1.                Where did BADX meet in Waltham in 1991?


2.                What “contraband” was brought there one night?


3.                What state was the famous “dead mouse at the DXpedition house” in?


4.                What brand of B+W TV did Eric use for his Satellite TV DX demo?


5.                What paper-material Committee does Jerry Berg serve on?


6.                What Radio Shack transmitter product did several BADXers run out and buy at the same time?


7.                What was the name of Jerry’s famous kookaburra?


8.                Where did BADX meet in Billerica?


9.                What kind of anthems does Bob Hill like best?


10.           Who trekked through 6’ of snow to retrieve Beverages?


11.           Which BADXer wrote the NASWA Journal article, “Communal DX - Revisited”?


12.           What famous Soviet broadcaster visited BADX?


13.           What has BADX always avoided publishing?


14.           Where does BADX have its usual Holiday dinner?


15.           Are there ever leftovers?


16.           Which BADXer wrote articles on Aeradio DX?


17.           Which BADXer mind-melded with a Realistic DX-400?


18.           What paper DX sheet did Chris Lobdell edit in the 80s?


19.           What brand of SW receiver does BADX best represent?


20.           Has any BADXer ever gone swimming at the BADX cookout?



Answers: GTE, Handgun, VT, Radio Shack, CPRV, Realistic Silent Play, Jocko, Honeywell, Tubby Little Anthems, Ben Krepp, Andy Wallace, Vasily Strelnikov, By-Laws, The Great Wall Chinese Restaurant, No!, Lin Sherwood, Ross Comeau, NEDS News, Drake, Yes (John Berenyi).