneham MA.

Last updated February 13, 2016.  Feedback welcome.  Write to Bruce Conti at 'contiba at gmail dot com'.  Thanks to Ralph Brandi and NASWA for hosting the BADX website.  73 and Good DX!