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Columnists & Members

Kim Andrew Elliott
Respected audience researcher, VOA gadfly and NASWA columnist.
Patepluma Radio
Great source for anecdotes about Latin American radio stations, by Don Moore, former Latin Destinations columnist.
On the Short Waves
Exhaustive site about the history of shortwave radio by radio historian and NASWA board member Jerry Berg, based on his acclaimed book.
Musings — International Broadcasting, Public Radio
Richard Cuff, NASWA's Easy Listening columnist, covers exactly what the blog name suggests.
Short Wave Stuff
Former President Dan Ferguson's schedules spreadsheet using numerous sources including HFCC,EiBi, Prime Time SW and more

Online Receivers

Live Tunable Receivers
As covered at the 2010 Winterfest; receivers you can tune online - including Global Tuners and SDR Radio


Everything from small active loops to wire (skyloops) and lots in between
HF Antennas
Everything about antennas; inverted L, dipoles and many other kinds; homebrew and commercial products, reviews and more


HF Propagation
Many links for learning how signals travel great distances; maps, software and more

Broadcast and Pirate Links

Pirates and Clandestines
Links for ACE and many other pirate related links.
HF Broadcast links
Links for clubs worldwide, websites, blogs and mailing lists

Receiver Reviews and Modifications

Equipment and Accessories
Find links to information about receivers, including the growing trend toward Software Defined Radios (SDR)


Amateur Radio Transceiver Control
Many ham transceivers now have general coverage rx built in
DXtreme Software
Logging software for Windows
Receiver Software Applications
Software for receivers, including Dream links and much more

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Solar Conditions

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  • Solar Flux: 101
  • A-index: 17
  • K-index: 3

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