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Pirate Radio Report, December 2005

Hello and welcome to the December 2005 edition of The Pirate Radio Report. I apologize for no column last month, but in order to make it up to you, the month we will have two pages jam packed with logs. Halloween this year brought good propagation and a few new stations.

Also, we will be starting to use logs submitted to the NASWA Flashsheet. Read on!

Many thanks to the following contributors: Ralph Brandi-NJ, Joe Wood-TN, George Zeller-OH.

Alfa Lima International, from Holland, heard on 15069.42 kHz at 1603 UTC with techopop, many IDs on October 16th. [Brandi-NJ]

Captain Morgan, heard on November 6th at 2105 UTC on 6925 kHz. Excellent show from the good Captain! IDs at 2107, 2121, 2127, and 2130 as “You’re in the pirate zone with Captain Morgan.” Music included” “Get Ready” by Rare Earth, “Mama Told Me” by Three Dog Night, “Captain Morgan” by Garth Brooks (several repeats), “Big Airliner” by Steve Miller, “You’re so Vain” by Carly Simon, and others. OM announcer in with talk on building radios and listening to pirate radio. Also gave an uncopied address for reports. This is the first time that I have heard this station with any type of announcements other than IDs. [Wood-TN]

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Flashsheet #200, November 27, 2005

Editor: Ray Bauernhuber

I hope everyone had a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!

Next Deadline: Sunday, December 4, 2005 at 1700 UTC (1200 EST). All loggings to be sent to me at: or by ‘snail mail’ to: 151-64 18th Avenue Whitestone, NY 11357-3102 USA.

2310 AUSTRALIA, VL8A, Alice Springs 11/1/05 11/24/2005 – popular music, poor. (Herr,CA)

3220 PAPUA NEW GUINEA, R. Morobe 1018 11/24/2005. Definite audio but unable to make out. Poor (Herr CA)

3255 SOUTH AFRICA, BBC-Meyerton good @ 0314 with EG political cmnty; a quick check of R. Sondergrense-Meyerton on 3320 at the same time showed a remarkably strong signal as well (Ronda-OK, 11/24)

3290 PAPUA NEW GUINEA, R. Central Boroko 1021 11/24/2005. Unreadable with ute intereference. het USB from Guyana, and LSB from unknown. Poor (Herr – CA)

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Flashsheet #199, November 20, 2005

Editor: Ray Bauernhuber

Next Deadline: Sunday, November 27, 2005 at 1700 UTC (1200 EST).


All loggings to be sent to me at: or by ‘snail mail’ to: 151-64 18th Avenue Whitestone, NY 11357-3102 USA.

Special DXpedition Report:

From: Rich D’Angelo Date: November 17, 2005 Re: French Creek State Park DXpedition No. 22 (November 13, 14 and 15, 2005)

Equipment: Ten-Tec RX-340 and a Drake R-8B, 500-foot wire essential north and a Bob Montgomery Active Antenna

After a nine month break between DXpeditions, it was time to venture up to French Creek for our first DXpedition of the new DX season. Although the weather was excellent, the park was overrun with folks enjoying the great fall weather, DX conditions were less than optimal.

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Tropical Loggings, November 2005

Please note the new postal address. The email address remains unchanged.

2310 AUSTRALIA VL8A Alice Springs 0948-1004, 9/26, in EE, lcl mx w/talk over, ABC promos, wx forecast for entire continent. Song “Midnite Moon” thru ToH, quick ID 1003, more mx. Fair using USB. // 2325-VL8T poor. (Barbour-NH) Also, 1111-1124 10/15 M w/interview of the “Rock Doctor” re. rocks and fossils. Music 1121 into interview re touring Gulf Coast. Fair. // 2485 – VL8K Katherine which I don’t think I have ever logged here in N.H. No sign of 2325 Tennant Creek; off for scheduled maintenance. (Barbour-NH)
3185 USA WWRB Manchester 8/10 0550 EE tlk by M; S2-3. (Fiora, Italy)

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NASWA Awards, November 2005

British Commonwealth DXer

There has been some confusion over what is required for this award. The NASWA Awards Program states that the Senior British Commonwealth DX’er Award is for verification of at least one shortwave broadcast station in each of 30 broadcast countries that are or have belonged to the British Commonwealth. The Master British Commonwealth DX’er is awarded for 40 broadcast countries.

The following is a list of the current 53 Member Countries of the British Commonwealth (Additional Broadcast Countries that are a part of the Member Countries are shown parenthetically). Additional information may be found at their web site:

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Shortwave Center, October 2005

Happy October! We have for your reading pleasure a selection of interesting articles on varied topics covering the shortwave scene from sister publications–and me. That means that once again we haven’t anything to publish from you this month. Apparently, my attempts to encourage you to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) have been met with a giant collective yawn. Whst must I do to get you to contribute your intellectual property? Sit in your kitchens, eating and drinking everything in your refrigerators and belching continuously until you relent and say, “OK, I’ll write, I’ll write”? (Does create a rather unpleasant picture, doesn’t it?) So let’s avoid such a travesty and let me have your contribution to this effort forthwith. Remember, I have access to the club membership list which includes addresses–and I have gassed up the automobile.

First this month, with the various announcements at major consumer electronics shows in Berlin and Amsterdam of a concerted rollout of consumer receivers and new Digital Radio Mondiale services targeting France, Germany and the Benelux countries by December, we reprint an excellent article from the March 2005 issue of the bulletin of the Worldwide DX Club explaining in some detail and critically “handicapping” these early efforts and future prospects.

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Easy Listening, October 2005

More Podcasting News

Podcasting certainly appears to be a “sticky” innovation in Internet-delivered audio; I’ve spoken with several longtime shortwave listeners, most of whom were skeptics when Internet audio required you to be tethered to a computer, and they find podcasting to be a convenient way to listen to international broadcasts at times of their choosing.

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Contributors, October 2005


The following members sent in contributions:

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Technical Topics, September 2005

BPL: Some Good News?

Over the past couple of years this column has reported on NASWA’s effort to head off interference from Broadband over Power Line (BPL) technology to shortwave reception. NASWA filed comments with the FCC pointing out the danger that this technology posed for the shortwave broadcast listener. Most of NASWA’s recommendations to the FCC were ignored as the Commission charged ahead with its preconceived conclusion that BPL was the answer to increasing competition in the broadband access universe.

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Kim’s Column, September 2005

Shortwave as the failsafe

First, the government of Cote d’Ivoire evicted Radio France International was evicted from its FM frequencies because of its reporting of domestic Ivorian news. Then it managed to “interrupt” RFI on the Canal Satellite Horizons DTH service, which is received in about 25,000 households in the country. And, so, RFI has decided to increase–actually, to restore–its shortwave output to Africa.

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