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Easy Listening, June 1996

Radio Australia Funding Problems?

John Figliozzi sent me a note as I was preparing this column with some distressing news on Radio Australia. John heard on HCJB’s DX Party Line that the South Pacific Union of DXers reported the very possible closing of Radio Australia. John then sent an E-mail to Radio Australia expressing his concern (as RA is one of his–and my–favorite stations). He received an E-mail reply from Roger Broadbent, Manager of English Service stating that his letter will be a subject on Radio Australia’s Feedback program this week (airing Sunday, May 26th, 1330 UTC) and that the Director of Radio Australia (or possibly the ABC, Radio Australia’s parent) will be responding to his letter and explaining RA’s dire financial straits.

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Easy Listening, April 1996

It Was Fun While It Lasted

It was a treat, once again, to meet many friends and supporters of Easy Listening at the Winter SWL Festival earlier this month. Once again, a good time was had by all, as we had two days to sit around and “talk radio”. John Figliozzi and I enjoyed presenting our Easy Listening forum; even though much hay has been made over the role of the Internet in potentially replacing shortwave as a means for international broadcasters to reach their audiences, we believe Shortwave Radio still remains an effective means for international broadcasters to get their message out. Make sure your calendars are marked for the Tenth Anniversary (!) Winter SWL Festival, March 13th-15th, 1997!

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Easy Listening, January 1996

From Poolside to Sleet

You may remember my mentioning a planned Far East business trip in my December column; I’ve returned from the adventure, just in time for some lovely Maryland sleet. It was difficult to leave Singapore and Malaysia, with their 92-degree afternoon high temperatures and sunny afternoons, but it was nice to return home.

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Easy Listening, September 1995

RFI: Have Tape Recorder, Will Listen

I’ve been regularly listening to Radio France International‘s regular 1200 UTC English language broadcast. Since RFI offers no prime-time (North American evening) broadcasts, and since I leave for work at that time, the only way I can listen to RFI is by taping the programs for later listening. RFI says its English language broadcasts are its fastest growing non-French service.

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