NASWA Journal Columns · 1997 · March

Easy Listening, March 1997

Introductions Are in Order

John Figliozzi, pleased to meet you. I’ll be your interim Easy Listening editor, for the next little while. I’ve got big shoes to fill as Rich Cuff has done yeoman work gathering and presenting shortwave programming news, which (if you haven’t noticed by trying it yourself) is a darn difficult thing to do. Nonetheless, over the years Rich’s column has doubled in size and become the best of its genre available anywhere. I look forward to the challenge of living up to those standards, formidable as they are.

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Shortwave Center, March 1997

60th Birthday Of First Commercial SW BC Station In Uruguay

February 19, 1997 marked the 60th anniversary of the first international, commercial station on shortwave from Uruguay. On February 19th, 1937 at 2100 local time CXA2, Radio Continental, signed on in Spanish from Montevideo with the slogan “La Voz Criolla del Rio de la Plata”, with music, news, and advertisements.

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