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Contributors, October 2005


The following members sent in contributions:

Scott BARBOUR, Intervale, NH R-75, MLB-1, 200´ Beverage
Jerry BERG, Lexington, MA R8 19, 41, 90 meter dipoles
Bill BERGADANO, Freehold, NJ Icom 718, 170´ tuned inverted L
Luca BOTTO FIORA, Rapallo, ITALY R7, Sat 500, Dipole, LW, MFJ1206, AT2000
Ralph BRANDI, Middletown, NJ AOR7030, R8, 300´ longwire
George CARAS, Saco, ME RX340, R8B, Orion, R30, SE3, 550lw, verticals
Rich D’ANGELO, Wyomissing, PA TenTec R340, Lowe HF-150, DX Sloper
Tim DAVISSON, Norton, OH Icom IC718, off-ctr-fed folded dipole
Jim EVANS, Germantown, TN RX340, 30 m wire, R* AN-LP1
John FIGLIOZZI, Clifton Park, NY R8A, HF150 w/sloper
Bob FRASER, Belfast, ME Sony ICF-2003 ICF-SW100S 2m LW
Ron HOWARD, Monterey, CA NRD545, LW 160´
Russell LAY, Nags Head, NC R2000/R75, 70 & 40´ LW
Sheryl PASZKIEWICZ, Manitowoc, WI ICOM R-8500, NRD345, AOR LA-350 loop
Jim RONDA, Tulsa, OK FRG-100B, FRG-7, Eavesdropper
Louis Crisler SMITH, Thurmont, MD R-75, 160´ long wire
Mark TAYLOR, Madison, WI R-75, Sat 800, 43 m dipole EWE
George VADINO, Bellevue, WA Drake R8, NRD525, Eavesdropper
Joe WOOD, Gray, TN DX-390, Grundig Mini 100 PE, whip antenna

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  1. Terry Jones said:

    It really is sad that your “club” is such group of radio snobs and over achievers that they are.I left there several years ago and have never regreted it. I migrated to the NRC where no one cares if you have a Super Drake/ICOM gold plated special or a simple Xtal set.For my shortwave interests I went to the ASWLC until it disbanded and recently found that groups electronic site they care not what your radio is either. Enjoy the view from your lofty perch at your east coast country club as you look down your long drippy noses at us mere mortals

    January 21, 2006 at 6:48 pm

  2. Ralph Brandi said:

    Mr. Jones,

    I’m not sure what we did to earn your enmity, but I assure you it was nothing deliberate on our part. Our members have all kinds of radios, and that’s a good thing. We run columns that address all aspects of the hobby related to broadcasting on shortwave, and I think that members will get something useful and enjoyable out of the club and our bulletins no matter what kind of radio they use.

    Personally, I used portable receivers for the first 20 years I was in the hobby and heard almost 200 countries that way, and am a big advocate of people using whatever they can get their hands on. I’ve always believed that the most important piece of equipment is the one between your ears. So I have no idea where you got the idea that you’ll be looked down upon if your equipment doesn’t “measure up”. I don’t know anyone involved with the club who believes that.

    January 21, 2006 at 9:01 pm

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