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Pirate Radio Report, July 1999

Hello and welcome to the July edition of the PIRATE RADIO REPORT. In case you didn’t notice there was no report in The Journal last month. Sorry! A busy schedule and a family illness got in the way.

The 1999 Pirate Popularity Poll

The results are in and the winner this year is:

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Shortwave Center, July 1999

GTRK Murman QSL Verification

by James W. Young

Here is a short story of acquiring a QSL verification from GTRK Murman, with the help of many, many friends from far away places and circumstances. Some of you are not directly associated with listening to shortwave radio, let along asking for verifications. In any case, THANKS to all!

With the up and down policy of QSLing transmitter sites of the old Soviet Union, I found, like others, that patience was the only method of acquiring what one was seeking after. The following account is of the reward that comes from an attitude of ‘never-giving-up,’ and using every available method plausible.

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