NASWA Journal Columns · 1998 · August

Easy Listening, August 1998

If this month’s column appears to be more eclectic and opinionated than usual, it’s only because it is. All Times are in UTC. All frequencies are in kHz.

For Good People to Do Nothing

More bad news caused again by another horrendous (and, in my view, most intentional) political judgment. By the time you read this, Radio New Zealand International (RNZI) will have implemented a drastic reduction to its broadcast output on a number of levels. After apparently promising stable funding for the next fiscal year, the New Zealand government (putting a new spin on the word “stable”) slashed RNZI‘s budget by 13% on July 13. In the inimitable logic of today’s “neo-liberal” (Orwellian newspeak for “conservative in sheep’s clothing”) governments, the cuts were put in place after three successive government sponsored reviews conducted by independent analysts attested to the cost-effectiveness of RNZI and the trust and reliance that Pacific Island nations and peoples place on the service.

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Pirate Radio Report, August 1998

The Radio Ship Electra-The Final Chapter?

It was just about two years ago that I saw a press release on the internet from Scott Becker’s “LIGHTWAVE MISSION BROADCASTING” touting their newest radio ship project. I called Scott Becker and he was all excited about this new adventure in offshore radio. The ship would pay promotional visits to various eastern coastal cities. The public would be welcomed on board to share a veggie burger with the crew, etc. Also, various promotional items would be offered for sale, such as T-shirts, key rings, bags, etc. to help raise money.

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Shortwave Center, August 1998

Car DXing

by Hans Johnson

You have finally escaped that QRM at home and gone on your DXpedition. The logbook is soon filled with all sorts of new stations, but sadly, it has to come to an end after a few days. How does one get those DXpedition conditions every day? Car DXing is the answer.

Car DXing, also known as a micro-DXpedition, is a single listening session from your car. Most of my listening in the last three years has been while Car DXing, so let me share with you some of what I learned along the way.

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